Eau de toilette Eau pour Homme Armani

Eau de toilette Eau pour Homme Armani

Giorgio Armani’s Eau pour Homme fragrance

The perfume that I have chosen and that I have sought to capture is a fresh but sensual, simple and yet refined eau. This is how the Eau pour Homme fragrance was born in 1984.

The revolutionary style of the house of Armani

If the Armani style is often considered very elegant and refined, it has also demonstrated a profound daring throughout its history. In addition, Giorgio Armani can boast of having truly revolutionized the male wardrobe, especially during the 70s. At that time, the brand offered its customers a new way of dressing, both very elegant while displaying more relaxed than in the past. Thus, the Armani jackets became more fluid. They also did away with their linings in favor of new, less formal items while remaining impeccably elegant. Moreover, this is still the way Armani clothing is characterized today. Also, all that was missing was a perfume to match these outfits with a refined and bewitching trail. VS ‘This is why the Armani house developed its very first perfume for men, in 1984: L’Eau pour Homme. This one wanted to be authentic and unstructured, immediately appearing as a timeless one not following the trends but preferring rather to follow his instinct. In other words, with L’Eau pour Homme, it’s a bit as if Armani had made the self-portrait of its fashion sector.

The spicy freshness of L’Eau pour Homme

Although this perfume bears the name of Eau, it does not lack character. This one was designed by perfumer Roger Pellegrino and in no way shuns its typically Italian origins. In addition, it is a very contrasting juice, at the same time fresh, sunny and determined. It begins with a blend of typically Mediterranean citrus fruits. As such, L’Eau pour Homme brings together bitter orange, tangerine, bergamot, petitgrain and lime. As a result, it provides a real boost of dynamism. Nevertheless, the Armani house did not stop there. Therefore, L’Eau pour Homme is also enriched with many spices such as cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, coriander or cumin. Jasmine then comes to bring a touch of brighter elegance to this rather full-bodied ensemble. Finally, it all ends with an intensely woody base revealing all the virility of the Armani man. Eau pour Homme leaves behind a trail of patchouli, oak moss, cedar, vetiver and musk. In other words, L’Eau pour Homme is a timeless symbol of men’s irrepressible love for very masculine and fresh flavors.

The 80s were good years for Giorgio Armani. Between his chic haute couture collections with unprecedented flexibility and his first two fragrances, the Italian designer is making history never to leave! In 1984, the very first Eau pour Homme fragrance was a resounding success with men who particularly appreciated the contrasting and timeless composition of Roger Pellegrino. A glory such as in 2013 the couturier will choose to modernize his formula to offer it again!

When Armani’s style asserts itself in its first men’s fragrance Eau pour Homme

The Armani style, in particular the men’s haute couture collections, is made of elegance and sophistication mixed with a supple and relaxed look. In the 80s, in particular thanks to the stars who knew how to wear Armani clothes to the firmament, the stylist is at the height of his glory. Like many of his competitors, the man made the choice to embark on perfumery with Armani Femme in 1982, with mixed success.

It was not until 1984 and the beautiful Eau pour Homme that the house of Armani explodes in perfumery with a composition which so well represents the so particular style of Giorgio Armani and the men who like to wear his creations.

Composed by Roger Pellegrino, author already of many bestsellers such as Anais Anais or Eau de Courrèges, Eau pour Homme by Armani is an ode to the couturier’s Italian origins, it is also a vibrant tribute to the casual-chic style of Armani suits.

“L’Eau pour Homme, to which I gave my name, looks like my fashion, because both are intended for a type of man that I consider current, real, fit for his time. »Giorgio Armani on Eau pour Homme.

Eau pour Homme by Armani, Italy forever in perfume

In addition to the drawing perfume of Italy that has seen born Giorgio Armani, Eau pour Homme also embodies a timeless Italian elegance, a charm that never breaks. Moreover, Eau pour Homme will even have the audacity to come out once again with an almost similar composition in 2013. And despite the years and the fashions that have changed, Eau pour Homme will still be the object in this new century of a great success, the magic of an eternal composition!

Indeed, the beautiful Eau pour Homme has it all. First of all, it is reassuring with these fresh and classic scents of bitter orange, tangerine, bergamot, petitgrain and lime of very good quality. Then these Mediterranean breezes bring us the warmth of spicy notes contrasting with delight in the icy heads. Eau pour Homme will even allow itself a touch of jasmine sophistication! But these luminous beauties will be carried away by the sensual and deep shadows of sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli and cedar, forming in this Eau pour Homme a trail as charming as it is nervous.

“Skilfully mixing shade and the light, the brilliance of the sun and the mystery of the undergrowth, Eau pour Homme perfectly embodies the style of Giorgio Armani. »Armani pour Eau pour Homme.


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