Christian Dior Precious Elixir Musc Extract

Christian Dior Precious Elixir Musc Extract

The perfume Musc Elixir Précieux from the Dior Private Collection

In order to perfect these exceptional bottles, the perfumer has gone even further by offering Precious Elixirs which allow him to compose his Dior fragrance with the other fragrances in the collection. An exceptional privilege for rare essences such as Musc Elixir Précieux.

A sophisticated and powerful musk to create a tailor-made Dior perfume: Musc Elixir Précieux

The Dior perfume house was created in the 1950s with the appearance of the beautiful and flowery Miss Dior. Since then, Christian Dior and his team have never ceased to amaze and delight us with sophisticated and modern fragrances, especially since the arrival of François Demachy as the house perfumer in 2006.

François Demachy’s style of perfumery is a very special genre where natural ingredients are magnified by the daring of the perfumer, where very “Dior” traditional scents are shaken up by the original desires of the artist-perfumer. With the Private Collection, François Demachy has given free rein to his talents and creativity, a creativity that he draws from his many chemical but also artistic and even historical knowledge.

It is with reference to a tradition of the Middle East dating back more than 3000 years that the perfumer Dior has chosen to compose four bottles of Precious Elixirs to make “layering”, an art of mixing different fragrances for each other. to get one, a unique one that will go perfectly to each Dior customer.
Musc Elixir Précieux like Ambre Elixir Précieux or Oud Elixir Précieux have been studied to be the strength and power of the bottles from the Christian Dior Private Collection. Musc Elixir Précieux is all the more powerful as it was made from vegetable musks, a rare thing in current perfumery.

Musc Elixir Précieux and Dior’s love for natural raw materials

Musc Elixir Précieux wants to highlight this formidable raw material which has been used for centuries in classic perfumery. However, originally musk was an animal raw material that had to be extracted from buckshot, which unfortunately had to be killed to obtain the precious substance.

Times change and this beautiful animal can now live in peace because some plants produce this famous scent of musk, but their rarity makes them an expensive ingredient rarely used as such: they are replaced by synthetic materials. In Musc Elixir Précieux, François Demachy was particularly attached to using musk only in its plant form in order to perfect its quality and its exceptional character.

François Demachy recommends pairing Musc Elixir Précieux with the bottle of the Private Collection Granville which exudes a tonic citrus force contrasted with very oriental and woody depths. By adding a few drops of Precious Elixir Musk, mix in Granville the woody facets of this beautiful scent that looks like a rough sea will become even more powerful, even more virile.

“Thus the Precious Musk Elixir shakes up Granville’s masculinity, complementing the charm of this assertive Eau de Parfum. »Dior for Musc Elixir Précieux.

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