White Sandalwood Eau de Parfum Serge Lutens

White Sandalwood Eau de Parfum Serge Lutens

The Santal Blanc fragrance, courtesy of Lutens

On the contrary, it is very often located where we do not expect it. His creations are then always eagerly awaited by fine connoisseurs of perfumery, and his perfumes have moreover been rewarded many times. Serge Lutens is a true artist who does not hesitate to explore unknown territories to create always surprising olfactory assortments. His latest collection today brings together six fragrances, called Eaux de Politées. Santal Blanc is the latest juice to join this range. So what about this composition considered by many to be a true masterpiece?

Les Eaux de Politées, when Serge Lutens relies on purity

If the perfumes of Serge Lutens are all very different from each other, it must be recognized that they are often very fiery and powerful. Serge Lutens is used to opulent fragrances, saturated with spices and balms, as the very famous Ambre Sultan can testify, for example. Yet this time around, the creator seems to have taken a whole new path. The Eaux de Polroits collection brings together very airy and transparent juices. With them, it’s all about lightness. It all started in 2010, when Serge Lutens launched this sentence: “Luxury begins with cleanliness”. This is how he gave birth to the Waters of Politeness. These mixed fragrances, intended for both men and women, highlight the nobility of the finest raw materials in perfumery, while enhancing them with other ingredients placed in the background. All of Serge Lutens’ Eaux de Politées have the same bottle in common: a transparent glass cube with beveled edges, whose silhouette is strangely reminiscent of that of the world famous Chanel N ° 5. Its cap, meanwhile, is the same as that used in the previous Gratte-Ciel collection by Serge Lutens, in a translucent version, evocative of the purity of these niche fragrances.

White Sandalwood, a hushed and milky breath, not devoid of spices

< p> Santal Blanc is a fragrance that is at the same time different from the usual universe of Serge Lutens, but containing all the complexity of the creator. As always, it is accompanied by an enigmatic quote to say the least: “Without blemish and without reproach.” A peppery crystal that stands up. We hold it back ”. The message is clear and Santal Blanc appears to be a pure and airy scent, but gaining in power and relief on contact with pink pepper. Moreover, this is not the only spice in his recipe. White Sandalwood also contains cinnamon. The milky and creamy breath of sandalwood is also enveloped in a powdery and refined smell of iris wood, one of the most prestigious ingredients of the perfumer’s entire palette. Musk, in turn, completes this fragrance,

Serge Lutens recomposes the Sandalwood …

With Femininity of Wood, the jack-of-all-trades artist Serge Lutens opened in 1992 one of the most important chapters in his creative history, perfumery! And this Femininity of Wood will bring to women the strength of a woody and powerful juice which will go well beyond their expectations, so much so that what was to be a first attempt for Serge Lutens and his perfumer Christopher Sheldrake was transformed. in an intense and passionate link with the scents and a growing public.

Santal Blanc, a water of politeness strong in character!

One would have thought that the great Serge Lutens, accompanied by his perfumer Christopher Sheldrake, did would only have to carry us away in colorful and burning winds of Sandalwood Majuscule, Orange Blossom or Chergui or even that the only deviations from these oriental beauties are only the pretty flowers of The Girl from Berlin or Girl in needles… But no, with the Les Orphelines collection, Serge Lutens has broken the rhythm of his burning sweets to offer us icy and fresh scents like Eau Froide!

“With this Water, there is the idea of ​​rupture. I don’t want to let myself be locked up. It’s a break with myself, to move on to something else. Every time in my life, I have always saved myself from what could happen to me. I have an allergy to too much installed, to too comfortable. “& Nbsp; Serge Lutens for Parfumista.

And even better, the man will push the idea to create in 2019 a new collection of fragrances, Les Eaux de Polroits, which will bring together the works already known as L’Eau cold, Light Gray or White Sandalwood with previously unseen scents such as L’Eau d’Armoise.

A sandalwood sometimes spicy, sometimes burning, called white sandalwood

Yes, Serge Lutens persists because this rupture embodied by freshness is also an artistic act, which is more when we play with raw materials to offer them an original look. Like Santal Blanc, already known to the public since 2011, it has been reworked to offer this mysterious sandalwood and so full of resources that we did not yet know.

Because who knows and appreciates the fragrances created by Serge Lutens have already been able to rub shoulders with sandalwood in its most majestic oriental form, as with the sublime Sandalwood Majuscule or even Chergui or Arabia. But for Santal Blanc there is no oriental palate or burning and gourmet splendor covered with spices, sandalwood indulges in raw and no longer hesitates to adorn itself with a few powdery notes to be “polished”.

Thus Santal Blanc begins with sweet notes of iris which bring roundness and supreme elegance. At the heart, however, cinnamon will blow us its burning wind of hot spices while the pink pepper will blow on the contrary spicy and icy freshness. Finally musk and sandalwood will reconcile hot and cold to take them to a paradise of scorching, overpowering heat without losing any of their iris elegance.


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