Tom Ford Metallic Eau de Parfum

Tom Ford Metallic Eau de Parfum

Metal in the spotlight with the Metallic fragrance

After giving birth to Lavender Extreme in early 2019, the designer decided to break away from the floral universe to create a new, more “industrial” and surprising fragrance. Presented as a “Metal Venus”, its fragrance is called Metallic and pays homage to one of Tom Ford‘s favorite activities.

Tom Ford and materials, a long love story

Let’s start by better understanding Tom Ford‘s universe in order to understand where he got the idea for such a perfume… In fact, initially, Tom Ford came from a background in architecture and design. So he always had a deep attachment to materials. Tom Ford does not hesitate to surprise and make unexpected dresses in unusual materials. Well, this time it looks like the metal even gave birth to a perfume! The result is a very personal composition, with a dazzling floral breath, and omnipresent daring.

Metallic, a rich fragrance with many reliefs

Metallic explores several olfactory facets at the same time. First, it’s fresh and airy. For this, he mixes the aldehydes with the bergamot. Thanks to these ingredients, it becomes “lighter than air”. Metallic “glides over the skin and reveals crunchy notes”. However, the woman who wears this perfume does not lack character! However, this is felt from its first breath, by the fiery presence of pink pepper. The heart of Metallic then becomes more floral. Hawthorn gives it bite while lily of the valley and heliotrope preserve its soft femininity. The woods enriched its base to make it a deeper and comforting fragrance. Metallic gains in sensuality in contact with ambrette and Peruvian balsam. Vanilla makes Metallic an irresistibly addictive essence,
If the marriage of all these ingredients can initially surprise, it must be recognized that this originality remains nonetheless very pleasant. Metallic has just the right amount of gluttony and sweetness, while preserving character and freshness.

Tom Ford chooses a totally metallic bottle

To echo his fragrance, Tom Ford has chosen to present his fragrance to us in a totally metallic bottle. Very refined, its bottle is timeless and contemporary. It consists of two cylinders superimposed one on the other. The first, more imposing, constitutes the container of the perfume itself. It is covered with a silver lacquer. The second, smaller, surmounts the whole and serves as a cap. Covered with golden metal, it adds a touch of sparkle and elegance to this bottle. The name of the Metallic perfume, meanwhile, is inscribed on a square plate, also golden in color. Finally, a small detail that is important: the initials of Tom Ford are engraved on the top of the bottle.

Coming from a school of architecture and design, Tom Ford has always been deeply interested in the use of materials, whether in his clothing designs or in designing perfumes. However, in a dash of daring, the creator decided to make a perfume paying homage to metal. Presented in a gold and silver bottle, with a futuristic and timeless style. But, if to conjure up metal aesthetically is one thing, giving a perfume its smell is another… So, let’s take a closer look at how Tom Ford went about giving his essence a metallic scent.

Metallic, a fragrance “lighter than air”

Initially, Metallic by Tom Ford focuses on freshness. Forged with elegance, it offers us a “thrilling burst of modern femininity”. To do this, he first assembles aldehydes and bergamot. The intense freshness of this citrus fruit, the fruit of the cross between lemon and sour orange, comes up against a more airy effect. At first, the liveliness of Métallique surprises us, before escaping over the skin like a breath of pure air. Nevertheless, to give more tenacity and ardor to his perfume, Tom Ford has chosen to integrate a touch of pink pepper in the top notes of Metallic. This ingredient thus reinforces the first impression of the power of this fragrance.

Tom Ford gives his fragrance all the delicacy of flowers

Then, Metallic sinks into a more poetic heart and feminine. Romantic at will, this perfume relies on a blend of flowers. If this elegant spirit has something to seduce the greatest number, how does it evoke metal? In reality, the flowers used are not traditional. Tom Ford chose heliotrope, lily of the valley and hawthorn. Don’t be fooled by the lightness and sweetness of lily of the valley. The hawthorn and its sharp branches hide not far behind! The person who wears the Metallic perfume does not lack temperament. Behind its apparent refinement hides an indomitable ardor! The result is a fresh, chic and narcotic fragrance.

Metallic ends with a warmer base

However, little by little, Metallic is a perfume that can be tamed. Like a man or a woman who only reveals himself over time, he becomes more intimate over time. Its base notes contain several woody inflections. Metallic releases aromas of Peruvian balsam, ambrette and smooth sandalwood. Vanilla makes the whole more sensual and suave. This warm finish gives the Metallic fragrance a powerful contrast. Its base notes only make this scent more addicting. Do not try to resist him: he is a tempter in the soul who arouses all covetousness … How gold has always fascinated men! Finally, metals and perfumery seem to have more in common than it seems …


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