Eau de Parfum L'Homme Idéal L'Intense Guerlain

Eau de Parfum L’Homme Idéal L’Intense Guerlain

L’Homme Idéal L’Intense, a variation of the Guerlain perfume

Whatever the answer, even if this gentleman remains a utopia, Guerlain decided to create the perfume in 2014 Since that day, The Ideal Man has already given us several portraits of his personality. It thus became L’Homme Idéal Cologne in 2015, L’Homme Idéal Eau de Parfum in 2016 and L’Homme Idéal Sport in 2017. Continuing on this momentum, Guerlain now presents us, for the year 2018, L’Homme Idéal The Intense .

The more mysterious spirit of the Guerlain bottle

Let’s start by looking at the bottle and the visual of L’Homme Idéal L’Intense. Indeed, nothing has been defined at random and the way a perfume is presented always says a lot about the scent it contains. Here, Guerlain has clearly chosen to play the card of virility. L’Homme Idéal L’Intense is presented in a stable and solid cube, refined and infinitely masculine. All in power, it does not lack refinement and has traded its transparency of yesteryear for a more raw and virile matte black surface. The whole takes on a very current air while having some more subtle and elegant details. The stopper for L’Homme Idéal L’Intense, for example, borrowed the guilloché pattern from the world of watchmaking. The liveliness of this juice, in turn, is reflected in the yellow elements that run through its label.

L’Homme Idéal L’Intense, an incandescent fragrance

Since its first launch , L’Homme Idéal by Guerlain has been inspired by the feminine description of this modern-day prince charming. “Clever, handsome and strong,” they said? It is precisely on these three axes that the fragrances of this assortment are articulated. The result is juices full of contrasts, combining both freshness and liveliness, sensuality and power. It is therefore all these elements that we find in this new version of L’Homme Idéal L’Intense. This time, this perfume is enriched with a burning and effervescent determination. L’Homme Idéal L’Intense is not made to go unnoticed and is aimed at all men who are not afraid of anything. He dares one of the most remarkable and hot ingredients there is: chili. This unexpected spice is nevertheless envelops in a more delicate tonka bean. The softness of this raw material is reminiscent of almonds, an essential ingredient in the L’Homme Idéal range. Finally, the whole is linked by smoky notes which only amplify the mysterious aspect of this fragrance. The result is a decidedly intriguing fragrance, burning with desire and absolutely bewitching. If L’Homme Idéal is a myth, its fragrance is a reality!

The Ideal Man L ‘Intense Eau de Parfum Guerlain

Released in 2018 , “L’Homme Idéal L’Intense Eau de Parfum” follows on from the immense success of “L’Homme Idéal” which saw the light of day in 2014. Because it embodies masculine perfection, “L ‘Ideal Man’ becomes the scent of many men who combine seduction and modernity. In 2015, Guerlain presented its first version with “L’Homme Idéal Cologne”. Then, in 2016, “L’Homme Idéal Eau de Parfum”. In 2017, Guerlain unveiled “L’Homme Idéal Sport”. Finally, in 2018, the house of Guerlain offers us an even more intense version of the modern man with “L’Homme Idéal l’Intense Eau de Parfum” .

The Ideal Man The Intense Water de Parfum, the power of Thierry Wasser

Founded in 1828 by Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain, the Guerlain brand has seen a succession of 4 Guerlain perfumers up to Thierry Wasser , which represents the 5th generation of perfumers. If it is not the blood, it is the talent that has led him to succeed these 4 generations of Guerlain perfumers. Rare and sensitive, Thierry Wasser is considered an extraordinary perfumer. It was in 2008 that Jean-Paul Guerlain, whom he considers his spiritual father, entrusted him with the very famous “book of formulas”. Since then, Thierry Wasser has continued to perpetuate the soul and know-how of the Guerlain house. Thierry Wasser is at the origin of magnificent olfactory successes such as “La Petite Robe Noire, Idylle, Mon Guerlain” or “L’Homme Idéal”.

L’Homme Idéal L’Intense Eau de Parfum, a hottest flavor

If “L’Homme Idéal L’Intense Eau de Parfum” is as elegant as the original, it is nevertheless intended to be much more powerful. The composition takes off on an unusual note, namely chilli, which gives the whole composition its unparalleled intensity. Chilli was the first plant to be cultivated in South America over 7000 years ago!

Mainly used for medicinal properties, chili was introduced to Europe at the end of the 15th century. It is only thanks to the influence of North African cuisine that chili peppers are present on the shelves of our markets. Essentially produced in the West Indies, chili is also used in perfumery. It offers spicy, hot, peppery tones with flavors close to nutmeg and clove. Then, the heart of “L’Homme Idéal L’Intense Eau de Parfum” is bursting with tonka bean, a most sensual ingredient. Native to the Caribbean and South America, the tonka bean is the fruit of Brazilian teak. Both grilled and exotic, tonka bean is an ingredient that goes into the composition of many oriental fragrances. The tonka bean has a particular history with the house of Guerlain since it is part of the composition of the mythical “Guerlinéade”.

Finally, the base of” L’Homme Idéal L’Intense Eau de Parfum “is made up of smoky notes, delivering a trail that is both ultra masculine and most enigmatic. Square and elegant in shape, the bottle draws its inspiration from the original bottle. Nevertheless, that of “L’Homme Idéal L’Intense Eau de Parfum” is intended to be black, thus showing its determinalism.

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