Angel Thierry Mugler Eau de Toilette

Angel Thierry Mugler Eau de Toilette

The latest Angel Eau de Toilette of 2019

However, it was a great success straight away! However, many were the perfumers who refused to work on his new perfume… And for good reason: Thierry Mugler wanted to create a new olfactory current! Angel was the first sweet fragrance in the history of women’s perfumery. Since then, its success has not been denied and it still remains one of the best-selling juices in the world. As such, it reinvents itself regularly. Today, its 2011 Eau de Toilette edition is replaced in a more modern version. Focus on Angel Eau de Toilette 2019.

Angel Eau de Toilette, a new breeze of freshness is blowing at Thierry Mugler

Angel Eau de Toilette retains the DNA of its predecessors, while offering itself a new freshness and an intoxicating breath of vivacity. With Angel Eau de Toilette, “the idea is to provide a new vision of Angel femininity, a dazzling femininity that touches all women today, women who dare to lead a life guided by confidence, intensity. and sensuality ”. Perfect for the summer season, Angel Eau de Toilette preserves the gluttony of the previous Angel while being less opulent. It therefore first extends to an alliance of mandarin and peony. The praline, emblematic ingredient of the Angel collection, appears once again in its heart, while being accompanied by red fruits and apple. Little by little, Angel Eau de Toilette warms up with patchouli and blond wood. The cedar completes the structure and further amplifies its tenacity. Orchestrated by perfumer Louise Turner, this new Eau de Toilette is both glamorous and powerful, while inviting each woman to live according to her dreams of adventure.

The new image of Angel Eau de Toilette

On the screen, it is not a muse but rather three women who lend their image to this new perfume. To establish the marketing of this niche fragrance, Thierry Mugler has surrounded himself with the duo Warren du Preez and Nick Thointon Jones. However, the two Britons are among the most influential personalities in the audiovisual world. Here, they have chosen to capitalize on the power of social networks to promote Angel Eau de Toilette. Thus, this composition is associated with three influencers of English, French and American origin, namely Alexandra Dieck, Alexandra Guerain and Hannah Crosskey.

On the bottle side, Thierry Mugler’s iconic star is still present. Here, it has been reworked by Christophe de Lataillade, Creative Director Mugler Studio, and also responsible for the design of Thierry Mugler’s bottles. The asymmetrical and geometric design of Angel’s original bottle has been retained. On the other hand, this container has been repositioned vertically, producing a more sophisticated, slender and elegant effect. Likewise, its completely bluish color is enriched this time by a pale pink in its heart, more tender and feminine.

The new Angel Water of Toilette for 2019

In the 90s, Thierry Mugler’s fashion house is at its peak, its wide shoulder pads and outrageously sexy dresses created the event and its success is indisputable. However, a bowstring was still missing from this jack-of-all-trades artist, perfume!

< p> And it is with the greedy and very opulent Angel that he will begin with fanfare in perfume, first almost anonymously then in broad daylight and in the light of his ever-increasing fans, attracted by the light of THE olfactory novelty of Angel: gluttony! Even today Angel is a mythical perfume, but nothing would prevent Thiery Mugler from revisiting it in 2019 with Angel eau de toilette!

Perfumer Louise Turner brings Angel back to life in Angel Eau de Toilette

How to reinvent a scent myth? This was the biggest challenge that was offered to perfumer Louise Turner, already the creator of several bestsellers such as Bella by Nina Ricci or Love Chloé. Revisiting Angel up to date with a new delicacy without denaturing its strength, such was the challenge handily fulfilled by Louise Turner with Angel Eau de Toilette. & Nbsp;

Angel had already invented everything that the scented gluttony had done more beautiful, he even created the family of gourmet perfumes, that is to say & nbsp;! Yet with Angel Eau de Toilette, the Angel woman will let herself be discovered in a different way with more fruity daring, delicate flowers and an overflowing and creamy sensuality.

Ode to the light and femininity of the 21st < sup> th century, Angel Eau de Toilette will illuminate with its spicy gluttony a woman who has not lost any of her crazy audacity, on the contrary & nbsp ;!

“& nbsp; New fragrance. New star. New sensuality. Discover Angel Eau de Toilette, a Gourmet Fruity Floral fragrance that brings a new radiance to the mythical Angel. ” Thierry Mugler for Angel Eau de Toilette. & Nbsp;

Angel Eau de Toilette, the legendary gourmand returns to amaze us a little more!

The perfumer Louise Turner had to rewrite the story of Angel by reworking on the territory of the now very famous Olivier Cresp who composed this myth. To do this, she kept Angel’s spine, made up of tangerine, praline and amber wood in Angel Eau de Toilette, but chose to add new olfactory raw materials to these emblematic ingredients in order to bring out the radiance.

Angel Eau de Toilette therefore opens with a tonic start of mandarin but is quickly coated with the floral and very feminine sweetness of peony. At the heart, the praline takes a central place, but the red fruits and the apple bring a sweet roundness to the whole. Finally, in the depths, patchouli burns with sensuality but the caramels have now given way to sweeter and creamier sweets such as cedar and white musks. & Nbsp;

If Angel had divided by its intense greedy force, Angel Eau de toilette brings it a new light, softer but still as greedy, which could well come to seduce those who had not yet succumbed to the charms of the beautiful blue star.

Fruity Gourmand

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