Amor Amor Cacharel Eau de Toilette

Amor Amor Cacharel Eau de Toilette

Cacharel’s Amor Amor fragrance

This one is a digest of passion, similar to love at first sight with very Iberian sounds. Amor Amor has become a staple of women’s perfumery and as such has been revisited many times. Nevertheless, it is precisely on its first version that our attention is now focused.

Cacharel’s messages of love

Cacharel is an emblematic brand of the French and global olfactory landscape. Each of its fragrances is known to be very poetic, conveying a message and multiple emotions. Cacharel fragrances are always statements made up of convictions and desires. Also, if there is one who pushes this approach to its climax, it is very likely that it is the iconic Amor Amor. This gives us a love story. If Anaïs Anaïs was a perfume synonymous with tenderness, if Noa embodied harmony, Amor Amor is revealing of passion. It is like a red rose, a flower that is offered as an eternal and passionate love. It is as intense as the red of a fire, the red of blood or the red of a kiss. After all, What more beautiful color than this to embody the intensity of an emotion? Amor Amor is a manifesto of life, joy and impulse. It is all at the same time: the story of an evening or that of a life … Whatever the duration of the feelings as long as they are lived with intensity. Amor Amor is the scent of daring women eager to give free rein to their impulses.

The floral, sensual and fruity scent of Amor Amor

Amor Amor is an evocative fragrance of joie de vivre. So its start is like a burst of laughter. It is both energizing while remaining very sparkling. To do this, Cacharel combined the vitality of citrus fruits, and in particular pink grapefruit, blood orange and mandarin, with the irreverence of blackcurrant. Thus, Amor Amor appears to be a fragrance full of mischief. Her heart, meanwhile, is more airy and romantic. It combines rose, lily of the valley and jasmine. What’s more, for more sweetness, everything is further enriched with apricot pulp. Finally, once your heart has been won, Amor Amor gradually switches to sensuality. It ends with a blend of vanilla and wood. The sandalwood and cedar are still wrapped in tonka bean while the amber and musk make the whole thing more animal. Undoubtedly, Amor Amor appears to be an irresistible filter of love. Moreover, it is contained in a bottle similar to an apothecary’s vial. This one is all round, dressed in a spiral of silver metal facing its flamboyant red. On the back, a silver rose is engraved on it like a tattoo, revealing to us the image of a romantic but no less rebellious woman.

Cacharel likes to tell the most love stories in his perfumes. Anaïs Anaïs, the woman who wakes up or Loulou the seductress, draw young women olfactory portraits of young women who correspond to them and who answer as much to their questions as to their desires. When the Cacharel house decided to offer a new juice to these young women of today, Dominique Ropion had the idea to release the usual soliflores for teenage girls and to offer young ladies a passionate and complex flowery-gourmet fragrance. ‘will call Amor Amor.

Amor Amor, the story of a passionate creation signed Dominique Ropion and Laurent Bruyère …

Amor Amor is of course a pretty perfume released in 2003 by the perfume house Cacharel. But also the story of a meeting, of several encounters.

First of all, that of two great perfumers. Dominique Ropion and Laurent Bruyère, both perfumers at Firmenich. Laurent Bruyère considers Dominique Ropion as his mentor and admires him deeply, he will offer Amor Amor his intact passion for perfumery, his talents as magicians of animal and sensual raw materials. As for Dominique Ropion, he is the master of a flawless art where encyclopedic and scientific knowledge of materials makes him a well of knowledge, an artist who cuts and breaks down materials until time to find the perfect match:

“Like sculptors, we have to cut in smells, file them, break them. A formula can be triturated in all directions. We see agreements emerging. We have surprises. “Dominique Ropion creator, in particular, of Amor Amor de Cacharel.

Dominique Ropion will imagine for Cacharel a new perfume for young women which will go beyond the traditional romantic flower or the tangy candy. He will be composed on complex chords and will be passionate; from the hands of these two artists will be born Amor Amor.

Amor Amor by Cacharel, story of a passionate perfume

In 2014 at the release of Amor Amor L’Eau, Dominque Ropion master of the flowery-gourmet scents of Amor Amor unveiled for Marie-France the secrets of the creation of the very first Amor Amor in 2003. He confided, in particular, that if the order of the house Cacharel was to write “a new page of love ”after having offered the sublime Anaïs Anaïs, it was also a question of creating“ a 100% original flowery language in order to create an echo of identity among all young women in love with love and freedom ”. Two sine qua non conditions which represented a real challenge for the perfumer because the perfumes for young lady of the time gave little satisfaction in terms of originality.

Inspired by the perfumed scents of his 17-year-old daughter, Dominique Ropion left for Amor Amor on the classic framework of gourmet accords, however using rather original raw materials of grenadine and candy apple. In order not to fall into the caricature of perfume for young girls “tinged with praline and marshmallow” he decided to add powerful citrus fruits that would give character to these sweet delicacies.

Finally, it would seem that it was the work of Laurent Bruyère, a specialist in animal scents with deep sensuality, who completed this pretty and passionate Amor Amor in a scorching trail of ambergris, sandalwood and white musk.

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