Valentino Donna Valentino Perfume

Valentino Donna Valentino Perfume

The Italian refinement of Valentino

It is a juice that is both simple and complex, mixing the great classics of feminine perfumery with more daring ingredients. Nevertheless, the whole thing is, of course, still charged with the typically Italian soul of the house of Valentino.

The Italian refinement of Valentino

Valentino Donna resonates as a sort of olfactory concentrate of the Italian elegance of Valentino. Everything about him is only grace and delicacy, whether it is his perfume or his bottle. This one is thought out with poetry and seems to have an innate class. Like all Valentino products, it was made in the workshops of Palazzo Mignanelli, historic headquarters of the Valentino house, located in the heart of Rome. Thus, it is also suitable for a determined and charismatic woman, a Mediterranean woman. It seems to be built into his DNA. Valentino Donna then knows just as much to be tender as to show temperament. He is at the border between strength and fragility. Moreover, it is precisely this contrast that makes it so captivating. This one seems’ capable of a sudden passion as of an unexpected shyness ”. The Valentino Donna woman is a complex and sensual Italian. She then seems capable of adapting to all occasions, knowing how to become a real diva when necessary or knowing how to be shy if necessary. According to Valentino, this is a compendium of the expression of Roman femininity.

The many facets of the Valentino Donna perfume

Valentino Donna was made by perfumers Sonia Constant and Antoine Maisondieu. It is a classic, subtle, airy and deeply Italian juice at the same time. This revolves essentially around refined and rigorously selected ingredients. In addition, it clearly highlights the essence of rose. After all, what better ingredient than this to reveal absolute femininity? It then generously blends it with fresher and more tender tones of bergamot. Thus, this fruit reveals all the dynamism and the powerful and explosive temperament of the Italian woman from the house of Valentino. The iris, for its part, illuminates this perfume with a refined radiance and a powdery texture. Then, the whole heats up little by little until to reveal a more carnal trail made of patchouli and vanilla. Finally, Valentino Donna is presented to us in a timeless bottle. This is adorned with a surface entirely faceted with prisms reminiscent of the freestone of Italian palaces. Only a plate bearing his name breaks this set in its center. Valentino Donna has a powerful silhouette contrasting with the carnal aspect of her pale pink juice. Everything is done with extreme rigor in the image of all the creations of the House of Valentino. Valentino Donna has a powerful silhouette contrasting with the carnal aspect of her pale pink juice. Everything is done with extreme rigor in the image of all the creations of the House of Valentino. Valentino Donna has a powerful silhouette contrasting with the carnal aspect of her pale pink juice. Everything is done with extreme rigor in the image of all the creations of the House of Valentino.

The woman designed by the house of Valentino, whether in precious dresses or in its perfumes, is always elegant and racy but also charming and very sensual while being natural and very fresh. It is by being inspired by this Valentino woman that the two great perfumers Antoine de Maisondieu and Sonia Constant created Valentino Donna. Always as elegant as the beautiful Valentina but fresher, Valentino Donna exalts a radiant light and sensual shadows just waiting to be discovered …

The fragrance ode to Italy: Valentino Donna

For the haute-couture house Valentino, the art of perfumery is a relatively recent art. While the very first perfume, Valentino, was released in 1978, it was not until 2005 that the house offered a second. However, the triumph of Valentino perfumes will have awaited the release in 2011 of Valentina, a fragrance that resembles in every way the couture and very Italian spirit of Valentino.

After offering sublime variations to Valentina, the house was passionate about a new project on which two of the greatest current perfumers worked: Valentino Donna. Indeed, just like for Valentina where Valentino addressed Olivier Cresp and Alberto Morillas, the house sought to surround itself with the best noses of the moment for Valentino Donna: it therefore turned to Sonia Constant and Antoine de Maisondieu.

The two young prodigies of perfumery are very different: where one constantly seeks to discover new olfactory raw materials, the other is constantly inspired by the 7th art from which it comes. This dual approach to the creation of a perfume will be one of the key elements of Valentino Donna’s success. Where Antoine de Maisondieu seeks inspiration in the living embodiment of a perfumed concept, Sonia Constant seeks on the contrary to become the character of the perfume she creates. Anyway their different but complementary approach will allow them to create a Valentino Donna in the purest Italian spirit but also in the wind of a French romance…

“To dress this woman With complex simplicity, perfumers Sonia Constant and Antoine Maisondieu have imagined a fragrance that is both classic and changeable that seems to have always existed: a unique, subtle and light scent with a seductive and deeply Italian accord. »Puig about Valentino Donna by Valentino.

Valentino Donna perfume and its chiaroscuro orchestrated by Sonia Constant and Antoine Maisondieu

To highlight the magnificent contrasts of women Valentino, as Italian as French, perfumers will not hesitate to use the best of southern and “Parisian” raw materials for the benefit of their composition for Valentino Donna.

Thus Valentino Donna exalts the freshness of Italian bergamot against the powdery and so refined strength of an iris Pallida bringing us back to beautiful Florence, artistic capital of Italy. The essence of rose present in the heart is, on the contrary, very symbolic of French refinement. And yet, these beautiful Franco-Italian scents will unite in warm and sensual depths of leather, patchouli and vanilla. Whatever the woman and wherever she comes from, her magnetism remains the same and Valentino Donna easily proves it!


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