Alien Man Fusion Eau de Toilette Thierry Mugler

Alien Man Fusion Eau de Toilette Thierry Mugler

Mugler puts his Alien Man perfume in fusion …

Alien was very quickly seen as a kind of benevolent goddess with a solar aura. It did not take long to win the hearts of women, immediately ranking among the best-selling juices on the planet. However, it took a long time to see his male counterpart appear. Alien Man was finally developed in 2018, only to be reborn today in a whole new form. Focus on the latest Alien Men Fusion.

Alien Fusion for men, a new bluish talisman

Alien Man is first presented to us in a cardboard case dominated by two colors. Its front face is completely white, which lets us predict a certain purity. Its sides, on the other hand, are covered in an electric blue, just like its name. Alien Men is thus more explosive and fiery. This packaging suggests a masculine fragrance with several faces. Inside, the bottle of Alien Men Fusion is even more exuberant. Taking the silhouette of its predecessor, it is now embellished with a brand new blue color, even brighter than before. Its imposing shape says a lot about his manhood. Its geometry is absolutely perfect. Carved like a diamond, Alien Men Fusion is somewhat reminiscent of the aesthetic of the very first Alien, even though it appears less choppy and more refined. The golden claws are not present and have been replaced by a silver ridge which serves as a vaporizer. With such a bottle, one thing is certain: Alien Men Fusion is intended for a man who is not cold in the eyes and who likes to be noticed!

Alien Man Fusion becomes more sensual than ever

On a purely olfactory level, Alien Man Fusion is both powerful and intriguing. Alien Men does not go by four ways and immediately announces its very seductive side with a duo of ginger and cinnamon. This aphrodisiac ingredient is then joined by a breath of osmanthus known for its slightly apricot appearance. The leather gives the whole more animality, clearly playing in a more sensual register. The smoked beech ends up establishing the masculinity of his recipe while a touch of green coffee brings a hint of ardor to the base of Alien Man Fusion.

Alien Men Fusion is a strong and fascinating man at the same time. In the same vein as his female counterparts, he is a hero, half man and half god, in search of a new light. Magnetic at will, it combines strength and fullness and becomes all the more fascinating. Day after day, it inhabits the man who carries it with a new energy, with this insatiable desire to discover infinite horizons.

Famous all over the world , Thierry Mugler’s Alien perfume is the embodiment of a solar goddess, bringing her gourmet breath and all her benevolence to the world of perfumery for women. Appeared in 2005, it did not see its male counterpart emerge from the imagination of designer Thierry Mugler until much later, in 2018. However, barely developed, this woody and floral fragrance is already seeing a derivative of its scent appear. : the new Alien Man Fusion. So how has this magnetic and obscure fragrance ever revealed a new face to us? What is the original composition created by Thierry Mugler? Follow us, we’ll tell you everything!

Alien Man Fusion, a very spicy fragrance

First of all, note that the Alien fragrance Man Fusion is aimed at all men who are not cold-eyed and who have a strong temperament. Therefore, to materialize this very biting side of their personality, Alien Man Fusion is betting on a very spicy start. It sets off on a fresh and warm association of ginger and cinnamon. These contradictory spices harmonize here in an incisive and aphrodisiac way. Ginger opens the way for a very erotic and seductive fragrance. If it is quite cool and soapy, it is associated with a warmer and more generous cinnamon. Alien Man Fusion is not cold in the eyes and does not go through four ways to deliver all his ardor and his strong character! You’ve been warned: Alien Man Fusion doesn’t cut corners and is aimed at men with a strong temperament.

The fiery masculinity of Alien Man Fusion

Of course, Alien Man Fusion also relies on an imposing virility to overshadow its olfactory competitors. Far from being a perfume full of testosterone like those found in the perfume department of the 80s, it does not lack power. It displays all its strength in a wooded base, dominated by beech. Slightly smoky, this noble tree is accompanied by a touch of coffee. Thus, ardor is a kind of common thread that guides this entire composition from its start to its wake. The energy of this fragrance is indisputable. Alien Man Fusion intends to bring you extra energy in your daily life, helping you to accomplish all the challenges, even the craziest, that await you in the future.

When leather enhances the sensuality of Thierry Mugler’s perfume

Finally, the last olfactory touch which is also important: leather. It is the center of this perfume and brings the touch of sensuality inseparable from the Alien collection. Infinitely animal, leather sublimates the eroticism of this juice. Nevertheless, to preserve a certain elegance, it is associated with a more floral and refined touch of osmanthus, an ingredient that is also greedy and apricot.


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