Versace Eau de Toilette for Men Versace

Versace Eau de Toilette for Men Versace

Versace for Men, contemporary above all

Then, he opened his shop in 1978 at the age of 26. The style of the Versace house is daring, provocative, even sulfurous, but it immediately pleases. Building on this success, many boutiques are opening internationally. Versace also launched into perfumery in 1981. In 2008, Versace presented “Versace pour Homme”, an aromatic woody fragrance, for confident men.

Contemporary man according to Versace

“Versace pour Homme ”is an authentic fragrance, in which all men can identify. Both modern and classic, “Versace pour Homme” adapts to each man, to each personality, as if it changes on contact with each skin. The Versace man is confident, self-assured, dynamic and passionate. Spontaneous, the Versace man loves fashion and pays attention to his dress style. “Versace pour Homme” is a classic fragrance, yet intense, fresh, but determined. “Versace pour Homme” was created from ingredients that come mainly from the Mediterranean. This is why “Versace pour Homme” is intended to be a fragrance in harmony with nature and its environment.

The woody-aromatic notes of Versace pour Homme

It is the talented perfumer Alberto Morillas who is at the origin of this exceptional essence. It is to him that we owe, in particular the fragrance “Must” by Cartier. The beginning of “Versace pour Homme” is ultra luminous thanks to the presence of neroli and orange blossom which illuminate the Mediterranean ingredients. The citrus freshness of bergamot joins these notes as well as cedar wood. The heart evolves towards mineral-floral notes with the presence of clary sage, geranium, Atlas cedar as well as hyacinth. Finally, the base of “Versace pour Homme” is sensual and ultra virile, because it is composed of white musks, tonka bean, oud and amber. The bottle of “Versace pour Homme” is ultra elegant and could not be more masculine. Rectangular in shape, the bottle stands out with its thick glass. The transparency of its glass gives a glimpse of a sky blue nectar. The whole is topped with a cabochon in a brushed silver hue which offers an ultra contemporary rendering.

“Versace pour Homme” is the essence of a self-confident man. Ultra contemporary, it nevertheless adapts to each personality. Dynamic, the fragrance offers woody and aromatic tones that blend perfectly. The modernity of the composition is also transmitted through the bottle, made in a very manly way.

The Versace house embodies luxury and extravagance, the mix of genres and provocation while displaying surprising and daring haute couture collections. Obviously, when the brand begins to offer us perfumes, it will be the same. However with the tragic death of the stylist, Donatella Versace will move towards more sobriety, she will even celebrate the roots of her late brother by offering him ten years after his death a fresh scented elixir and so Italian, Versace pour Homme.

Versace pour Homme or Alberto Morillas’ perfumed tribute to Gianni Versace’s roots

For Versace and its emblematic stylist Gianni Versace, all mixtures of materials and colors can turn out to become works of art, all provocations and daring are the most beautiful and it is through this inimitable style that the stylist will quickly enter the 70s among the great couturiers of this world. A few years later, with the Gianni Versace perfume in 1981, he opened the doors to a perfumery that would prove to be as daring as his couture creations and each niche fragrance, even after its tragic disappearance in 1997, will always be made with panache and originality.

However when Donatella Versace asked the great Alberto Morillas to compose Versace pour Homme, the idea was not to surprise or provoke, on the contrary, and it is certainly there the greatest of surprises. Versace pour Homme is a pretty and luminous perfume for men which exudes at the same time the power and the racy elegance, but also and especially a fresh and natural sobriety, far away from the usual Versace perfumes.

Versace for Homme is therefore not strictly speaking a bombastic creation from the house of Versace but rather a perfumed composition tribute of a sister to a stylist brother who loved above all his native country, Italy, and its typical scents of citrus fruits, flowers and aromatic herbs.

A dream of Italy between scents of the past and current modernities for a luminous Versace pour Homme

“The fragrance, a classic and surprisingly contemporary aroma , which awakens the senses. »Versace on Versace pour Homme.

Alberto Morillas has therefore drawn with Donatella Versace a magnificent composition tribute both to the scents of his childhood with his brother Gianni Versace and to the beautiful modernity of which he has always known show off in all his haute couture creations.

Thus Versace pour Homme opens first of all with citrus fruits and flowers which so fascinated Donatella but especially Gianni Versace such as citron blossom, sour orange or even neroli flower. Then the mineral and flowery accord of blue hyacinth and clary sage is at the same time luminous and raw, soft but powerful. Finally we find the exemplary modernity of the house of Versace in virile and deep notes of oud wood, tonka bean, musk and amber.

“Versace pour homme expresses the character of today’s man: cultivated and confident, he has the ability to live his life in harmony with the natural world. »Versace on Versace for Men.

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