Yes I Am Fabulous Cacharel Eau de Parfum

Yes I Am Fabulous Cacharel Eau de Parfum

Yes I am Fabulous: A new very gourmet Cacharel lipstick

They are no longer afraid to assume their femininity and their seductive spirit, so that it is noticeable even in their fragrance. This is precisely how the Yes I Am Fabulous perfume by Cacharel was conceived. So, how about getting drunk on the terribly sexy scent of this explosive and greedy new juice?

Yes I Am Fabulous, the scent of a free and daring woman

It was in 1978 that Cacharel decided to enter the world of perfumery. At the time, the brand already dared to surprise, by making the very first perfume for young girls: Anaïs Anaïs. Nevertheless, it was still a very airy and light essence, designed for a romantic and somewhat timid woman. Today, Cacharel marked a real turning point in its way of perfuming women… In 2018, the brand presented us with an astonishing perfume, in a bottle in the shape of a lipstick: Yes I Am . Just as surprising by its visual as by its floral and spicy breath, this juice was aimed at women of character, not afraid to display their daring in the eyes of all. However, it would seem that this eccentric facet is still accentuated today. Moreover, Yes I Am Fabulous revisits the bottle of its predecessor to give it a new purple hue, more extravagant and electric. The Cacharel Woman of 2020 has a fiery temper. Simply fabulous, nothing seems to be able to stop it and no one can resist it!

What is Cacharel’s purple lipstick hiding?

Yes I Am Fabulous comes in a bottle with a cult silhouette. A real trompe-l’oeil, this container takes on the appearance of a tube of lipstick. Its sculpted glass gives the appearance of a quilted base. Here, Yes I Am Fabulous offers a purple gradient, going from a light shade to a much darker and mysterious fade. The collar of Yes I Am Fabulous, on the other hand, is decorated with a rose gold lacquer, on which its name appears to be engraved by hand. Finally, the spray cap from Yes I Am Fabulous is similar to a beveled lipstick grape, here in purple.
On the scent side, Yes I Am Fabulous explores a new register more gourmet than that of its elders. It begins with a fruity and juicy breath of blackberry. Summer fruit par excellence, this little berry here delivers a tangy smell. Then, her heart becomes more floral, Yes I Am Fabulous contains an unexpected flower: purple heliotrope. Rarely used in perfumery, it is here accompanied by a more creamy and milky trail. The milk mixes with the hazelnut and capsizes our senses. It then becomes totally impossible to resist temptation!

Since 1978, Cacharel perfumes have been synonymous with youth and freedom. Little by little, they were able to evoke the different stages in the life of young women. Anaïs Anaïs was the embodiment of adolescence. Then, Amor Amor was synonymous with a fiery passion. Little by little, the Cacharel woman is emancipated … In recent years, Yes I Am Fabulous has taken us to a new universe: that of a femme fatale ! In 2020, Cacharel is even reinventing its scent in a more gourmet fragrance, called Yes I Am Fabulous. So what’s the recipe for this new scent presented in an electric purple lipstick tube?

Yes I Am Fabulous, a very fruity start

Yes I Am Fabulous begins with a fruity start. However, unlike most perfumes, it is not citrus. Here, wild blackberry occupies the top notes of this composition. This small wild berry gives off a tangy breath here. Little used in perfumery, blackberry is an exquisite red fruit which, like most fruits, cannot be extracted directly. Therefore, its scent is reproduced here in the laboratory. For this reason, it is a raw material that only recently appeared in the form of essential oil. Only modern chemistry now makes it possible to develop synthetic molecules. Here, the blackberry gives Yes I Am Fabulous an immediately sweet side while being slightly oaky.

Cacharel bets on a purple flower for the heart of his perfume

At his heart, as if to echo the color of his bottle, Cacharel relies on a small purple flower : the heliotrope. The peculiarity of this plant? Its small flowers turn towards the sun. To date, there are over 250 different heliotrope species in the world. However, many of them come to us from the Mediterranean region or South America. In this sense, Yes I Am Fabulous is a sun-drenched fragrance. On the purely olfactory level, let us note that heliotrope is a very fragrant flower, of which some say that the scent is reminiscent of a butter madeleine. It is therefore an excellent way to link the floral scent to a much more delicious trail.

Yes I Am Fabulous offers a deliciously gourmet trail

At its base, Yes I Am Fabulous becomes a delicious and irresistible fragrance. Its base notes are unusual and mix a warm milk accord with a nutty flavor. Thus, Yes I Am Fabulous leaves a greedy and addictive scent on the skin. No one can then resist the temptation. Undoubtedly, Yes I Am Fabulous is the sweetest and creamiest version of Yes I Am. Immediately, the magic operates and this fragrance plunges us into a cottony and soothing cloud .


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