Wanted Girl Tonic Azzaro Eau de Toilette

Wanted Girl Tonic Azzaro Eau de Toilette

Wanted Girl Tonic, the new Azzaro eau de toilette

Then, it took three years for the Azzaro house to decide to offer him a female partner. It was done in 2019, with the birth of Wanted Girl . Recent but already cult, this juice is reinvented today in a Wanted Girl Tonic edition, a confusing and lively fragrance that already promises to energize the year 2020!

Wanted Girl Tonic, the scent of a daring woman

If the world of luxury is often very compartmentalized, Azzaro does not hesitate to bring it a good dose of temperament and enthusiasm. With him, arrogance and refinement become one. However, this is precisely what we find in the perfume Wanted Girl Tonic. The one who carries this essence likes to be noticed. She does not hesitate to provoke luck and to attempt the impossible to achieve the object of her fantasies. To act in this way, the Azzaro woman therefore needs a perfume in her image, lively and fiery, giving her a real boost every day! What if Wanted Girl Tonic was exactly that fragrance? This juice is bursting with freshness and shines with its charm. The one who wears it knows how to be playful and spontaneous. However, his impertinence does not detract from his natural class.

The very refreshing smell of Wanted Girl Tonic

While Azzaro’s first Wanted was rather floral and greedy, Wanted Girl Tonic plays more in the register of spices and freshness. It all starts with a peppery explosion of ginger and lemon. The tangy facet of this citrus fruit is amplified by the more soapy and aphrodisiac aspect of ginger. Then, to further strengthen the energy of his fragrance, Azzaro decides to add Acai berry to it. Little by little, everything softens and becomes more aquatic, in contact with the bamboo. The wood sap gives this recipe a sweeter effect. Romanticism reaches its climax in a floral breath, before ending with a fruity and woody delicacy. Wanted Girl Tonic explores all registers at once and seems to be aimed at a woman who has more than one personality.
On the bottle side, Wanted Girl Tonic comes in the same bottle as its predecessor. As a reminder, this is a real feat in terms of bottling. Its round glass seems to draw petals on its walls. Its chrome cap, meanwhile, is embellished with some golden details. To spray some of this scent, all you need to do is pull the trigger. Only small difference: its golden juice has disappeared in favor of an infinitely feminine and lively pink shade.

One day, Loris Azzaro , founder of the eponymous brand, asked himself a question: “How to imagine a line, a femininity, without exalting it with a perfume? So he decided to match his clothes with a wide range of scents. Since then, Loris Azzaro has come a long way since he is considered one of the greatest perfumers of our time. Very famous in the male world, it also produces feminine essences, including the famous Wanted Girl of 2019. For our greatest pleasure, this juice is already accompanied by a new variant of its scent: Wanted Girl, presented in a new rosé bottle. So what about the makeup of this fruity juice? Here is in more detail the content of its composition …

Wanted Girl Tonic, a lively and peppery kiwi

Wanted Girl Tonic preserves the very floral structure of its predecessor . Like Wanted Girl, it clearly focuses on femininity, while now adding a more sparkling and invigorating touch. Very rich in sunny and exotic ingredients, it deploys a fruity flavor every day, ideal to awaken the senses. At first, it leaves a lively and juicy kiwi scent on the skin, combined with a more peppery ginger. The explosive notes of this aphrodisiac ingredient are meant here to be slightly lemony and tangy. Like a real detox cocktail, Wanted Girl Tonic acts like a real boost.

The datura flower as a central element of Wanted Girl

Then, the heart of Wanted Girl gradually explores a more feminine register. It deploys all the power of a heady and sulphurous flower. The datura captivates us with its vaporous petals, while being accompanied by the acaïe berry. Here again, this raw material has been added to give Wanted Girl more tone, even if her floral signature remains obvious. This fragrance lets us “see another facet of the irresistible beauty of the Wanted Girl Tonic woman.” Indomitable and fiery, nothing seems to be able to stop it!

An aquatic base to finish her recipe

Finally, Azzaro’s Wanted Girl Tonic dares a base that is still very nuanced. On the one hand, the tonka bean plays in the register of sweetness and smoothness. Slightly almond, it delivers here a toasted scent of more gourmet. Bamboo wood, for its part, completes its wake with a vegetal and aquatic note, like a wood sap.
As the Azzaro house clearly expresses, Wanted Girl Tonic is thought of as a “floral, fruity, ultra-vitamin cocktail, which reveals that you can be Wanted and invigorating at the same time! Its addictive freshness makes it a real weapon of seduction”! For the occasion, Wanted Girl Tonic is presented to us in a small bright pink bottle, with a very pop and very feminine allure, in perfect harmony with the scent it contains. ent.


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