Figue Molinard perfume

Figue Molinard perfume

Fig: The beautiful Mediterranean from Molinard

Since then, the house has been talked about as much in the creation of exceptional scented raw materials as in the creation of beautiful compositions. In 2016 the beautiful Figue, a sparkling perfume of the sun, once again opens the doors to us of the marvelous universe of Molinard splendours .

The perfumer Molinard and the fruit of his childhood: Fig

In 2015, Célia Lerouge Bénard was the Managing Director of Molinard, the 5th descendant of the genealogical branch of the famous Albert Sittler who bought the small Molinard boutique in Grasse in 1894 for… 5,000 francs! This director, who wants to both preserve the values ​​and traditions of Molinard but also modernize its range of perfumes, will open a new collection of fragrances called simply: The Elements.

The first fragrances in the Les Elements de Molinard range are called Jasmine, Rose, Vanilla and Patchouli. Figue, the brilliant tribute to the sunny Mediterranean roots of the new director Molinard, will be included in the collection in 2016 alongside other attractive scent novelties.

The pretty Figue was designed around gourmet fruit accords but also beautiful woods and pretty floral notes, born in Grasse of course. Célia Lerouge Bernard describes herself as follows for Figue: “Fruit of my childhood, concentrated in the sun, the one that rhymes with summer, immediately picked, immediately eaten. Gourmet, with tender and sweet flesh, its color unmasks carnal pleasure… ”.

Mistrust therefore of this tender sweet which, in a flowery ray of sunshine, could well turn into a sensual and terribly addicting juice. < / p>

The “garden of a thousand colors” of Fig by Molinard

The magnificent Figue bottle bears the beautiful colors of Molinard while tinting a bright purple totally matching the colors of the visual carrying this new perfume. Note the delicate copper details around the cork which of course reminds us of the famous stills of master perfumer Molinard.

The start of this beautiful Molinard fig is dynamic and bursting thanks to the citrus notes of lemon, tinged with a fruity and intense blackcurrant that will bind for the best and the best to a creamy fig. In the heart, the fig reappears in the form of leaves to bring its fresh and vegetal power to precious floral notes, magnified by sambac jasmine. The depths of a tonic cedar will meet the beautiful sensualities of musk and amber woody.

“Taste the delights of carnal fruit, soaked in sunshine. A heart of gourmet fig is revealed on a fig leaf, green and sparkling. A sensual and addictive trail that immerses you in the sweetness of Mediterranean life. »Molinard for Figue.


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