Eau De Parfum Libre Eau De Parfum Intense Yves Saint Laurent

Eau De Parfum Libre Eau De Parfum Intense Yves Saint Laurent

Libre Intense, the new eau de parfum from Yves Saint-Laurent

Playing in the register of ultra femininity, he did not hesitate to dress women in tuxedos, underlining in the process their growing desire for emancipation. However, it is precisely in this register that the fragrance of 2020 by Yves Saint-Laurent fits. Libre Eau de Parfum reinvents the previous Yves Saint-Laurent Eau de Toilette of 2019, to make it a more sexy and carnal variant.

Libre Eau de Parfum, the essence of a woman eager for freedom

As the name of this perfume indicates, at Yves Saint-Laurent, women are free to live as they see fit, without compromise, daring to contradictions and while not giving a damn about what to say. After all, can’t you be both feminine and strong? The woman who wears this fragrance does not hesitate to cry out her desire for freedom and to let her inner fire shine in the eyes of all. Libre is a feminine fragrance aimed at women all over the world, from Paris to New York, from the most sensual to the most rebellious. On screen, this femininity is also embodied by Dua Lipa, a London singer who nevertheless has 40 million singles sold and more than 3.4 million albums sold around the world. Woman of all records, Dua Lipa is here the symbol of an uncompromising and inspired youth. Not hesitating to write her own rules, she is a metaphor for freedom, like an eagle roaming the globe in search of new experiences. The result is an epic and stunning scent.

The sophisticated bottle from the Yves Saint-Laurent house

Libre Eau de Parfum comes in a bottle very similar to that of the previous Eau de Toilet from the same range. The latter simply offers us a more amber juice than before, as if a carnal and fiery fire was burning in its heart. Gold chains also enhance its black lacquered and asymmetrical cover. However, the centerpiece of this bottle is the iconic Cassandre by Yves Saint-Laurent, the iconic logo of the house. Here, it breaks the codes and bites directly into the glass of this bottle. Curved, it perfectly adopts the right angle of this bottle, while a V is cut out on the glass to underline Yves Saint-Laurent’s Y neckline.

The very floral and powerful breath of Libre Eau de Parfum

To make this perfume, Yves Saint-Laurent called on the perfumer Anne Flipo. Here, the designer chooses to give us a smoother and more ardent reinterpretation of her predecessor. Libre Eau de Parfum is a daring and sensual juice, which begins with the freshness of mandarin illuminated with neroli. Her heart, meanwhile, is like a huge bouquet. It combines orchid with orange blossom from Morocco, essence of Mediterranean lavender and sambac jasmine absolute from India. Finally, it all ends with a sulfurous trail of Madagascan vanilla, amber, musk and cedar.

Incarnated by London singer Dua Lipa, the Libre fragrance by Yves Saint-Laurent has been talked about since 2019, symbolizing the independence and emancipation of women today. In 2020, this juice reinvents itself and becomes Libre Eau de Parfum, in a smoother and more carnal edition. On the bottle side, Libre Eau de Parfum is presented to us in an absolutely fascinating bottle, just as daring as it is luxurious and refined. But then, what about his new recipe? Developed by Anne Flipo, Libre Eau de Parfum is presented as a smoother and more ardent composition than before. The perfumer herself says of this juice that it is “a more carnal, assertive and intrepid version”.

Fresh and luminous top notes

The woman who wears Libre Eau de Parfum does not lack temperament or energy. On a daily basis, his ardor guides his steps and helps him to trace his path. However, it is precisely all this vitality that we feel in the top notes of Libre Eau de Parfum. As often, citrus fruits bring freshness to this recipe. Here, Yves Saint-Laurent opts for mandarin essence. This citrus fruit is both lively and powerful without being overly bitter. Its sparkling and tangy breath blends with the essence of neroli, for an infinitely luminous and solar effect. Impossible to ignore the passage of the Yves Saint-Laurent woman. The latter shines!

Libre Eau de Parfum, a heart similar to an enormous bouquet of flowers

Because nothing is more effective than flowers to highlight the femininity of a woman, Yves Saint-Laurent opts for a particularly floral heart, developed like a generous and romantic bouquet. Here, several varieties of plants come together and harmonize. Libre Eau de Parfum navigates between tension, sensuality, daring and softness. In addition, Anne Flipo offers us a real world tour of flavors. In addition, the flowers that make up this perfume come to us from multiple horizons. Libre Eau de Parfum contains orchid extract, orange blossom absolute from Morocco, lavender essence from France, and more particularly from the Drôme and Mediterranean region, as well as absolute sambac jasmine from India.

The intense and persistent trail of Libre Eau de Parfum

So where does the more assertive and intrepid side of Libre Eau de Perfume? Quite simply from its base notes… Here, the essence of cedar comes to structure the whole and bring it more depth. Not content with being woody, this ingredient also gives more persistence to this fragrance. For a smoother effect, it is combined with Madagascar vanilla extract. Finally, an animal breath is felt in the background, leaving in the footsteps of the Yves Saint-Laurent woman an unforgettable wake. Here, it is an alliance of ambergris and musk.
Libre Eau de Parfum is a perfume endowed with a “fiery floral intensity, for a woman of roaring freedom, who lives according to her instincts “.


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