Yes I Am Cacharel Eau de Parfum

Yes I Am Cacharel Eau de Parfum

Cacharel and her perfume for women Yes I Am

Some of them reveal to us the portrait of a fragile and romantic woman. Others, on the other hand, appear much more fiery and explosive. It is also precisely in this register that the very last perfume of Cacharel takes us: Yes I Am. A spicy and oriental juice, it does not hide its seductive spirit. Prepare to succumb to its charm!

Cacharel’s Yes I Am perfume lipstick as a symbol of femininity

Lipstick as we know it today first appeared in the 1920s. It used to be a paw made from a mixture of crushed gemstones, seaweed and iodine. Its current form was quickly democratized by major beauty brands like Estée Lauder. Likewise, Hollywood actresses of the 1950s greatly contributed to its popularity. Today lipstick is considered a beauty must have that all women have in their bathroom. If it exists in multiple colors, Cacharel has chosen here to retain its emblematic color: red. Indeed, it is precisely a tube of lipstick that has been selected to draw the shape of the bottle of the new Yes I Am perfume. This very original bottle takes the form of a small black smoked tube. Its name is inscribed on its golden collar and its cap is a real trompe-l’oeil in the shape of a lipstick. The idea is bold and was not chosen at random. Cacharel believes that lipstick is “a woman’s most iconic object”. By choosing to adopt such a bottle, Cacharel has made its Yes I Am perfume an absolute compendium of femininity.

The oriental fragrance of Cacharel Yes I Am

From then on, all that was missing was a seductive essence to perfect this visual. The Yes I Am fragrance is an oriental and spicy, seductive and very contemporary juice. Without compromise, it is not made to go unnoticed and is aimed at all women of character. First of all, it displays a fresh vivacity based on raspberry and mandarin. Her heart, meanwhile, is more feminine. Jasmine mingles with gardenia in a true floral symphony. The ginger flower, for its part, enhances the whole of its more soapy and peppery breath. Amber then softens everything, just like the creamy sandalwood which sublimates its base. Yes I Am finally ends with a more explosive touch of cardamom that reminds us, until the last moment, that the Cacharel woman does not lack character!

Since Anaïs Anaïs in 1978 , the Cacharel perfume house has never ceased to support young ladies in the various stages between their childhood and their adulthood. Loulou, Amor amor, Promise are each of the fragrances that exude a great moment in our life. For Yes I Am, Cacharel has chosen to offer us an oriental fragrance sparkling with freshness that emerges as the lethal weapon of a young seductress who still hesitates to assert herself as a woman.

Yes I Am the independence fragrance of Cacharel signed by Honorine Blanc and Christophe Raynaud.

Anaïs Anaïs had revolutionized the world of perfumery by offering an olfactory and commercial universe totally intended for young women while ‘in 1978 almost no perfume was intended for them. Between her sensual flowery accords and her romantic advertising campaign, Anaïs Anaïs has carved out a place of choice on the perfume shelves to never leave them. From then on, Cacharel perfumes will surf on these budding love stories and will offer each perfume a unique romance.

The years have passed but Cacharel still knows how to tell us the most beautiful romances in perfumes, and c it is with Yes I Am that the house takes off towards new tales for young lady. Anaïs Anaïs continues but young women have changed, they seek to assert themselves and acquire their independence earlier and earlier, Yes I Am will be composed by Christophe Raynaud and Honorine Blanc as the scent of self-assertion.

“Perfumers have exploited a lot of olfactory directions in perfumery, which is why now we use ideas that are not necessarily olfactory, for example tactile sensations, adaptations of food notes, themes, periods that can inspire us. “& Nbsp; Christophe Raynaud, author in particular of Yes I Am by Cacharel.

A “spicy cremoso” accord for a sparkling Yes I Am fragrance

Christophe Raynaud and Honorine Blanc are both recognized for their talents in the selection of olfactory raw materials of choice than for their absolute creativity. Thus they will make the composition of Yes I Am a complex blend built around an original accord, the “spicy cremoso” accord, a marriage between a pretty sweet and creamy note of hot milk and a burning and spicy note of cardamom.

This Spicy cremoso accord will be the backbone of Yes I Am which in turn will play on this contrasting note to offer us multiple faces. A greedy and sparkling face first of all with the top notes of raspberries and mandarins, still representing the reminiscences of childhood. Then the young lady becomes a flower woman with a heart of white flowers and amber which reminds us of the flowery delights of Amor Amor Tentation, also composed by Honorine Blanc. Finally the sensuality of sandalwood envelops the famous spicy cremoso accord to better represent the charms of the awakening woman…

“ Yes I Am is infinitely Cacharel, both subtle and sexy, with a feminine and gourmet signature that releases a powerful addiction ”underline Honorine Blanc and Christophe Raynaud for Yes I Am by Cacharel in La Dépêche.


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