POP Repetto Eau de Toilette

POP Repetto Eau de Toilette

Repetto invents a POP fragrance!

It is a pledge of excellence that makes the greatest classical dancers on the planet happy. Repetto has been designing exceptional ballerinas for more than half a century. This sign carries with it grace as an inheritance. Infinitely refined, it seems however this time to emancipate itself and to advocate a certain relaxation and greater freedom of expression. Repetto presents its new limited edition: the Pop Repetto perfume, directly inspired by a popular artistic movement, Pop Art.

Pop Art comes to Repetto

All of Repetto’s perfumes have the gift of making us enter a timeless world, made of lightness and poetry. It is always a delicate creation, evoking the refinement and sensuality of ballet dancers. Their aura was both vibrant and airy, fluttering in the wind like a ribbon of tulle or satin. Nevertheless, this time, it is a completely different artistic current that inspired the house of Repetto: that of Pop Art. Born in the 1950s in England and the United States, it is also one of the most popular art forms of the last century. Pop Art gives birth to abstract works, combining different objects which, at first glance, have little to do with each other. Pop Art is characterized by a very colorful style and elements from advertising or comics. However, this is precisely what we find on the bottle of Pop Repetto, not to mention its particularly playful fragrance!

Pop Repetto, a fragrance that makes you smile

Pop Repetto is a colorful fragrance that promotes freedom of expression, creative diversity and fulfillment. It is intended for a sparkling woman and gives off a very spring scent. At first, Pop Repetto displays a tangy and fruity breath of pomegranate. Then, this aerial flight gives way to a more floral and poetic heart of jasmine and peony. The almond and the tonka bean then bloom in its base to make it more greedy and creamy. Cedar essence comes to structure the whole, and preserves the indomitable and tenacious character of the Repetto woman.

Visually, Pop Repetto uses the codes of its predecessors. Its silhouette, round and generous, is surmounted by an irregular cap, as if it were in motion. The R of Repetto, meanwhile, appears on a small medallion attached to a silk ribbon. This one has swapped its soft pink color of yesteryear for a much more explosive yellow. The word “Pop”, meanwhile, appears on the front of this bottle, in writing that looks like it came straight out of a comic book. The set is contained in a cardboard box with an infinitely Pop Art spirit, mixing different colors blue, yellow, pink or red. With the new Pop Repetto, summer 2019 is already shaping up to be very festive!

The Repetto house is above all famous in the world of classical dance. However, it has been a few years since the brand has also distinguished itself in the world of perfumery. Thus, each of its essences focuses on lightness, femininity, grace and movement. However, in this year 2018, Repetto decided to change the situation somewhat… The traditional sobriety of the strict universe of classical dance has given way to a more colorful and festive tone. This is how Repetto gave birth to its niche fragrance: Repetto Pop. Decorated with a flashy yellow silk tie, its bottle immediately gives you a smile. So, does its olfactory recipe also keep all its promises?

Tangy and gourmet top notes

A concentrate of gaiety and joie de vivre, Repetto Pop immediately takes off on a sparkling and tangy breath. The latter comes from a fruity cocktail, dominated by pomegranate. This small red fruit, filled with many small colored grains, is as delicious on the palate as it is good for the body. Symbol of life and fertility in several countries, the pomegranate is also a very good food supplement, rich in antioxidants. Here, she seems to have deposited all her vitality in the start of this perfume. Repetto Pop is riding the trend for sweet essences, without falling into the overbearing of gluttony. With him, everything is harmony and balance. Repetto Pop makes our mouth water, while preserving a very light and airy appearance. It is ideal in spring or for a hot summer day.

The floral heart of Repetto Pop

However, Repetto has not forgotten its DNA. A specialist in dance, the brand advocates above all femininity and poetry. However, it is precisely this aspect which is amplified in the heart of Repetto Pop. So what better ingredient than flowers to accentuate this facet? Repetto Pop contains jasmine, one of the most widely used herbs in essences for women. It thus gives off an impression of wild power, while preserving a sweeter and warmer sweetness. Peony, for its part, enriches all of its refined flavors, close to those of rose, while being lighter and vegetal.

Repetto Pop ends with a more woody and enveloping base

To improve the tenacity of its fragrance, while giving it more character, Repetto has also integrated a woody flavor in its base. The essence of cedar gives this juice a drier, slightly earthy trail, as if it comes directly from an undergrowth. The latter leaves a part of mystery hovering over the woman who wears the Repetto Pop perfume. The tonka bean, on the other hand, sublimates the whole with an almond and lightly toasted flavor. All in curves, it recalls the greediness of the heart of Repetto Pop, leaving behind it a captivating and intriguing wake, inviting people to come together.


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