Eau de toilette Paris - Biarritz Chanel

Eau de toilette Paris – Biarritz Chanel

Chanel takes us on a journey to Paris – Biarritz

Today, his career fascinates and has moreover inspired many creations. The latest is called Paris-Biarritz. This perfume has just seen the light of day in the heart of the Chanel workshops and nods to the brand first couture boutique, located in the center of Biarritz. So, how about coming with us to discover this part of the heritage?

Biarritz, an important place in the history of Chanel

If Chanel has decided to highlight the city of Biarritz in its new perfume, it is quite simply because it is there that its first fashion store was born, just after the creation of its hat store in Paris in 1910. When Gabrielle Chanel arrived in Biarritz, she was already famous and was considered a national figure of female emancipation. She was drawn to Biarritz for its social life, its evenings at the Hôtel du Palais and its proximity to the sea. She saw in this place an exceptional way to let her femininity and her new freedom flourish.

The invigorating and spring breath of Paris-Biarritz

It is precisely all this dynamism, this ardor and this lightness that we find in the Paris-Biarritz perfume. Designed by Olivier Polge, this essence smells of spring and brings a breath of liveliness to everyday life. For this, it combines two main ingredients: orange and lily of the valley. Their sparkling scent gives us the portrait of a cheerful woman. Everything is presented in the emblematic Chanel bottle, soberly decorated with a white label and topped with a sharp black cylindrical cap with its transparency.


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