Amber Reminiscence Eau de Toilette

Amber Reminiscence Eau de Toilette

Ambre un rêve d’Orient signed Reminiscence

Same dream, same alchemy, with Ambre Zoé Coste opens her most beautiful scented travel diary to tell us in scents this mysterious stone that makes you dream so much. If amber does not exist, Reminiscent Amber imagine it for us …

Ambre or the dream land of Zoe Coste, the creator of Reminiscence

The history of the Reminiscence house is closely linked to the release of its first three fragrances in 1970, Patchouli, Musk and Amber. First of all because they are the very first successes of the young house. But also because they are like the fruit of the dream that Zoé Coste and her companion Nino Amaddeo had when they decided to open their very first store in Juan-les -Pins. Undeniably, they created the Reminiscence jewelry and perfume house totally in their image: mixture of cultures between East and West , mixture of colors, mix of styles… Reminiscence is the result of multiple crossbreeding, Reminiscence perfumes only have meaning. ‘in this passion for crossbreeding.

So Zoe Coste brought in her suitcases returned from the Orient the precious scents of this still little-known continent which fascinates and makes one dream. Thanks to an “alchemist of perfume“, she has made three fragrances including the pretty Ambre, which, even more than her associates, was built on the imagination of this visionary designer. Because amber, Amber, does not exist!

Amber from the resin of the tree cannot be transformed into perfume, so perfumers have created this mineral dream from scratch according to their imagination. This is to say if Zoe Coste took the opportunity to offer us this Amber totally in her image, powerful, bewitching and terribly endearing.

The Thousand and One Nights in a bottle: Amber of Reminiscence

Like Patchouli and Musk, Ambre is part of the Les Classiques from Reminiscence collection. Logically, therefore, it keeps its beautiful curved bottle decorated with a host of golden stars and surmounted by a steel cabochon, also studded. However, Amber juice, seen in the transparency of the glass, has the same visual qualities as the precious stone, a delight for the eyes!

Ambre opens with lively and nervous notes of geranium embellished with a powerful and generous clove. All the precious woods in the world come together in the heart of this beautiful Amber which exhales notes of cedar, sandalwood, patchouli and guaiac, as if to better enchant us with their oriental charms. Benzoin and vanilla form the gourmet trail accompanied by a wild labdanum which comes to launch us its beautiful bestial sensuality to literally capture us in its scents.

Oriental fragrance, a voluptuous dream with magical and captivating charm, Amber envelops the skin in a warm and sensual veil.

Ambre mixes spicy and floral notes and warm and sensual accords give it an aura that is both carnal and refined. “Reminiscence for Amber.

Released in 1970, “ Ambre ”is Reminiscence’s emblematic solinote. Similar to an essence from the Thousand and One Night, “Amber” dazzles and captivates women. According to its name, “Amber” is a dazzling essence which also suggests, presages, multiple facets. The Reminiscence woman is here, to say the least, mysterious, which makes her very attractive. If amber is one of the most beautiful materials in perfumery, it is rarely honored in solinote.

Amber, the star of Amber Reminiscence

À Originally, amber was a fossil resin, which was found mainly in the sediments of the Baltic Sea. Today, we know that amber is the result of the large coniferous forests which stretched 40 million years ago over northern Europe, and which were swallowed up by the sea … Amber is easy to trim and has the most vibrant color. Sometimes translucent, amber is also yellow, brown or honey with an infinite variation of tones. Encountered 10,000 years BC. AD, amber was used to make jewelry, but also all kinds of decorative figurines. Amber symbolizes 34 years of marriage. It is also said of amber “That it carries with it the memory”. At present, amber is the main constituent of very large and beautiful jewels which have no equal.

Amber of Reminiscence, between floral notes and spices

The great success of the “Ambre” fragrance is that it blends floral notes wonderfully with spicy tones, which offers a composition of great strength. “Amber” opens with notes of geranium associated with that of clove. While geranium is mainly known for its blooming on our balconies, it is also renowned for its medicinal properties and its use in perfumery. Also called “Pelargonium of the rose,” the geranium is native to South Africa. Geranium essential oil is obtained by distilling the leaves before flowering. In perfumery, geranium gives off floral, minty, spicy tones and it is an ingredient that is widely used in men’s perfumes. The heart of “Amber” is woody and intense, because it combines Virginia cedar, sandalwood, patchouli, with guaiac wood. Sandalwood is native to tropical Asia and has been known for over 4,000 years to aid meditation. Used in India during religious ceremonies, sandalwood was also used to embalm mummies. Finally, the base is extremely sensual and ultra powerful, thanks to the presence of amber, musk, vanilla, benzoin, labdanum and vanilla. The “Ambre” bottle is sober and elegant. Rectangular in shape, its transparency reveals its brilliant golden color. It is also topped with a cap in a metallic gray color, offering the ultimate touch of sophistication.

Amber Floral

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