Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Extreme Eau de Parfum

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Extreme Eau de Parfum

Spicebomb Extreme, an ultra explosive spice concentrate

It was in 1992 that the Dutch met during their studies. They founded the “Viktor & amp; Rolf ”fashion house in 1993. The“ Atomic Bomb ”and“ Babushka ”collections confirm the place of young designers with avant-garde status. It was in 2005 that they embarked on perfumery with “Flowerbomb”. In 2012, they presented “ Spicebomb ”. Then, in 2015, the brand unveiled a “Spicebomb Extrême” variation.

Spicebomb Extreme, an explosive concentrate of virility

In 2012, and following the success of the feminine fragrance “Flowerbomb “, Viktor & amp; Rolf presents “Spicebomb”, the ultra spicy masculine bomb. Between strength and gentleness, “Spicebomb” revealed a mysterious, captivating and very charismatic man. Virile, the fragrance of “Spicebomb” perfectly represented the men of the 2000s, attractive and confident. In 2015, Viktor & amp; Rolf unveiled an olfactory variation with “Spicebomb Extrême”, a concentrate of virility. “Spicebomb Extreme” is surprising on the first note and addicting on the second. Powerful, daring and sensual, “Spicebomb Extrême” suggests the extreme masculinity of today’s man. We must admit that Viktor & amp; Rolf have achieved a feat by imagining an even sexier, more virile and spicy version than the original!

The sensual notes of Spicebomb Extreme

If “Flowerbomb” was a concentrate of flowers, “Spicebomb Extrême” is an explosion of spices. “Spicebomb Extrême” is considered a spicy-floral fragrance, which oscillates between intensity and subtlety. “Spicebomb Extreme” begins with the fresh notes of grapefruit, quickly joined by spicy notes of chili pepper accompanied by black pepper, thus giving an even more bite. The heart is the contrasting association of hot and spicy notes such as cinnamon, saffron or even cumin with the fresh notes of lavender. Then, the base of “Spicebomb Extrême” is sensual, virile, even animal. It is composed of a woody-amber accord, a tobacco accord, cistus absolute as well as Bourbon vanilla… Sensuality is then at its peak. The bottle was designed as a male bomb ready to be unpin, and uses the codes of its elder. Shiny black in color, the pomegranate displays for the occasion a golden center where the name of the perfume and the creators are affixed. Rolled up in the vaporizer, we notice a small seal, on which you just have to pull to enjoy the explosion of flavor.

After the astonishing feminine fragrance “Flowerbomb”, Viktor & amp; Rolf “wanted to offer the same bomb to men.” Spicebomb Extrême “is a variation of” Spicebomb “. Even more surprising and spicy than its elder,” Spicebomb Extrême “is an ultra sensual essence. It gives modern men a new seductive ally , more powerful than ever.

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