Summer Festival Escada Eau de Toilette

Summer Festival Escada Eau de Toilette

Escada Summer Festival: The new Estival fragrance

Then, in 1990, they also decided to expand their sector of activity to include perfumery. Since then, Escada’s success has continued and its summer fragrances are always eagerly awaited. Once again, in 2021, Escada intends to brighten up your summer. The brand presents its latest creation: Escada Summer Festival.

Escada Summer Festival, an ephemeral fragrance

Escada Summer Festival owes its birth to a tradition that continues year after year at Escada. Since 1993, the brand has gotten into the habit of making feminine essences that only last for one season. Each spring, Escada presents us with a new olfactory release which is only marketed during the following summer. This long tradition began in 1993 with the Chiffon Sorbet fragrance. Escada Summer Festival is part of this same process and plunges us, like all seniors, into a very festive universe, synonymous with joy and gaiety.

The sparkling pink bottle of Escada Summer Festival

As its name suggests, Escada Summer Festival is a fragrance that evokes the festive spirit of a festival. It is a reminiscence of a large gathering, a very widespread musical event in summer. To symbolize cheerfulness, the brand has chosen to cover its bottle in a flashy and feminine color. Here, pink dominates everywhere. It degrades from a light shade at its base and to a more sustained shade at its top. Likewise, on its front face, just below its name, is a luscious mouth. The shape of this bottle, meanwhile, remains unchanged. Escada Summer Festival has the exact same silhouette as its predecessors, while being topped with a chrome, cylindrical cap, itself bearing the Escada name.

The sweet, fresh and floral scent of Escada Summer Festival

Therefore, we look forward to discovering the scent of this perfume. Here, it is about evoking femininity while deploying the solar energy that emanates from a festival. To embody the ardor and tone that emanates from this type of musical event, Escada has chosen several refreshing ingredients, such as green tangerine or ice cream. In addition, this delicacy brings a sweet touch to this perfume, infinitely trendy and very popular with women. Added to this is a more vegetal and spring tone, emerging from the cherry blossom. Its heart, meanwhile, is more luminous and opulent, with more emphasis on sambac jasmine. Radiant at will, this flower is a great classic in women’s perfumery. Here she perfectly embodies the splendor of the summer sun. Finally,


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