Voce Viva Valentino Perfume

Voce Viva Valentino Perfume

Voce Viva by Valentino, a radiant floral bouquet

However, since an event never happens alone, the brand Valentino also presented its new muse: the queen of pop and talented Lady Gaga. Very inspiring, it goes perfectly with the beauty of this floral juice. So how about immersing yourself in this new scented whirlpool with her?

Voce Viva, a perfume imagined as a voice

To design his new essence, Pierpaolo Piccioli, Creative Director of Valentino, began by asking himself a simple question: “What if a perfume could evoke something other than a simple smell?” “. This is how he imagined an essence invoking one of the most intimate senses: the voice. After all, voice and scent have a lot in common. They are made to be noticed but also reveal a very intimate part of the personality. Here , they unite and stand up for women around the world. From then on, the Voce Viva perfume becomes an ode to femininity and a thousand faces. The latter gives voice to the values ​​of diversity and individuality. Very colorful, daring and couture , it makes the woman who wears it shine. According to its creator, Pierpaolo Piccioli: “The real power is to share emotions”. Voce Viva is a perfect demonstration of this …

The floral breath of Valentino’s Voce Viva

To make femininity shine in the world, Voce Viva by Valentino is distinguished by its Italian and powerful notes, associated with a unique crystal foam as well as a sumptuous floral bouquet. The harmony of this radiant bouquet gradually gains strength, finally taking us into a world of delicac y and sensitivity, played here with extravagance. Designed by perfumers Honorine Blanc and Amandine Clerc Marie, Voce Viva begins with an alliance of Calabrian bergamot and juicy and sweet mandarin. Its floral bouquet, for its part, stands out with a duo of orange blossom and gardenia. It all ends with the enveloping sensuality of a vanilla infusion coupled with crystal mousse.

The very couture style of the Voce Viva bottle

On the design side, Voce Viva reappropriates all the codes of the Valentino brand. Undisputed symbol of femininity, it stands out with its cubic shape. Elaborated in an elegant glass, it reflects the light in a golden juice, revealing a V on its side faces. For the record, this shape is reminiscent of Valentino’s iconic rockstuds. Moreover, these small pyramids are also present on its collar and on its hood. The set is also revealed in a bright red color, Valentino’s iconic signature. Emblem of the Italian brand, red navigates here between provocation and elegance.

In 2020, the Italian brand Valentino gives birth to a niche fragrance for women. Highly anticipated, it is an ode to femininity embodied by one of Hollywood’s most famous faces, that of star Lady Gaga. Presented in a bottle with a very couture aura, the Voce Viva perfume shines with its golden color, its numerous details and its few red nuances. On screen, the choice of such an ambassador is already widely talked about. So, does its composition live up to all its promises? Voce Viva by Valentino owes its existence to perfumers Honorine Blanc and Amandine Clerc Marie. Let’s decipher together the different raw materials used in its composition.

Voce Viva, refreshing and incisive top notes

Like Lady Gaga herself, Voce Viva is not lacking in spirit or daring. However, this is felt from the discovery of its top notes. Voce Viva launches with a zesty citrus duo. It contains in particular Italian bergamot. The fruit of the cross between sour lemon and orange, it is a lively and sparkling raw material. This is softened by a juicier and sweeter tangerine. Note also that these two elements immediately plunge us into a very Mediterranean environment. After all, the house of Valentino can never do without its Sicilian evocations for very long… There is also a hint of pepper that comes from ginger. Aphrodisiac at will, this element gives a more seductive scope to this perfume.

Voce Viva blossoms in a floral heart

Then, as it is a question of evoking femininity here, Voce Viva revolves around a generous bouquet of white flowers. Radiant with light, it seems to possess in itself the freshness of a morning dew, while allowing its petals to bloom with generosity. Orange blossom in turn evokes the Mediterranean environment, while mingling with golden gardenia.

The warmer depth of Valentino’s Voce Viva

Then, because the woman who wears Voce Viva is also a seductress, this composition ends with a voluptuous and carnal accord, as enveloping as it is surprising. There, the house of Valentino dares a new ingredient: crystal mousse. The latter gives a more sustained depth to this juice, giving us the impression of immersing ourselves in the heart of an undergrowth. Sandalwood and tonka bean reinforce the roundness of this feminine fragrance. The whole is warmed up with an infusion of vanilla, mixed with a more animal musk base.
Like the muse Lady Gaga, Voce Viva knows how to be elegant as well as exuberant. He does not hesitate to surprise us while knowing how to preserve a certain dose of refinement. With this fragrance, Valentino undoubtedly dares all the extravagances. The result is a voluptuous and feminine fragrance, establishing a parallel between the sound of the voice and the perfume, two personal and intimate elements, leaving an indelible mark in the collective memory.

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