Valentino Uomo Valentino Eau de Toilette

Valentino Uomo Valentino Eau de Toilette

Valentino Uomo, Italian refinement

Valentino collections are recognized for their elegance, their classicism, and their sense of detail. His first perfume “Valentino” is still a success today. “Valentino Uomo” is the first male fragrance. Luxurious fragrance, “Valentino Uomo” is a tribute to Rome, city of art, history and above all of dolce vita!

The sophisticated notes of Valentino Uomo

The man “Valentino Uomo “is above all a refined man. Elegant by his presence, he approaches life in a carefree manner. He is not the man of appearing, he is himself. “Valentino Uomo” bases its strength of character on the quintessence of masculine elegance. The fragrances of “Valentino Uomo” are all revealed in subtlety. The latter begins with the lively notes of bergamot. The myrtle delicately disturbs the luminous elegance of this bergamot, worked for the occasion, in a more spicy way than usual. This Italian harmony is then wrapped in hot coffee associated with the iridescent and creamy notes of gianduja. The intensity then goes up a notch… The white leather in the base note combines with the nobility of cedar for a musky and balanced ensemble.

Valentino Uomo’s iconic bottle

The Italian soul of “Valentino Uomo” shines through to its bottle. Very neat, the bottle is extremely pleasant to look at. Combining tradition and modernity, the architectural style with studded glass is the sign of absolute refinement. The relief of the glass is reminiscent of the freestone of a typical Italian palace practitioner. Left in a crystal glass, the transparent taupe juice contrasts with the metallic bronze reflections of the signed plate. The neck of the bottle is adorned with a golden metallic ring, Valentino’s signature. Each of the ingredients has been chosen and worked with care, in order to achieve a particularly refined composition. It is the French actor Louis Garrel, who represents “Valentino Uomo”, a muse who wants to be nonchalant and a bit rebellious.

Following on from the Valentino clothing lines, the brand first perfume for men reaffirms Italian sophistication. Ingredients of choice, extraordinary composition, iconic bottle, muse, everything here has been designed to describe Italian elegance. “Valentino Uomo” received three prizes at the 23rd edition of the FIFI Awards, namely the prize for the best male fragrance, the prize for the most beautiful bottle as well as the male Golden FIFI… Refinement, yes, but at the same time. ‘Italian!

Released in 2014, “ Valentino Uomo ”is the olfactory symbol of Italian seduction, but also that of Rome, city of art par excellence. Naturally noble and sophisticated, “Valentino Uomo” highlights the values ​​of the House of Valentino. More powerful than its predecessor, “Valentino Uomo” is also more sensual. The elegant man “Valentino Uomo” wears the suit and tie with a disarming naturalness. Through “Valentino Uomo”, Italy and la dolce vita are in the spotlight.

Valentino Uomo: A masterpiece by Olivier Polge

Olivier Polge was born in Grasse and he is the son of the very talented Jacques Polge who was at the head of Chanel creations. Olivier Polge joined the Chanel house at only 42 years old, and therefore succeeded his own father. Regarding Gabrielle Chanel, Olivier Polge affirms “I have always heard about her since I was very little, she has always been part of my life…”. Sensitive and discreet, Oliver Polge is considered a perfumer full of talent and depth. Before joining Chanel, Olivier Polge had produced “Dior Homme” by Dior, “The One for Men” by Dolce & amp; Gabbana, or “Spicebomb” by Viktor & amp; Rolf. Within the house of Chanel, Olivier Polge produced “N ° 5, l’Eau”, “Chance Eau Vive” or quite recently “Gabrielle Chanel”. Here,

Valentino Uomo, a leathery masculine signature

Elegant and carefree, the man” Valentino Uomo “loves a sense of detail. You should know that Olivier Polge signs here the first male perfume of the Valentino brand. The latter is defined as an “oriental-woody” essence, with an ultra masculine leathery signature. Suave and sensual, the composition will nevertheless leave a very sophisticated trail. “Valentino Uomo” takes off on the freshness of bergamot. A touch of myrtle liqueur then disrupts the luminous elegance of this bergamot. The heart is enveloped in hot coffee associated with Gianduja cream. This cream is actually a chocolate cream paste with crushed hazelnuts. Here it offers an ultra gourmet aspect, sweet and warm at the same time. The base is incredibly intense thanks to the accord of white leather combined with the nobility of cedar,

After “Valentino”, its great success, the house of Valentino presents its first male fragrance “Valentino Uomo”. This fragrance is that of a sophisticated, elegant and discreet man whose natural charm is beyond doubt. It is Olivier Polge, the official perfumer of the house of Chanel who created this little Italian masterpiece.

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