Tom Ford Noir Tom Ford Eau de Parfum

Tom Ford Noir Tom Ford Eau de Parfum

Noir the great masculine scent of Tom Ford

He had already proposed to these gentlemen in 2007 Tom Ford For Men illustrated around a rowdy campaign, this time this new male fragrance will be much more subdued but even more complex. Noir exudes a modern, sensual and devilishly elegant man, just like the handsome personality of Tom Ford.

Noir, Tom Ford’s most intimate masculine fragrance

Soberly titled Noir, Tom Ford’s new masculine scent transports us to the complex masculinity of its author, between elegant sobriety and racy animal sensuality. Because, yes, Tom Ford does not hesitate for a single second to assert that Noir is certainly the most personal perfume he has composed alongside Olivier Gillotin.

“Noir is enigmatic, complex and surprising. […] Noir is perhaps the most personal fragrance I have created to date. Tom Ford for Noir.

All in all quite logically, we will discover the sparkling stylist as the male incarnation of this beautiful perfume. Far from the campaign that made so much talk about it for Tom Ford For Men, we are pleased to discover a visual as an elegant and aesthetic video advertisement where the highlighted hero is as chic as his muffled universe of black and White.

No one could tell us if this rediscovered sobriety for Noir is linked to the creation the same year of Tom Ford costumes for James Bond, in any case Noir is certainly one of the Tom Ford perfumes most requested by these gentlemen and the most acclaimed by critics for its luxurious and contrasting complexity.

An enigmatic oriental spicy with masculinized floral accents by Tom Ford

For this new masculine juice, Tom Ford has abandoned the classic bottle of Black Orchid or Tom Ford For Men from his beginnings for a beautiful square glass, cut like a very masculine block. As one might expect Black is … black but almost lacquered black as it is shiny, which gives it even more allure.

Noir, composed by Olivier Gillotin, opens with a powerful and fresh aromatic flight of lavender , clary sage and verbena punctuated by a pretty and tangy bergamot. In the heart, the rose will surprise us with its splendor which has become masculine thanks to a nervous geranium. Nutmeg, caraway and sparkling black peppers will bring back a spicy breeze that will be tinged with a few powdery irises. The woody depths of patchouli, vetiver and amber make their entrance noticed. The powerful animalities of civet and Opopanax end this marvelous oriental journey in an almost wild sensual force while surprising us for the last time with some vanilla delicacies.

“Tom Ford Noir is an oriental fragrance that captures both sides of the personality of the Tom Ford man: the refined and sophisticated man known to all, and the intriguing sensuality of the private man. Tom Ford for Noir.

The masculine fragrances Noir by Tom Ford

“Tom Ford Noir” was born in 2012 and symbolizes extraordinary masculinity. Cozy and complex, the composition is nevertheless soberly named “Black”. Fascinating and charismatic, the man Tom Ford addresses an enigmatic dimension here. Between paradoxes, fascination and complexity, black appears here as the color best suited to represent the “Tom Ford Noir” fragrance. Regarding the color black, Tom Ford said, “Black is enigmatic, complex and surprising. Noir is perhaps the most personal fragrance I have created to date ”.

Tom Ford Noir, a masculinity signed by perfumer Olivier Gillotin

Tom Ford has chosen perfumer Olivier Gillotin to create this equally masculine fragrance. If Olivier Gillotin was not born in Grasse, but in Brittany, he turned, initially, towards studies of biology. He then joined the Givaudan perfume school, before being hired by the same company. Oliver Gillotin gradually rose through the ranks since he is currently Vice-President of American fragrances at Givaudan. For him, “A perfume is a work of art, where the harmony of the perfume must work in a space and a time”. We owe to Olivier Gillotin magnificent fragrances such as “Higher” by Christian Dior or “Reveal Men” by Calvin Klein. < / p>

Tom Ford Noir, ultra mysterious notes

“Tom Ford Noir” harmoniously combines sophisticated spicy notes and powdery floral notes. “Tom Ford” takes off on the invigorating freshness of Italian bergamot which mingles with an aromatic freshness, namely that of lavender, verbena and clary sage, displaying, from the start, its ultra character. male. Originally from Persia, lavender was discovered in the 1st century. The Egyptians and Greeks used to use lavender to perfume their baths, but also their laundry. The essence of lavender has been distilled in Provence since the 16th century and is mainly used to treat wounds. Lavender was cultivated for the perfume industry in the 19th century. Lavender is very popular in perfumery, especially in men’s compositions. It offers tones that are both herbaceous, floral and woody. Then, the heart of “Tom Ford Noir” is a floral-spicy association and combines rose, iris, geranium and nutmeg. The word geranium comes from the Greek “geranos” which means “crane”. Native to South Africa, the geranium is mainly known because it adorns our balconies wonderfully. There are a multitude of colors and there are more than 1000 varieties! In perfumery, geranium essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the leaves and stems before flowering. Geranium gives off menthol, spicy and pink tones. Finally, the base of “Tom Ford Noir” is ultra sensual and deliciously mysterious, because it combines vanilla, vetiver, patchouli, opopanax, amber and civet, leaving behind a most enigmatic trail …

Aromatic Spicy

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