Chloé Roses Eau de Toilette Chloé

Chloé Roses Eau de Toilette Chloé

Roses of Chloé, a hymn to tenderness

Chloé’s clothes are fresh and spontaneous, far from the coldness of 50s fashion. For the time, Gaby Aghion was avant-garde and daring, and rightly reminds us of the young Gabrielle Chanel. After numerous olfactory successes featuring the rose, Chloé unveiled in 2014, “Roses de Chloé”, a fragrance in which the rose never ceases to amaze us.

Chloe’s love for roses

From his first perfume “Chloé” in 1975 , the brand highlights the rose. Because this one is the most feminine of flowers, she perfectly resembles the image of Chloe, beautiful, spontaneous, elegant and feminine! With Chloé, all roses are in the spotlight, pink, white, red, but also all varieties of rose. From Eau de Parfum in 2008 to Eau de Chloé in 2012, the rose reveals the different facets of women. We could think that the rose had given us all its secrets, but it did not. Chloé amazes us once again with “Roses of Chloé”. Here, the rose is poetic. At the same time musky, oxygenated and refined, the rose signs here its 5 years of olfactory success with the Chloé collection. “Roses de Chloé” offers an airy and very luminous rose. She took the opportunity to impose a new variation on this collection of timeless classics.

The olfactory delicacy of Roses by Chloé

“Roses de Chloé” is a fragrance of incredible sweetness and delicacy , a true hymn to tenderness. “Roses de Chloé” opens with very fresh notes of bergamot. The heart is filled with Damascus rose, modernized with the association of magnolia. The base is soft and suave with the presence of white musks and amber. Disinhibited, “Roses de Chloé” signs here a new ultra delicate olfactory variation. As for the bottle, it uses the codes of its elders. It is faithful to the iconic silhouette of Chloé perfumes. The glass, always very luxurious, is topped with a silver plate and a transparent cover. Like a blush that gives pink color to the cheekbones, the bottle is entwined with a bright pink ribbon. The juice also honors the color of the rose, thus devoting all its tenderness.

With “Roses de Chloé”, the Chloé fashion house offers a new olfactory variation of the rose. More airy, luminous and oxygenated, the rose here reveals an unknown aspect of its personality. The “Roses de Chloé” perfume is a hymn to the delicacy and beauty of women.

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