Gentlemen Only Absolute Givenchy Eau de Parfum

Gentlemen Only Absolute Givenchy Eau de Parfum

Gentleman Only gains in intensity with L’Absolute

Very modern and avant-garde for the early 1970s, this perfume embodied the new provocative sensuality of the men of its time. Its powerful scent was easily identifiable, far from the traditional Eaux de Cologne. Then, in 2013, inspired by his racy elegance, Givenchy decided to deliver us the new portrait of his Gentleman, more contemporary and casual. This is how the Gentlemen Only collection was created. To date, this is one of Givenchy’s greatest successes. Gentlemen Only Absolute is its 2016 edition, just as refined, but more warm and spicy than before.

Gentlemen Only Absolute, the fragrance of a sophisticated and seductive man

As the name of this perfume suggests, we have the very essence of the gentleman. Unlike its predecessors, it is an Eau de Parfum. All the compositions of the collection which precedes it are Eaux de Toilettes. It is therefore the most sophisticated perfume of all. If his predecessors easily imagined themselves worn by an elegant man, dressed in a white shirt and perfectly cut jeans, Gentlemen Only Absolute pulls out all the stops… It is more like the tuxedo in the range. It embodies style in its purest form. The man who wears it does not lack charisma and to be noticed by his innate sense of chic.

Gentlemen Only Absolute, a woody, spicy and modern trail

On a purely olfactory level , Gentlemen Only Absolute is materialized by a woody and spicy scent, contemporary and elegant. Although tenacious and powerful, this fragrance never lacks refinement. Its freshness first unfolds in an airy breath of bergamot. Then, as if to mark a break with this very airy side, his heart becomes much spicier. It warms up in contact with three hot spices: Gentlemen Only Absolute brings together nutmeg, saffron and cinnamon. In an ever more seductive and suave spirit, the whole is coated with vanilla. Sensuality then reaches its climax. Gentlemen Only Absolute gradually envelops itself in softness in contact with sandalwood, while letting escape a virile breath, worthy of a gentleman on whom no

When the Givenchy bottle is dressed in a tuxedo

In perfect harmony with the spirit of this perfume, the Givenchy bottle is dressed in elegance. Its silhouette is clearly inspired by that of the very first Gentlemen. However, its color has been completely redesigned. Now, a black lacquer covers the entire bottle, while a red label reveals its name. For a more couture spirit, a white stitching goes around this rectangular label. For a bit, and it looks like the set is taken from the inside of a suit jacket! Undeniably, Gentlemen Only Absolute has released its gala outfit!

The story of the gentleman of Givenchy began in 1975. The “Gentleman” was a powerful fragrance, surely too much for its time. Givenchy then waited until 2013 to present his new gentleman “Gentleman Only”. A cult fragrance that is both sensual and modern, whose charisma of Simon Baker is no stranger to its success… Released in 2016, “Gentleman Only Absolute” is a variation of the famous “Gentleman Only”. At the same time oriental, flowery and spicy, the essence “Gentleman Only Absolute” is undoubtedly, the essence of the new gentlemen of the 21st century …

Gentleman Only Absolute, the elegance of Simon Baker

Between luxury, sophistication and elegance, here are 4 times that Simon Baker is the face of Givenchy. It perfectly represents the charm, glamor, chic and timeless elegance of a man. Very gallant, Simon Baker is a gentleman both in life and on screen and is best known for his very famous role in “The Mentalist”. It should be noted that Simon Baker was voted the sexiest man by “TV Magazine” and Givenchy seems to agree. Simon Baker symbolizes a generation of men who wonderfully combine personal and professional success with natural charisma. This modern-day gentleman seduces women, almost in spite of himself. You could say he “has it all!” Black and red, the bottle could have been the lining of a Givenchy haute couture jacket. Shiny black brings a touch of sophistication while red is not without forgetting the fabric of the brand’s fabrics. Between luxury, sophistication and elegance, Givenchy has imagined everything to make “Gentleman Only Absolute” an irresistible essence.

The trio of warm spices from Gentleman Onlu Absolute

” Gentleman Only Absolute ”soars to extremely fresh and invigorating tones, first of all that of bergamot, but also that of sour orange, also called“ bitter orange ”. The heart is not only spicy, but genuinely sassy. Indeed, it combines three hot spices, namely cinnamon, nutmeg and saffron, giving the whole an undisputed masculine power. This oriental and sensual olfactory signature evolves towards a background that is also very sensual and always ultra masculine. Indeed, the base notes combine vanilla and sandalwood, leaving a trail that is both smooth and enveloping. Tender, powerful, virile and fresh, the essence of “Gentleman Only Absolute” has everything to appeal to men, but especially women …

A variation of the famous “Gentleman Only”, Givenchy presents “Gentleman Only Absolute”. At the same time fresh, spicy and floral, “Gentleman Only Absolute” is an essence dedicated to the gentlemen of the 21st century. Like Simon Baker, today’s gentleman knows how to be considerate, and brings gallantry back to the tastes of the day. His natural charisma works in spite of himself, and his admirers are much more numerous than they seem …

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