Aura Mugler Sensual Eau de Parfum Thierry Mugler

Aura Mugler Sensual Eau de Parfum Thierry Mugler

Mugler revisits its Aura fragrance in a very sensual fragrance

Thus, inspired by the role of the actress Zoe Saldana, Thierry Mugler had imagined a perfume for a futuristic woman, evolving in the half-light of a primary forest. Aura is a fascinating juice that appeared on the shelves of women’s perfumery in 2017. Today, like any self-respecting bestseller, it is seeing a new variation of its scent appear. In a more carnal register, this original fragrance is now called Aura Sensuelle. So let’s see which chapter of history tells us about this essence …

Thierry Mugler emphasizes vegetal freshness

Thierry Mugler’s niche fragrance resembles its predecessor in many ways, in particular because it places vegetal freshness at the center of everything. Thus, it also evokes the aspect of a dense forest. Its very refreshing and green side is first dominated, in its top notes, by the vine. His heart, meanwhile, plays on contrasts. It combines the light femininity of gardenia with the more spicy and incandescent power of cinnamon. Gradually, Aura Sensuelle softens on contact with sandalwood. Musk then closes the ensemble, revealing the animal sensuality of the Thierry Mugler woman.

The iridescent pink bottle of Aura Sensuelle

Aura Sensuelle is presented to us in a bottle, too, very inspired by the previous Aura. Thus, its shape remains the same, in a register that could not be more futuristic. Thierry Mugler has opted here for a heart cut in glass and faceted with multiple ribs. Once completely green, it is now covered with a fine iridescent pink veil, which gives it a more pearly and delicate side. Aura Sensuelle immediately seems more romantic and tender. The whole is absolutely captivating, protected by a silver M, evocative for its part of the name of its creator.

Aura Sensuelle, the scent of an authentic and seductive woman

You will understand that Aura Sensuelle does not forget the philosophy of its predecessor but has a new facet, more seductive and feminine than before. In other words, it is a juice which plunges us into the intimacy of a woman, and which reveals to us her most hidden fantasies. Aura Sensuelle is the expression of a primitive instinct. He invites the one who wears it to live according to her desires and to satisfy her quest for authenticity. With him, nothing seems more captivating than the singularity of each being. Aura Sensuelle is “an uncontrollable magic that the magnetism of the perfume materializes”. Intriguing and fascinating, it mixes a very natural side with another more seductive and superficial aspect. Simple and complex at the same time, it offers an experience in itself,

Angel came to turn 20 th century female perfumery upside down with its sweet and regressive scents by creating a new olfactory family, that of gourmet perfumes. From then on, the release of each Mugler perfume will be experienced with expectation and Aura, released in 2017, will not disappoint anyone by daring the marriage of plants and flowers, animals and a green note. In 2019, we will discover a new powerful force with Aura thanks to Aura Eau de Parfum Sensuelle.

< h2> Aura Eau de Parfum Sensuelle, a creamy and flowery plant strength

With Angel, the very first gourmet perfume in history, Thierry Mugler’s perfume house had been able to offer a small revolution from its first perfume bottle. From Alien to Womanity via Cologne, each Mugler perfume has marked its time with a unique olfactory imprint. As far as Aura is concerned, it is of course the vegetal force married to the animal force that amazes but Aura has quickly been able to conquer the hearts of those who, weary of the gourmet perfume (sweet irony …), were looking for originality in other types of scent compositions. It is true that Aura offered us olfactory territories that have not been explored until now in women’s perfumery, with the green note of rhubarb for example, while marrying them with an orange blossom which, for its part, is very emblematic and recognized. for its sunny and exotic opulence. Aura Eau de Parfum Sensuelle will thus play on the same astonishing capacities as its elder by offering us a note of cinnamon leaf still very little used in perfumery despite its multifaceted olfactory powers. By marrying this green and delicately spicy olfactory surprise with a nice note of gardenia we find, as for Aura, this flowery and soft femininity that we already know and which comforts us.

When gardenia and leaves of cinnamon tree vibrate the heart of Aura Eau de Parfum Sensuelle

Aura Eau de Parfum and its successor Aura from 2018 Eau de Toilette were both created by Daphné Bugey and her team of perfumers Firmenich. So even though we do not yet know the name of the perfumer who composed Aura Eau de Parfum Sensuelle, we can easily imagine that this is the same team that worked on this pretty burning plant. Aura Eau de Parfum Sensuelle has been composed in such a way as once again to invite women to reconnect with their deep nature while at the same time reconnecting with nature. Therefore, quite logically, Aura Eau de Parfum Sensuelle has sought to create a new sensuality through notes more natural than animal, but also more surprisingly by pretty floral notes that offer delicate top notes to this scent. At the heart, the gardenia, both soft and opulent, perpetuates this feminine delicacy, while the cinnamon leaf gives this Aura Eau de Parfum Sensuelle a green, woody, barely spicy and terribly intense and unique warmth. Finally, the sandalwood closes Aura Eau de Parfum Sensuelle with exoticism where the white musks become soft velvet.


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