Yves Saint Laurent Y for Men Eau de Toilette

Yves Saint Laurent Y for Men Eau de Toilette

The elegant incandescent warmth of Yves Saint-Laurent

Indeed, the brand sales continue to increase, and Yves Saint-Laurent seems to have blown a real wind of renewal in this department over the past decade. In this context, this great creative brand has decided to reinterpret its famous Y fragrance from 1964 and, this time to make it a masculine fragrance. The perfect embodiment of the man of today, Y for Men possesses the lively spirit of contemporary men associated with the timelessness of Yves Saint-Laurent.

The elegant incandescent warmth of Yves Saint-Laurent

< p> Y Men is a fragrance with a very contemporary feel. Moreover, this is noticeable from the vision of his bottle. Its container causes unexpected alliances and, above all, plays on contrasts. Thus, a transparent glass base is compared to an opaque stopper. Likewise, its low and geometric structure displays a rectangular shape and sharp edges, while its cabochon adopts a rounded silhouette. Its limpid bluish color collides with a deeper black opacity. Everything turns out to be very harmonious. A Y is formed on its walls while being screen-printed with the name of the Yves Saint-Laurent house. The whole is a compendium of refinement, elegance, and modernity. On the other hand, very little information has filtered out about this niche fragrance on the fragrance side. Indeed, the Yves Saint-Laurent brand strives to preserve the effect of surprise. We know that Y will be a hot, glowing, intense juice. A priori, it should combine citrus, spices, and woody notes. In other words, Y for Men will be a juice not lacking in temperament, like a generation of rebellious, passionate, and idealistic men.

Y, a symbol of contemporary masculinity

Through this fragrance, Yves Saint-Laurent wishes to support the rejuvenation of his brand. Indeed, since its acquisition by the L’Oréal group, Yves Saint-Laurent Beauté has continued to expand its notoriety. In 2016, Yves Saint-Laurent thus experienced growth of 29%, exceeding one billion euros in turnover. From now on, Yves Saint-Laurent has therefore chosen to target a clientele of young men, more precisely generation Y. This new perfume is a symbol of youth at the border between modernity and authenticity. Indeed, the choice of this letter also pays homage to the name of Yves Saint-Laurent himself. Through this juice, Stephan Bezy explains that he wants to “return to the DNA of the Yves Saint-Laurent brand of the 1960s, a brand that resonates with the culture of its time”.

Yves Saint-Laurent is a designer brand famous worldwide for its perfectly cut and sewn clothes from noble raw materials. Nevertheless, for several decades, Yves Saint-Laurent has also been applying its expertise in the field of perfumery. In perfect harmony with the brand clothing style, Yves Saint-Laurent fragrances are always sober and elegant. The latest is, therefore, no exception to the rule and is called Y Men. With her, Yves Saint-Laurent is addressing a new generation of young men, the Millennials. Like them, Y for Men YSL is a fragrance filled with ardor and creativity. It is both authentic and refined without ever lacking modernity. Moreover, this is precisely the impression that emerges from its bottle. So let’s see how this also translates into scent.

A collaboration between Dominique Ropion and Yves Saint-Laurent for the perfume Y

Once again, to create this fragrance, Yves Saint-Laurent called on the perfumer Dominique Ropion. Indeed, between the two men, this collaboration is far from a first. Dominique Ropion is one of the most famous perfumers on the planet. He has already worked there for the biggest luxury brands, and we owe him the entire L’Homme et La Nuit de l’Homme men’s range by Yves Saint-Laurent. After all, considering the unprecedented success of these essences, why change a winning team? It is, therefore, logical that Yves Saint-Laurent has chosen to trust him once again. According to us, Dominique Ropion signs here a perfectly mastered composition. It must be said that the creator has endowed himself with an unparalleled technique acquired over the years by an extraordinary perfectionism. Dominique Ropion is a character with a very creative spirit who gives this perfume a very naturalistic approach.

Y, the perfume for men YSL modernizes the smell of fern

For the realization of Y Men, Dominique Ropion chose to be directly inspired by a fern. It is about a characteristic olfactory family of male perfume. However, he did not go easy and considerably modernized this scent very popular with men. For this, he was inspired by the men’s wardrobe of the Yves Saint-Laurent brand. The Y Men boot is like a perfectly washed and ironed white T-shirt. Thus, this juice immediately emerges a feeling of cleanliness and freshness. The masculine fragrance Y begins with a breath of aldehydes and bergamot. The sweet bitterness of this citrus fruit is also associated with ginger, a more soapy and peppery ingredient. This opens the way to a more aromatic heart composed of sage, geranium, and violet leaves. Finally, Y Men ends with more masculinity. From then on, this perfume seems to have traded his white T-shirt for a perfectly tailored black tuxedo jacket. Y pour Homme ends with a woody trail of cedar, incense, fir, and olibanum. Musk and ambergris, meanwhile, give it a more animal and sensual part.


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