Velvet Orchid Tom Ford Eau de Parfum

Velvet Orchid Tom Ford Eau de Parfum

Velvet Orchid the velvet orchid fragrance by Tom Ford

Black Orchid had brought its touch of glamorous femininity by delivering an exceptional juice, Velvet Orchid like its worthy descendant will do no less by delivering a version of the luminous and flowery black orchid while being of a sensuality to make pale the pretty flower.

The perfume Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford or the ultra femininity with orchid flower …

Tom Ford is a lover of perfumes, but not just any perfume. These fragrances which are rich, dense, complex which sublimate men and women through their exceptional scents. Thus each Tom Ford perfume is created with original and unique raw materials as if to better trace an exceptional scented trail because, as the stylist affirms, “Not everyone can afford a Maserati, but most people can. buy a vial. “.

From these exceptional fragrances an audience of Tom Ford fragrance lovers was born, like a circle of initiates would be passionate about art. First there was Black Orchid and its woody, sensual and flowery beauty. beautiful bottles from the Private Blend collection, such as Néroli Portofino, each of which carried the essence of a choice raw material. From now on, it is the signature perfumes that offer us their wonders and this beautiful Velvet Orchid, or velvet orchid, will really not be outdone!

Velvet Orchid, a worthy descendant of the now cult Black Orchid, is distinguished by a deep and intense sensuality but also by elegant and luminous flowers. Because yes, Velvet Orchid plays, like many other Tom Ford fragrances, on chiaroscuro and contrasts to offer women a fragrance as protean as their thousand faces.

As for the advertising communication for Velvet Orchid, it is also distinguished by its striking contrasts. , the beauty of the vid eo spot shot like a retro and glamorous love film with Kelleth Cuthbert and Shaheryar Khan is a great feat. On the other, the provocative visual where Gigi Hadid appears completely naked in a purple cellophane setting is once again talking about him, as was the case for that of Black Orchid.

Velvet Orchid a “fade-in” fragrance of luminous flowers and deep sensuality

Tom Ford’s now iconic bottle is still used by this pretty scented Velvet Orchid flower. This time the retro fluted glass is going to dress in beautiful purple colors to match the color of the flower he wants to draw in its juice.

Velvet Orchid opens with a fruity citrus accord of mandarin and bergamot sprinkled with okay. The honeyed note will embalm these tangs to better let them melt in the original note of succan absolute which is none other than rum. Then the heart lets appear the famous black orchid which will let itself be carried away in a whirlwind of Turkish rose oil and jasmine. The luminosity of this floral heart will of course also be created thanks to the presence of the opulent orange blossom, narcissus, hyacinth and the so versatile heliotrope. Then these beautiful radiant flowers will give way to an absolute sensuality created by Peruvian balsam, labdanum, myrrh and sandalwood. Vanilla will bring its gourmet luminosity to these mysterious animal colors.

“Tom Ford Velvet Orchid is an oriental floral that evokes the carnal grandeur and seductive power of the iconic Black Orchid in an ultra-feminine fragrance developed with notes of lemon, rose, honey and rum. Tom Ford for Velvet Orchid.

When Tom Ford imagines perfumes , they seem inseparable from his haute couture creativity that is both elegant and daring, luxurious but somewhat quirky. Black Orchid, his very first perfume released in 2006 will be a little of those perfumes that are unlike any other and yet unite because they are new and unique. After an obvious plebiscite of the public, Tom Ford will propose a soft variation to this opulent oriental in a pretty, brighter orchid, Velvet Orchid.

Velvet Orchid or the velvet orchid by Tom Ford by a quartet of talented perfumers

Tom Ford likes to surprise, dare and even shock. Moreover, it was he who would establish the chic porn style, and it was again he who would not hesitate to propose sultry campaigns for Gucci or for now his own label Tom Ford. But Tom Ford also likes perfumes and sophistication, a certain elegance and luxury…

He will therefore find in Pierre Négrin the ideal perfumer to compose his very first fragrance for him as a ode to a flower which smells nothing but which nevertheless evokes everything, the black orchid. And Black Orchid proposed its powerful oriental notes in 2006… The success is immediate, the public is conquered by the power and the originality of this flower as sweet as it is dangerous.

How can we imagine that Tom Ford could stop there? In addition to his collection of Private Blend fragrances, he will have the audacity to offer a scented sister to his now legendary Black Orchid under the name Velvet Orchid.

The beautiful velvet flower Velvet Orchid will grow in the hands of a team of four perfumers, a rare thing in perfumery which generally prefers collaborations with two. Yet each of the talented creators of Velvet Orchid (Antoine Maisondieu, Yann Vasnier, Calice Becker and Shyamala Maisondieu) will find their place and compose for this condensed luxury and femininity a sublime score that will flow in a harmony of flowers and divine sensualities.

A trendy floral oriental fragrance, Velvet Orchid

As we have seen, the creation of a composition like that of Velvet Orchid is rarely done between so many perfumers. Yet Tom Ford perfumes are so complex and structured, so sophisticated and contrasting that ultimately this creation between multiple talents seems relatively obvious.

Thus Velvet Orchid opens with citrus and honey accords that we could undoubtedly attribute to Calice Becker as his love for citrus is evident. It seems that the heart resulting from the marriage of classic notes of roses, magnolias, hyacinths, daffodils and solar and opulent notes of orange blossom, jasmine and heliotropins is the fruit of the work of Yann Vasnier. Finally, the animal and sensual depths of Velvet Orchid would be attributed to the couples of Maisondieu perfumers who, between the sweetness of suede, vanilla and Peruvian balsam propel us into the woody force of some heat of sandalwood, vanilla and labdanum. / p>

“This Velvet Orchid is alluring, yes, but ultra-feminine, hushed, mysterious. A perfume in stilettos of course, but which saves us from any form of vulgarity and all those notes that are too fruity, too sunny, too sweet. “Blue Gardenia on Velvet Orchid.


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