Xeryus Givenchy Eau de Toilette

Xeryus Givenchy Eau de Toilette

Xeryus, the modern day conqueror

Today, the fashion house is run by the LVMH group, which has kept the spirit of the brand. Between timeless chic, elegance and aristocracy, Givenchy has succeeded in making an indelible mark on the world of luxury. In 1986, two years after “Ysatis”, the brand unveiled “Xeryus”. A modern-day masculine fragrance.

Givenchy and his mystical hero

After the creation of his mythical goddess “Ysatis”, Givenchy decided that he needed a male counterpart and imagined “Xeryus” , his Greek hero, because it is precisely the name of a Greek god. Half-man, half-centaur, “Xeryus” represents the hero of modern times. He is a mysterious man who seems elusive. He pleases and attracts women, but he only has eyes for his goddess “Ysatis” with whom he now forms a mythical couple. “Xeryus” is the scent of a power-hungry man who does not hesitate to lead battles and defy events. Bold, it is always at the peak of its elegance. The refinement of “Xeyrus” has earned it its place in the very select “Les Parfums Mythiques” collection by Givenchy.

Xeryus, ultra masculine notes

Although he is considered a conqueror, “Xeryus” is nonetheless a virile man. “Xeryus” takes off on lively and striking notes like those of bergamot and grapefruit. A bouquet of aromatics then comes to join it, lavender, clary sage and basil. The heart is greener with the presence of juniper and tarragon. Then, the flowers of violets, more often used in the feminine perfumes come to deposit a touch of lightness and softness. The trail is woody and manly, as it contains sandalwood, guaiac wood, vetiver and oak moss. Musk envelops the whole with a strong sensuality. A new bottle takes up the emblematic codes of Givenchy’s legendary perfumes. Rectangular, the bottle is transparent with a cap that is also transparent, thus offering a real touch of elegance. “Xeryus” presents all the refinement and seduction of the greatest perfumes.

In 1986 Givenchy unveiled “Xeryus”, a Greek hero, but a hero of modern times. Two years before, the brand had created “Ysatis”, a Greek goddess, sweet and sensual. Together, they form the legendary couple from Givenchy. With its virile and masculine notes, “Xeyrus” is a strong and elegant composition. “Xeyrus” is the chic and refinement of the great house that is Givenchy.

“Xeryus” was released in 1986, and symbolizes the Greek God. With “Ysatis” released in 1984, “Xeryus” forms an ancient and almost mythical couple. Olfactively, it is a couple of the most modern and in love. Mysterious and elusive, “Xeryus” is a fragrance for contemporary and enigmatic men. The man “Xeryus” is a man who lives according to his desires, he follows his desires and does not hesitate to conquer the world. Very elegant, the composition is also very virile. It is signed Alberto Morillas.

The elegant virility composed by perfumer Alberto Morillas

In order to make this half-man, half-god nectar, Givenchy chose a great perfumer, Alberto Morillas. Born in 1950 in Seville, Alberto Morillas is sensitive to the smells of the South. After studying Fine Arts, Alberto Morillas joined Firmenich where he learned the profession of perfumer. He then specialized in chemistry and learned on his own the creativity of the perfume profession. In 1977, he obtained the title of Perfumer, then that of Master Perfumer in 1998. A true self-taught, Alberto Morillas is a talented, sensitive, ultra-creative perfumer. He says, “When I write the formula for a perfume, I can smell it! “. Alberto Morillas is at the origin of magnificent successes such as “Valentina” by Valentino, “Mademoiselle Ricci” by Nina Ricci or “Flower by Kenzo” by Kenzo.

The virile notes of the Xeryus perfume

“Xeryus” is considered an ultra-virile aromatic-fern fragrance. “Xeryus” soars on the aromatic notes of lavender, rosemary combined with citrus notes of lemon. Rosemary used to use lavender to scent linen, but also the bath. The flower then grows all around the Mediterranean. In the Middle Ages, lavender was used for medicinal purposes and to fight infectious diseases, mainly against plague epidemics. Lavender cultivation began to develop from 1900. Lavender essence was obtained by steam distillation of freshly cut flowers. In perfumery, lavender gives off herbaceous, balsamic and floral tones. Then, the heart of “Xeryus” is greener with the presence of galbanum and geranium, associated with the spicy touch of coriander. Galbanum is a plant also called “gummy ferrule”. Galbanum gum is mainly found in Iran and Afghanistan. Galbanum was originally used for its medicinal properties as it relieved joints, osteoarthritis or stress. In perfumery, the essence of galbanum is obtained by cutting the roots of the plant. The gum is then distilled to obtain an essence, but it is also treated with solvents to obtain a resinoid. Finally, the base of “Xeryus” is at the same time woody, dry and virile and combines fir balsam, sandalwood, vetiver and oak moss. Sober and very elegant, the precious nectar is contained in the bottle of the prestigious “Les Parfums Mythiques” collection by Givenchy.

Aromatic Woody

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