Amber Eau de Toilette for Men Prada

Amber Eau de Toilette for Men Prada

Amber pour Homme / Prada pour Homme: The gentleman of Prada is a modern gentleman

What could be more normal then than to offer these gentlemen a racy and original juice to wear in the company of Madame? With Amber pour Homme, also called Prada pour Homme, this was done in 2006.

Prada’s first masculine fragrance: Amber pour Homme

The Prada house was created in 1906 by Mario Prada, in order to sell luxury articles and accessories to the Italian bourgeoisie. Quickly synonymous with quality and supreme luxury, the Prada house passed through the ages quietly until the day when the founder’s granddaughter, Miuccia Prada, took the kidneys of the company to boldly blend innovations and traditional know-how. This shows that the designer has never ceased to invent new development prospects for Prada, including that of fine perfumery.

In 2004 it was Amber, the beautiful musky oriental juice that opened the fragrant chapter of the Prada house. However, after a pretty feminine variation, it is then a question of addressing these gentlemen with Amber pour Homme, also sometimes called Prada pour Homme.

If Amber pour Homme was Prada’s very first perfume, the house has known men well to dress them for decades. Thus their perfume will be in the image of the house, at the same time elegant and retro while being original and innovative. The man in Amber pour Homme is also a magnificent dandy who, despite his young age and his unconventional rock attitude, seduces with his elegance as well as his daring.

“This first fragrance for men from the iconic Italian fashion and beauty brand was created respecting the same criteria of quality and innovation that motivate and animate the forward-looking vision of Prada” Prada for Amber pour Homme or Prada for men.

Amber pour Homme Between modernity of amber and musk and authenticities of citrus freshness

In order to put in glass the concept contrasted between traditions and innovations of Amber pour Homme, Prada chose a square and opulent gl ass bottle combining an innovative design with original geometric shapes and an off-center cap with a vintage nod to the metallic plate highlighting the components.

The fragrance signed by Daniela Andrier and Miuccia Prada, offers a dazzling opening of tangy notes of mandarin and bergamot embellished with a delicately spiced cardamom. Then the opulence of neroli and orange blossom form an original floral masculine heart which will be tinged with a nervous geranium and a warm exotic saffron. Finally, the woody and sensual depths of vetiver, tonka bean, sandalwood and patchouli will come ambered with a steaming myrrh and an ultra virile leather to better let melt themselves in an ultimate gluttony of vanilla.

“With its charm as natural as it is seductive, Amber pour Homme arouses and leaves an unforgettable impression. ““Prada for Amber for Men.

Released in 2006, “ Amber Prada pour Homme ”is the embodiment of today’s perfect gentleman. With her avant-garde vision, Miuccia Prada likes to innovate and surprise. Both daring and contemporary, the fragrance “Amber Prada pour Homme” follows the immense success of its female counterpart. In addition, you should know that “Amber Prada Homme” is the branding first male fragrance. Naturally attractive, the Prada man arouses the interest of the ladies. Elegant and irresistibly attractive, “Amber Prada Homme” is above all an authentic perfume.

Amber Prada for Men, the style of Danièla Andrier

If Danièla Andrier is not the official perfumer of the Prada house, it is nevertheless she who produces the majority of the brand’s perfumes. Danièla Andrier was born in Germany and arrived in Paris at the age of 13. After an internship at the Robertet company, Daniéla Andrier began her career at Givaudan, where she still works. Sensitive and discreet, Danièla Andrier particularly likes natural raw materials, in particular iris, galbanum and orange blossom. We owe Danièla Andrier magnificent fragrances such as “Les Infusions de Prada, Luna Rossa” or “Double Dare” by Guess.

Amber Prada pour Homme, a sensual and ultra masculine fragrance

< p> “Amber Prada pour Homme” takes off on the citrus notes of lemon, bergamot and mandarin notes associated with the luminosity of neroli. Native to Asia, neroli essential oil is obtained from the flowers of the sour orange tree. It is an Italian duchess, named Nerola, who adored neroli oil and gave neroli her name. Care should be taken not to confuse neroli with orange blossom, obtained from the same flowers but extracted with a solvent. Neroli is the symbol of virginity and purity. In perfumery, neroli gives off tones that are at the same time fresh, suave, sweet and vanilla and gives the compositions a beautiful luminosity. Then, the heart of “Amber Prada pour Homme” represents a most classic and elegant fern accord and combines vetiver, geranium, myrrh and orange blossom. Originally from South Africa, the geranium means “a crane” in Greek. Today, geranium is mainly known for its beautiful blooms on our balconies, so much so that it has been named “The King of Balconies”. Today there are over 400 varieties of geraniums and endless colors. & Nbsp; In perfumery, geranium essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the flowers and stems before they bloom. Geranium offers pink, minty and spicy scents. Then, the base of “Amber Prada pour Homme” accentuates the sensuality and masculinity of the fragrance thanks to the presence of labdanum cistus, tonka bean, leather, patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla notes, leaving an elegantly virile trail. .


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