Yuzu Fou Parfum d'Empire Eau de Parfum

Yuzu Fou Parfum d’Empire Eau de Parfum

Parfum d’Empire appropriates the freshness of yuzu

It is therefore to the latter that the house Parfum d’Empire paid tribute through its Yuzu Fou perfume. This is a concentrate of citrus fruits, a water bursting with freshness and liveliness that is particularly appreciable to wear on a daily basis.

Parfum d’Empire appropriates the freshness of yuzu

Yuzu is a fruit that we can say is currently on the rise! It is a citrus fruit about the size of an orange or a small grapefruit and having a yellow color. This one is originally from Japan and has thick, slightly bumpy skin. Its zest is particularly appreciated for its intensely fragrant flavor. In addition, yuzu is widely used in Asian cuisine. Nevertheless, it is clear that it is also occupying more and more place in current perfumery. In addition, the creators love to decorate their compositions with its contemporary and sparkling flavor which has the good gift of making us travel in a snap of seconds. Yuzu is a product that is both vegetal and yet ultra urban. Its flavor alone is enough to plunge us into a “high tech and natural universe, where glass and steel rub shoulders with a suspended nature made of green walls and perched gardens”. The result is an absolutely tangy fragrance, an icy freshness that we never tire of rediscovering, especially in summer and on a hot summer day.

The cool luminosity of Yuzu Fou

If yuzu increasingly accompanies perfumes in their top notes, it is still quite rare that it is the major ingredient in a composition. Parfum d’Empire therefore took up the challenge and made this citrus fruit the main element of Yuzu Fou. This fragrance takes off on a crackling flavor rich in vitamin C! The yuzu here reveals all its tangy power and accompanies it with bitter accents further amplified by the presence of bitter orange. Mint, on the other hand, gives it a more icy personality and makes this fragrance a particularly invigorating juice. The verbena also reinforces the freshness of the whole, making it more metallic. In addition, in the Land of the Rising Sun, it is known to be relaxing, which makes Yuzu Fou a particularly soothing juice. Then the light cedar enters the scene, bringing a more spiritual part to this perfume. Indeed, it is a sacred wood in Japan. Asians say it promotes optimism and a sense of well-being. Bamboo then accompanies this moment of fullness with its vegetal scent. Finally, Yuzu Fou ends with a more floral and honeyed base in which white musks and neroli mingle with sensuality. The whole thing is softness, pleasure, sunshine and escape. mix with sensuality white musks and neroli. The whole thing is softness, pleasure, sunshine and escape. mix with sensuality white musks and neroli. The whole thing is softness, pleasure, sunshine and escape.

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