Yves Saint Laurent Fresh Eau de Cologne

Yves Saint Laurent Fresh Eau de Cologne

Y Eau Fraîche: The new very refreshing fragrance from Yves Saint Laurent

Soberly named Y , in reference to this generation, but also echoing the first name of the creator, it was a woody fern composed by the perfumer Dominique Ropion. On several occasions, Yves Saint-Laurent has already revisited this fragrance. In 2018, he made it an Eau de Parfum dominated by sage. In 2019, he also moved towards a more amber flavor of cocoa and vanilla, called Y Live. Once again, in 2020, history repeats itself, to reveal Y Eau Fraiche, a very refreshing and luminous fragrance, but not devoid of power and charisma.

The highly contrasting flavor of Y Eau Fraiche perfume by Yves Saint -Laurent

Eaux Fraiches are very numerous on the shelves of men’s perfumes. However, most of them are also characterized by a fresh scent, but not very persistent, bringing an instant burst of energy, but fading far too quickly. Here, Yves Saint-Laurent has therefore decided to give more presence to this type of perfume. He chose to make a sort of modern-day Cologne, combining the energy of an Eau Fraiche with the power of a masculine juice, much more charismatic and spicy. Here, Y Eau Fraiche explores many olfactory registers at the same time. In turn, it is a fresh, spicy, aromatic or even woody scent. It all starts with a confusing combination of lemon and black pepper. The freshness of citrus immediately clashes with the glow of spices. As for ginger, it increases the energy of this composition tenfold. Then, Y Eau Fraiche becomes more aromatic and floral in its heart. It is then composed of lavender and geranium, two ingredients refreshed with mint and juniper berries. Finally, its masculinity is expressed more fully at its base, in woody notes of cedar and olibanum.

The imposing frosted bottle of Yves Saint-Laurent

On the bottle side, Y Eau Fresh comes in the same container as its predecessors. Its bottle forms a thick monolith of glass, at the same time refined while daring some more daring keys. Its thick walls reflect all its quality and natural charisma. Its glass, once transparent, is now frosted, as if it were frosted. The whole is topped by a white cap, evocative of purity and clarity. Finally, as in the past, the bottle of Y Eau Fraiche is decorated with a Y-shaped notch on its right side. The latter continues with a metal hoop on its front face, soberly bearing the name of Yves Saint-Laurent. Timeless and universal, this bottle reflects with strength and elegance all the power of masculinity. It is a totem to pay homage to male creativity.


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