Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Sound Illusion Eau de Parfum

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Sound Illusion Eau de Parfum

Sound Illusion, another Black Opium fragrance

Several decades later, this fragrance continues to gain followers, although it has changed over time. Even today, Yves Saint-Laurent offers us a new variation. From now on, this perfume is electrified to the sound of music and sound vibrations. Focus on Black Opium Sound Illusion.

The electro and trendy universe of Black Opium Sound Illusion

Black Opium Sound Illusion is a fragrance for all today’s urban and sassy women. He gives us the image of a lively and nonchalant beauty, a bit boyish and approaching life impulsively. Black Opium Sound Illusion is designed for all those who are fascinated by movement, music and experimental art in general. He takes us with him on new urban adventures and invites us to take risks, to flirt with the forbidden and to make ourselves drunk with desire. This time, the decor is that of an electro party. Chic and electric, the Black Opium Sound Illusion fragrance is proving more trendy than ever and could well become a must-have. to accompany you to all the festivals of the summer of 2018. Moreover, its advertising could not be clearer on this subject. Not exceeding twenty seconds, it reveals the new bottle of Black Opium Sound Illusion in a neon-lit decor. Its front is illuminated with sequins to the sound of music. Welcome to the heart of an eventful evening by Yves Saint-Laurent!

Black Opium Sound Illusion, an electrifying fragrance

If the silhouette of Black Opium Sound Illusion is easily identifiable and its bottle seems strangely familiar to us, it is because it retains the shape of its predecessors. Its unspoiled look still combines curves and squares. A round porthole emerges on its front face. Now, its walls are smoky black while letting light pink reflections show through. The real novelty lies rather in its sound curve which is drawn in a refined way on its glass. From then on, Black Opium Sound Illusion seems traversed by a halo of stars which shine to the sound of the music. Inside, the fragrance designed by Yves Saint-Laurent is just as energizing. Black Opium Sound Illusion is awash with coffee in its entirety. At the beginning, the latter is tickled with pink pepper and preserves its luminosity thanks to orange blossom and pear. It then becomes more feminine and elegant with sambac jasmine. The liquorice gives it more gluttony and the vanilla accentuates its carnal and seductive power. Finally, Black Opium Sound Illusion ends with a base of cedar, patchouli and cashmere.

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