Vanilla Reminiscence Eau de Toilette

Vanilla Reminiscence Eau de Toilette

Vanilla of Reminiscence all the scents of vanilla according to Fabrice Pellegrin

With Vanille in 2012, Patchouli finally has an oriental successor who not only not only reproduces its treasures but also adds new ones! If the “reminiscade” endures, it takes on a characterful vanilla from all over the world, a delight!

Vanilla, a fragrant renewal with a strong character signed Reminiscence

Patchouli, Amber and Musk left their mark on a whole generation of bohemian women of the 70s, so much their oriental fragrances are part of our perfumed heritage. Despite great novelties in perfumery such as Rem ‘in 1996, Réminiscence had never offered a new opus to these three Orientals who came straight from the hippie years and the dreams of its creators Nino Amaddeo and Zoé Coste. Nothing. Until Vanilla and its Fabrice Pellegrin nose.

Of course Vanille will always consist of what is now called the “reminiscade” or the mixture of favorite materials that built the first three 70’s perfumes. But Vanille will also know how to compose brilliant modernities discovered by perfumery since, such as the work of facets on the precious vanilla pods.

Vanilla, will therefore present itself as a modern bohemian juice which wants to stick to the skin of its 70’s ancestors as much as of its new millennium. Logically enough, the visual as well as the advertising for Vanille will be done in a bohemian-chic-baroque setting as timeless as it is furiously modern. Because basically the strength of Patchouli, like that of its new successor Vanilla, is to be a scent of character that does not care about fashions.

Vanille de Réminiscence is not a gourmet fragrance but an oriental one! < / h2>

Vanille could be the representative of a passing of the baton between the three juices composed in 1970 and the continuation of their adventures, 42 years later. In a relatively obvious way then, the Vanilla bottle will honor its Patchouli, Musk and Amber ancestors by displaying its beautiful attributes with the same pride. Vanille thus appears in an inclined glass decorated with gold stars and topped with a cylindrical steel star cabochon, exactly like Patchouli in 1970.

Vanille, created by Fabrice Pellegrin, therefore wants to highlight all the most beautiful facets of vanilla from Tahiti, Uganda and Madagascar. As a result, the beautiful oriental does not hesitate to open up with fruity notes of osmanthus and bergamot. At the heart it is of course the vanilla that will make us exhale their intense charms with notes of vanilla flower and vanilla infusion. Jasmine and heliotrope bring their flowery sweetness to these beautiful exotic pods. Finally, Ugandan vanilla crosses with Bourbon vanilla to create a deep trail embellished with sensualities of patchouli and benzoin. The tonka bean and the praline bring a touch of greed to these vanillas which will wrap themselves in the cottony sweetness of white musks.

“A concentrate of the best qualities of Vanilla, from Tahiti, Madagascar and Uganda, coated with noble materials, which invites pleasure and travel… ”Reminiscent for Vanilla.

Since the 1970s, the Reminiscence house has been offering us its most beautiful colored jewels as well as its most powerful fragrances, the most exotic too. If the legendary Patchouli remains, Reminiscence specializes in the art of distilling rare fragrances, to taste elsewhere. Since the 2000s, the beautiful house has been trying to change its register slightly by offering more flowers and less oriental perfumes without forgetting its famous “Reminiscade”: from this influence and the talents of Fabrice Pellegrin will be born the beautiful Vanilla in 2012.

Vanilla and its various faces designed by Fabrice Pellegrin for Reminiscence

Reminiscence was born in the 70s thanks to the love of a couple of travelers, Zoé Coste and Nino Amaddeo, for jewelry and perfumes from elsewhere. While their first store opens, the couple already offers a fragrance, Patchouli. Quickly Patchouli and its powerful exotic accords will bewitch the world and the small perfume house in the south of France becomes a big house which will also produce other beautiful “very 70s ”fragrances such as Ambre and Musk.

However, in the 2010s Nino Amaddeo wanted to offer these cult perfumes new opuses that would retain the oriental spirit of his elders while diffusing a less opulent floral warmth, more Mediterranean in short. Fabrice Pellegrin will immediately hear the creator’s wishes and compose pretty perfumes such as White Tuberose or Love Rose. He will also compose Vanille in 2012, and this time the marvelous descendant of hippie perfumes, will be as delicate as wild, as sunny and racy as feminine and sober .

Vanilla, like Amber, Musk or Tonka , wants to highlight the famous pod that we all know by making us discover it in new facets, apart from the usual greedy opulence of vanilla perfumes. A Vanilla that some will even go so far as to compare as a worthy descendant of the sublime Shalimar as its extreme refinement is emphasized …

“This Vanilla could therefore be what I personally would have imagined for a Miss Shalimar: vanilla, the main signature, but in a modern, contemporary, light vision. “Olfactorum on Vanilla of Remembrance.

A vanilla fragrance without gluttony, the feat of Reminiscence for Vanilla!

For Vanille, Fabrice Pellegrin went collect the absolute best of these miraculous little pods from all over the world. He also sprinkled his composition with its emblematic flower, tuberose, or fruity notes of Osmanthus in order to highlight the best of this Vanilla, much more complex and rich than the overused image that has been attributed to it … < / p>

Vanilla de Reminiscence will therefore open with notes of fresh and dynamic bergamot and slightly apricot osmanthus to highlight the deliciously fruity face of vanilla. Then the infusion of vanilla pod will mingle with its flower to better carry us away in a flowery and very solar swirl of Mediterranean flowers of jasmine and tuberose. Finally, Bourbon vanilla and Uganda Vanilla will marry with delight with the famous sensual and burning ingredients of the “Reminiscade” to better bewitch us one last time with its magic …

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