Rose Molinard perfume

Rose Molinard perfume

Rose: Cute, let’s go see if the … Rose de Molinard …

How not then to create a perfume in their effigy, in their glory? So here is Rose de Molinard.

Molinard’s tribute to the queen of flowers from Grasse: Rose

Indeed one of the most famous roses is the centifolia rose or May rose which is fortunate enough to grow in the southern lands of Grasse. As a true passionate lover of the beautiful thorny, Molinard has always sought to work with multiple scented compositions around this splendid rose which makes the nose of the whole world dream.

The rose of Grasse, centifolia rose, has a multitude of faces, forgiveness of facets, which make it possible to compose fragrances as delicate and refined as they are very different from each other. We will hardly be surprised that the great perfumer Molinard, like Guerlain or Chanel, chose from his very first perfumes in 1860 to put the rose with a hundred leaves in the spotlight by already titling his “Rose” fragrance.

However, the centifolia rose or May rose, or even the Provence rose, allows a thousand and one interpretations. Moreover Amandine Marie, perfumer at Firmenich confided to Marie France “You could work with the rose all your life without ever succeeding in extracting all the secrets, nor getting bored” 1. This is how we had the great privilege in 2015 to be able to admire Molinard’s work around Queen Centifolia thanks to Rose, one of the first bottles offered in the Les Elements collection.

“Floral, Spicy, Aldehyde. Romantic par excellence, the Queen of Flowers from Grasse confers elegance and voluptuousness on the wearer. »Molinard for Rose, Les Elements collection.

Rose or the subtle blend of floral, spicy and aldehyde notes

The new collection offered by the Molinard house, Les Elements, is intimate and unique in order to highlight a single scented material of choice. The Rose bottle, like its counterparts in the collection, is therefore either dressed in a bright purple, the house’s Provençal symbol, or soberly presented in a cylindrical glass “distiller” topped with a copper cabochon.

From the top notes, Rose dresses in a rose … with lemony facets that highlights both the delicate floral scent of the queen of Grasse and its intense freshness leading us to believe that it would be able to transform into lemon. At the heart it is always the magnificent Grasse, violet and blue chamomile, which amaze us with their flowery delicacy. However, the aldehyde and geranium notes agree to punctuate these delicate flowers with their invigorating force. The clove brings its spicy touch. Almond and vanilla appear in the depths of this beautiful flowery to offer it some delicacies while being tinted with some sensuality of musk.

“Sensual and voluptuous, this scented button embodies today’s femininity with graceful notes of joie de vivre . Find its inimitable and subtle fragrance. Rose de Molinard sublimates it with a touch of sparkling daring. »Molinard for Rose, Les Elements collection.


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