A * Men Pure Malt Eau de Toilette Thierry Mugler

A * Men Pure Malt Eau de Toilette Thierry Mugler

A * Men Pure Malt is an intense whiskey for a sensual man

With A * Men Pure Malt, Mugler introduces our curious nostrils to an entirely new aging technique, similar to that of winemaking. The result A * Men Pure Malt is tasted from the heart by a distinguished and deliciously woody man, a grand cru of men’s perfumery!

A * Men Pure Malt and Perfume Liqueurs

Mugler has never shied away from daring olfactory innovations. With Angel, her first perfume, she paved the hitherto unexplored path of gourmet perfumes. With Alien, we discovered new solar and sensual accords. With A * Men, masculine fragrances are finding new gourmand notes, and the magnificent variations in limited series will not contradict this originality.

With each new flanker, Mugler innovates, and the least can say is that for A * Men Pure Malt, the house does not skimp on daring by aging scent scents like precious liquors. Previously, the house had offered Angel La Part des Anges in partnership with Rémy Martin Cognacs. For A * Men and the other bottles of the sublime Les Liqueurs de Parfums collection, the aging process in barrels will be the same, and the result obtained as magnificent as the discovery of a grand cru.

“Combining the know-how of perfumers with that of coopers and cellar masters, the brand master fragrances are developed in wooden barrels … toasted, please for the 2013 creations. These versions of Angel, Alien, Womanity and A * Men thus gain in sweet, toasted, candied fruit notes … ”Thierry Mugler for Liqueurs de Parfums.

So the beautiful A * Men Pure Malt will be revealed to our noses like the nectars of the gods on our lips… Smoky, woody, and syrupy scents, A * Men Pure Malt is intended to be a grand cru flavored with character!

A * Men Pure Malt a completely new intense woody oriental

The pretty bottle of A * Men Pure Malt retains the legendary whiskey flask of its brilliant elder and father of the A * Men range. For this very virile edition, the gum of the opulent bottle is struck black, and the beautiful star symbol of Mugler is tinted with soft, syrupy amber colors.

A * Men Pure Malt opens with fruity notes offering a sweet and greedy tone to the fragrance. Then the aging in oak barrels gives hints of barley and wood that are both mysterious and elegant. Finally, we discover the mysterious depths of the perfumed liqueur built around peat and smoky notes. This amber alcohol will blend with the original oriental accords of A * Men to offer A * Men Pure Malt a trail of intense character.

“Around A * Men Pure Malt, woody side, an intense, slightly peaty whiskey, associated with coffee; on the oriental side, apple juice, maple syrup, and vanilla. “Mugler for A * Men Pure Malt.

Of course, Thierry Mugler’s perfumes were launched by the unalterable and incredible success of Angel, released in 1992. This first gourmet perfume in history is so successful that it is now impossible to leave these gentlemen without their perfume. , with A * Men, this will be done in 1996. Better still, A * Men will be available in sagas flavors, including the beautiful and syrupy A * Men Pure Malt, a “share of the angels” offered in 2009.

A * Men Pure Malt or the very symbol of the creativity of Thierry Mugler perfumes

With the very first fragrance from the Thierry Mugler label, Angel, the least we can say is that the creator’s originality does have not been denied by its aromas. Better still, the couturier has been able to reinvent himself and the basics of perfumery by working hand in hand with the talented Olivier Cresp and his artistic director Vera Strube. In the end, Angel creates novelty by finally offering delicacies and by making the very young perfume house a house of prestige and innovation.

Far from stopping at this enormous success of Angel, Thierry Mugler proposed in 1996 the masculine and very virile version of Angel, A * Men. Then he will innovate again by offering surprising variations of this A * Men by mixing techniques and notes from different worlds, that of coffee with A * Men Pure Coffee in 2008 and that of liqueur with A * Men Pure Malt.

For A * Men Pure Malt, Thierry Mugler did not hesitate to associate his talented perfumers with a renowned sommelier such as the famous cooper Seguin Moreau. This joint work aims to age in oak barrels the initial composition of A * Men Pure Malt so that its notes are tinged like a great whiskey with peaty scents. The originality of this collaboration is acclaimed, and the perfumer will not hesitate to use it again in 2013 for Perfume Liqueurs.

When A * Men sublimates gluttony with Pure Malt to make a precious liqueur

We have understood that if talented perfumers have worked on the notes of A * Men, the aging in cherry barrels gives it all its strength and its peaty scents that panic our nostrils. Nevertheless, A * Men Pure Malt has also managed to retain some emblematic notes of its elder for our greatest pleasure.

Thus A * Men Pure Malt opens with fruity and gourmet notes that bring us back to its handsome elder A * Men or even towards the gluttony of his female alter-ego Angel. On the other hand, the heart of this A * Men is quickly tinged with barley and subtle and delicate woody notes. Then fast, we sail towards oriental volutes with a smoky appearance, peaty as if we were immersed in the heart of the scents of a precious whiskey or a delicious liqueur. The journey is unique, and the scents are warm and sensual. The nostrils are conquered.

“A * Men Pure Malt, aged in oak barrels, reveals a fragrance with ample, peaty, and fruity notes. A new woody tone. “Thierry Mugler on A * Men Pure Malt.

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