Wild Ocean Courrèges Eau de Toilette

Wild Ocean Courrèges Eau de Toilette

The most aquatic of Courrèges men’s fragrances

Indeed, in the world of smells, aquatic juices are on the rise! Is it for their simple freshness? Or is it rather for their evocation of the great outdoors? Anyway, men love it and ask for more… That’s good news, the Courrèges house has just developed a new infinitely maritime fragrance. This unique juice is called Wild Ocean and offers you an olfactory cruise. So, pack your bags and let’s go!

Wild Ocean, the maritime evocation of Courrèges

Wild Ocean is a fragrance which, as its name suggests, plunges us into the heart of the ocean. This juice alone embodies all of Courrèges’s fascination with the marine world. Indeed, this is not the first time that the brand has been involved in a project linked to the maritime world. In 2016, Courrèges had made a lot of talk about it by making a prestigious and avant-garde yacht called White Ocean. There is no doubt that the Wild Ocean fragrance is a nod to this previous creation by Courrèges. Moreover, it fits exactly in the same register, opting for a clean and modern style, without lacking in personality and elegance. These are also the same codes that can be found on the bottle of Wild Ocean. If Courrèges had accustomed us to cylindrical bottles, this time the shape of Wild Ocean is much more masculine and square. Its bottle forms a thick, refined and virile glass cube. Only a few undulations emerge in relief on its front face. The whole is decorated with a blue color with universal reach. Undoubtedly, we are more than ever immersed in the ocean. The name of this new perfume is inscribed on the right side of its bottle, in a writing in capital letters, declined from white to gray. Without a doubt, we are more than ever immersed in the ocean. The name of this new perfume is inscribed on the right side of its bottle, in a writing in capital letters, declined from white to gray. Undoubtedly, we are more than ever immersed in the ocean. The name of this new perfume is inscribed on the right side of its bottle, in a writing in capital letters, declined from white to gray.

The scented oceanic recipe of Courrèges

On the scent side, here too, Courrèges played the maritime card from the start to the end of its perfume. Its fairly simple recipe revolves around three major chords. Wild Ocean starts off with a seawater accord. This gives this juice a boost of dynamism associated with a sensation of freshness and a certain salinity. Then, the Courrèges boat seems to make a stopover on a fine sandy beach. The heart of Wild Ocean is more sandy. It heats up, like white sand under the glare of the sun, but still refreshed by the water that runs through it from time to time. Finally, the base of Wild Ocean becomes more intriguing. This perfume ends with ambroxan, a very rich and complex synthetic molecule, whose odor is similar to that of ambergris, a substance with an animal odor, rejected by the sperm whale, and taking on a more musky, saline and solar side in contact with natural elements. Wild Ocean de Courrèges is an incredible voyage across the seas and beyond the horizon.

The very maritime masculine scent of Courrèges

The great Courrèges house is certainly one of the rare perfume houses to have known so many lives, so much the first feminine perfumes born in the years 70-80 were a huge success, then a silent tribute until returning to grace in the 2010s with the rebirth of the house.

This rebirth of the Courrèges house will be marked in particular by the brand new creation of men’s fragrances in 2018, then in 2019 with the expected release of Wild Ocean.

Wild Ocean, the new breath of fresh scented air for sporty men by Courrèges

André Courrèges largely contributed, given his audacity, to the rise of more inventive women’s fashion in the 60s and 70s. However, the story between Courrèges and men seems more complex, although it is also very old, as it began in 1973 with the release of a perfume, Courrèges Homme , associated with a very relatively successful men’s fashion collection. .

After giving feminine perfumes of yesteryear and feminine fashion collections a second life, the new Courrèges buyers of 2012 nevertheless made the choice to offer a men’s fashion collection again in 2014, as well as two niche fragrances that would accompany them in 2018: Courrèges Homme and Courrèges Homme Sport. This time, with success, Courrèges once again made the choice to offer men Wild Ocean and its iodized accords that would pay homage to the latest creation of the emblematic founder André Courrèges who has just passed away, a yacht named White Ocean.

Thus Wild Ocean has been composed in such a way as to offer men a scent that is both very pure and iodized while being particularly masculine due to its animal depths in overdose.

The marriage of an iodine note with animal heat for a contrasting and powerful Wild Ocean

Wild Ocean by Courrèges was composed on the same scent strengths as the very fresh masculine scents of the 90s Aqua di Gio, Eau d’Issey or even Cool Water by Davidoff were able to be in their time. On the other hand, if Wild Ocean clearly wants to be the heir of these great masculine fragrances, the construction of its olfactory notes is very different because Wild Ocean notably bears the great singularity of not using aromatic notes associated with the iodine note, which also gives it an incredible modernity.

Thus Wild Ocean prefers to play with the contrast between an iodine note of start and an overdose of ambroxan in base notes to offer a masculinity that marries opposites to assert itself in soft sensualities displayed like a heart of warm sand. This heart of warm sand will therefore be the close link between the marine freshness of the top notes and the intense heat of the depths of animal notes.

Wild Ocean therefore offers the man of 2019 a completely new sporting force. which can only seduce him with its surprising and totally innovative contrasts. & nbsp;
“Extreme depth, infinite movement A fresh and salty eau de toilette built on a duo of enveloping accords: sea and warm sand. »Courrèges for Wild Ocean.


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