Tom Ford Orchid Soleil Eau de Parfum

Tom Ford Orchid Soleil Eau de Parfum

Orchid Soleil, exotic radiance

In 2006, Tom Ford imagined a perfume based on black orchid “Black Orchid”. This time, the orchid is surrounded by a hot sun. Bewitching, the composition “Orchid Soleil” once again gives the orchid a special place.

Orchid Soleil, a radiant and solar fragrance

Built around the orchid, “Orchid Soleil” is described as a radiant fragrance that is both floral and refreshing. “Orchid Soleil” begins with a very fragrant spice, the rose berry. The latter is stimulated by bitter orange as well as more woody and more tonic scents, thanks to cypress. The red heart of lily offers many fragrances, green, floral, suave and solar. The red lily is accompanied by tuberose, a flower formerly called “Indian hyacinth”. The composition gradually evolves towards an intense, sweet, suave and delicious base thanks to the association of vanilla, patchouli, chestnut and whipped cream. The whole is delicately coated with orchid. Of course, the “Orchid Soleil” woman is solar and irresistibly attractive.

The symbols contained in “Orchid Soleil”

Although the orchid is the major ingredient in this composition, you should know that another ingredient, even the most ancestral of perfumery, is in the spotlight… The red lily! The latter carries many symbols. It is said that the lily was born from a drop of Hera’s mother’s milk and that this drop would have fallen to the ground, while it was feeding Heracles, son of Zeus and “of a mortal”. The legend also says that Aphrodite was jealous of the beauty of this flower and that she would have voluntarily decked out with a prominent and obscene pistil. Later, it is the bible which will speak about the lily, because Christians consider this flower as a symbol of purity. Certain authors have also put it forward, in particular Balzac with “Le lys dans la Vallée”, and Anatole France with “Le lys rouge” … As for the bottle, it is the same as that of “Black Orchid” but it is tinged with a coppery pink. The delicacy of the fluted glass gives a very chic side to the bottle. As well as the small bracelet tied around the neck, and the inscription “in 23 carat gold”, noted on the glass itself.

Tom Ford loves to create and innovate. It ingeniously combines classical and modernism. After the success of its ready-to-wear collections, the Tom Ford brand is launching into perfumes. Lover of orchids, Tom Ford first imagines “Black Orchid” then finally “Orchid Soleil”, a very glamorous and seductive composition. Of course, the “Orchid Soleil” woman radiates beauty and exoticism.

When Tom Ford offers a perfume it is, in fact, totally associated with his chic and sophisticated universe. Black Orchid the voluptuous oriental had known how to set the tone of this very luxurious perfumery and its beautiful variations will not deny it. Orchid Soleil, composed by Sonia Constant, will become velvety with a summer scent where red lilies and brown will blend perfectly with the rays of the scorching sun.

Orchid Soleil or the warm and sensual composition of perfumer Sonia Constant

When Tom Ford chooses to compose perfumes, he seems to be doing nothing at random. All the scented compositions stamped Tom Ford are representative of his ultra sophisticated and very sensual style. However, the stylist who is very fond of perfumes says he does not give any recommendations to the perfumers with whom he works, preferring to give them carte blanche so as not to dull their creativity.

“When someone creates for you, the main thing is to inspire them. So at that time you get wonders. “Le Figaro Madame, Tom Ford.

Sonia Constant’s work on Orchid Soleil once again demonstrates that the freedom of tone given to the creators of Tom Ford perfumes is a real opportunity which, in the end, turns out to be much more prolific than a brief. Because Orchid Soleil is a summer scent, but Orchid Soleil is unlike any summer scent! The Tom Ford magic is there and Orchid Soleil stands out from fresh, aquatic or exotic summer juices by exhaling hot and sensual scents.

It must also be said that Sonia Constant is an adventurer of scents, an inexhaustible researcher of olfactory nuggets who does not hesitate to cross the world to meet them. Orchid Soleil is proof of this, the meeting between Tom Ford perfumes and the so original perfumer Sonia Constant is a summer wonder.

Red lily and chestnut cream for the glamorous radiance of the Orchid Soleil fragrance

The least we can say is that Sonia Constant did not hesitate for a single second to offer luxurious and original raw materials to Orchid Soleil without losing the floral and energetic beauties of the famous Black Orchid, father of the collection. Like Black Orchid, Orchid Soleil begins its sweet and voluptuous symphony in a ball of bitter and citrus scents. As for the heart, it is of course always very floral but for this summer version the flowers are greener, more crunchy.

The red lily, an unprecedented star of Orchid Soleil, appears in the heart like a majestic flower which envelops and encircles all the scents in its path with its suave and waxy notes. But the tuberose has not said its last word and marries with delight to this lily the better to bewitch us. The flowers of this Orchid Soleil are unique but the gourmet scents are at least as much!

In addition, Sonia Constant had the audacity to slip a chestnut cream into this Orchid Soleil, much more autumnal than average! This powerful chestnut embraces the flowers to bathe them in a warm and creamy juice that is comforting and burning like the rays of the sun. Vanilla and whipped cream add to this beautiful treat by demonstrating once again that a gourmet fragrance can also have the aura of an original and luxurious juice.


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