XS Paco Rabanne Eau de Toilette

XS Paco Rabanne Eau de Toilette

XS for Men: The olfactory shock of Paco Rabanne

Then, he decided to invite himself in the world of perfumery. Here again, Paco Rabanne creates new sensations and continually seeks to amaze. Many say that he is a designer who loves to go overboard. And so was born its olfactory collection XS (Excess), in 1993. Since then, the story continues and many variations of this scent have already emerged. This is how Paco Rabanne gave birth, in 2018, to a masculine Eau de Toilette called XS pour Homme.

XS pour Homme Eau de Toilette, a fragrance that inspires you to live with ardor

< p> XS pour Homme Eau de Toilette is a fragrance that loudly proclaims its virility, provocative and sensual at the same time. This juice is intended for all those who dare. He seems to have an irrepressible drive within him. Full of emotion, he is intense and does not hesitate to shake up established codes. XS pour Homme Eau de Toilette “explores the limits, seeks sensations”. If you like above all to assert your desires and desires, even if it means not pleasing everyone, this perfume is for you. In the tradition of its predecessors, it is much more than a fragrance, but carries with it a message: to live faster, stronger and more intensely! Its spontaneity can confuse some. Whatever, this is the trademark of Paco Rabanne!

XS pour Homme Eau de Toilette, an icy and hot essence

But then, how do you create a surprise? Paco Rabanne took the bias of a juice combining many contrasts. Its composition takes on the allure of carnal wood, as fresh as it is incandescent. First, XS pour Homme Eau de Toilette is an explosion of freshness. His heart, meanwhile, warms with hot spices. Finally, sensual woods reinforce its manly charm. With it, it all starts with a wild mint, combined with bergamot and lemon. This citrus freshness immediately captures the senses, before being relayed by a trio of juniper berries, coriander and geranium. These elegant spices gain in persistence in contact with the woods. The whole ends with a cloud of cedar, sandalwood, oak moss and rosemary.

The virile bottle of Paco Rabanne

On the bottle side, XS pour Homme Eau de Toilette takes on the look of its predecessors. Its very geometric shape is essential in a heavy and thick glass. Its old black color, on the other hand, has completely disappeared, in favor of a more urban and contemporary gray. Its juice faces a chromed metal cap, perfectly matching its name: XS. Its multiple edges all converge upwards. The man who wears this perfume is always looking forward and heading for the highest peaks!

Presented in an elegant gray bottle, with a chrome and shimmering cap, XS pour Homme Eau de Toilette was created in 2018. Completing the cult saga of Paco Rabanne, this masculine scent encourages the wearer to “explore his limits, seek sensations”. It is aimed at all men who dare to live to excess, without half measures and without compromise. If its bottle is still quite sober and elegant, its olfactory recipe, on the other hand, is much more explosive and confusing. So, how about deciphering the recipe for this new juice with us?

XS pour Homme Eau de Toilette, an icy first bite

In a first, before fully expressing itself, the XS pour Homme Eau de Toilette fragrance captures our attention. For this, it delivers an infinitely fiery and refreshing breath. Leaving a real frozen chill on the skin, it combines wild mint with bergamot and lemon. As a reminder, bergamot is a fruit resulting from the cross between lemon and sour orange. It therefore only amplifies the zesty aspect of the top notes of XS pour Homme Eau de Toilette. By choosing to move towards such a condensed freshness, Paco Rabanne intends to bring more energy to men on a daily basis, by delivering them an invigorating breath. With XS pour Homme Eau de Toilette, they are now ready to face all the challenges that await them!

The very spicy heart of XS pour Homme Eau de Toilette

In all contradiction with this start, the heart of XS pour Homme Eau de Toilette immediately becomes warmer. It burns with new energy, embellishing with several spices. It is particularly dominated by juniper berry and coriander. Thanks to this game of hot and cold, XS pour Homme Eau de Toilette offers us a breath of breath of vitality. However, it does not lack refinement. The geranium gives it an additional touch of elegance, while preserving a light peppery and floral side.

The woody and aromatic base of the perfume of Paco Rabanne

Little by little, in its base notes, XS pour Homme Eau de Toilette gains in persistence. Rosemary gives it a slightly aromatic side, in the background. Other woods complete its composition, making it more masculine, tenacious and persistent. Cedar and oak moss give it a dry, dark base. Sandalwood, on the other hand, slightly softens the whole. Rounder and milky, it reveals the softness that lies dormant behind the shell of this “big tough guy with a tender heart”. Overall, XS pour Homme Eau de Toilette is an exceptionally sensual and totally addicting recipe.


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