Yves Saint Laurent Libre Eau de Parfum

Yves Saint Laurent Libre Eau de Parfum

Free the feminine fragrance YSL

Whatever, Yves Saint-Laurent wanted above all to live as he pleases! However, as if to pay homage to him, the brand bearing his name has today designed a new feminine perfume following this same path. Libre d’Yves Saint-Laurent is expected in August 2019 and reinvents the traditionally masculine scent of lavender to make it more feminine and floral. So what about this niche fragrance at the frontier of genres?

Libre YSL, lavender revisited for women

Libre by Yves Saint-Laurent has in him “the tension between the burning sensuality of orange blossom from Morocco and the audacity of lavender from France revisited for women “. This surprising fragrance is designed for all free and passionate women of our time. It is a symbol of strength and daring, imagined for all those who wish to challenge the prohibitions and live passionately. More concretely, on a purely olfactory level, Libre d’Yves Saint-Laurent is linked from these top notes to its base notes by lavender. This Mediterranean flower is first associated with bright and sparkling fruits. Libre awakens our taste buds with a duo of mandarin and blackcurrant. Then, it lights up with petitgrain and orange blossom. Her femininity is further accentuated by the presence of jasmine, cult flower of feminine perfumery. Gradually, its trail softens with vanilla from Madagascar, while amplifying its sensuality of musk and ambergris. Cedar completes its composition with a more tenacious and woody touch.

The jewel bottle Libre by Yves Saint-Laurent

If Yves Saint-Laurent has shown a deep inventiveness in terms of scents, it must be recognized that his bottle is not to be outdone… The Libre perfume comes in a glass bottle decorated with an imposing golden cassandre. You will have recognized it, this is the logo of the Yves Saint-Laurent house, incorporated into its glass, like a golden jewel. The transparent base of this perfume is here surmounted by an asymmetrical black cap. Sober and elegant, the latter is decorated with a golden thread. Libre d’Yves Saint-Laurent reflects the tension of this fragrance between masculine and feminine. Visually, it also preserved a very couture spirit.

Dua Lipa, new muse Yves Saint-Laurent

Finally, on the occasion of this new olfactory release, Yves Saint-Laurent presents his new muse: the talented artist Dua Lipa. With her musical title “New Rules”, a hymn of freedom and independence, Dua Lipa has established herself in the eyes of the brand as being obvious. Ambassador of this new feminine fragrance, she said she was perfectly conquered by the message of this perfume: “For me,” she said, “what matters above all is to have self-confidence, to be strong and powerful. Be yourself without ever accepting any compromise, act as you want, believe in what you want, always be proud of what you do, and I have the feeling that all these convictions agree perfectly with the philosophy of the new Yves Saint-Laurent perfume ”.

Yves Saint Laurent is currently presenting his brand niche fragrance: Libre. Possessing a “masculine structure in essence, and an ultra feminine heart”, this fragrance plays on the mixture of genres, stopping just before crossing the line of unisex perfume . Presented in a very couture bottle, Free resonates like a cry of freedom. A “freedom to live terribly […] For a strong and daring woman. Burning freedom. Without compromise. Without limits “. So how did Yves Saint-Laurent orchestrate this choice on the olfactory level? Thanks to what ingredients, does the traditional male lavender take on a more floral and sensual appearance here? Focus on the composition of this perfume …

Lavender, the main ingredient in the Libre by Yves Saint-Laurent fragrance

Lavender is a typically Mediterranean ingredient, cultivated in the Provençal scrubland since the 19th century. Consequently, it is also one of the most widely used raw materials in perfumery, since it is a plant that surrounds the region of Grasse, the world capital of perfumery. Its first major appearance in a perfume dates back to 1892, with the release of Fougère Royale from Houbigant. It is this essence that gave the name to the olfactory family of ferns, to which the new Libre fragrance belongs. Yes, but here it is, where this choice is quite surprising, it is quite simply that lavender is usually intended for men. Its aromatic freshness is somewhat reminiscent of that of the Cologne of yesteryear, while adding tenacity to it. Here,

The fruity and floral breath of Libre to reinforce her femininity

< p> To counterbalance the very masculine spirit of lavender, Libre needed other more luminous and resolutely feminine ingredients. Thanks to a very concentrated infusion of Moroccan orange blossom, Yves Saint-Laurent has taken up this crazy gamble of shaking up the traditional genres of perfumery. Petitgrain, meanwhile, also greatly contributes to illuminate this fragrance. To strengthen the femininity of her heart, Libre also contains jasmine, one of the most widely used flowers in female perfumery, like the rose. Fruity flavors are also emerging, to refresh this fragrance and give it all its energy. Mandarin and blackcurrant make our mouth water from the top notes.

The sensual and woody base of Libre by Yves Saint-Laurent

Little by little, this fresh and floral luminosity becomes more enveloping and more tender. Madagascan vanilla warms this composition while making it smoother. Ambergris and musk give it all its sensuality, focusing on a more animal and seductive contribution. The cedar, meanwhile, brings to the whole a more woody structure and a deep tenacity.

Libre d’Yves Saint-Laurent owes its existence to perfumers Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaïm. For Anne Flipo, it symbolizes “the tension between the burning sensuality of orange blossom from Morocco and the audacity of lavender from France revisited for women”.


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