Tuscan Soul Eau de Toilette Dr Pierre Ricaud

Tuscan Soul Eau de Toilette Dr Pierre Ricaud

A floral Eau de Toilette with fruity notes

Un air de dolce vita: A beautiful summer day in Italy, a signature fragrance of timeless elegance.

A romantic and luminous getaway under the Tuscan sun to enjoy la dolce vita. A suspended moment, a parenthesis of sweetness and serenity for a joyful, light and playful woman.

“To create this eau de toilette, I let my Italian origins speak. I imagined a velvety and sensual floral note featuring the richness and beauty of Tuscan iris on a rich background mixing warm woods and notes. musky amber. The quintessence of femininity, like an air of dolce vita. “ Marc Zini, Perfumer creator ID Parfums

Floral Fruity

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