Invictus Intense Eau de Toilette Paco Rabanne

Invictus Intense Eau de Toilette Paco Rabanne

Invictus Intense or the fiery scent of victory

Racy with exacerbated masculinity, the woody amber Invictus Intense crushes the world with its superhuman strength!

Invictus Intense or the fiery scent of victory

When Invictus appeared in perfumery in 2013 , it amazes and detonates both with its marketing concept overdosed with testosterones and with its scented composition both very fresh and very sensual of deep woods. Let us not forget that Paco Rabanne loves the unprecedented and the sensational… at least as much as the provocation and the derision. So for Invictus Intense nothing will be too good, too strong, too “male”!

We can easily imagine that the Invictus Intense advertising campaign, whether through the web or through more traditional media, will be at least as strong as its predecessor. Nick Youngquest, the powerful and attractive Australian sportsman, will he again for Invictus Intense show us his Herculean strength in one of his sporting exploits which will make the earth roar and open the sky? Nothing is less sure! Only one thing is: Invictus Intense turns definitively and irresistibly to the darkest and most obscure of its divine power.

When sensuality meets the strength of the conquering hero, Invictus Intense is born

If Invictus surprised by its fresh and powerfully woody accords, Invictus Intense announces the color just in the reflections of its dark and powerful bottle. Of course, Invictus Intense kept the design in the form of a huge trophy designed by Cédric Ragot for the first opus. But this Intense version of this new scented feat has darkened with frank gray and black tones and totally assumed in their racy masculinities.

The fragrance of Invictus Intense wants to magnify all the most beautiful woody powers that Invictus already offered while adding a touch of exoticism. This Intense opus opens with a floral note of orange blossom with a facet punctuated by black pepper which intensifies its exotic flavor. However, the laurel flower remains, as in the previous opus, where it always charmingly exudes its aromatic strength against the most powerful materials.

Then Invictus Intense no longer hesitates to demonstrate its divine scent strength by offering sensualities already known to its worshipers but also, and above all, granted to powerful olfactory novelties. As a result, the animality of salty black amber will now meet a cream of whiskey accord of the most intoxicating and flawless virility. Invictus Intense will not forget to leave in its overpowered wake a touch of charming and aphrodisiac animality thanks to ambergris …

Star of stadiums and sporting exploits, the Invictus Man is offered with Invictus Intense a fragrance totally carved in the rock for his heroic shoulders. Despite the superhuman strength that this Invictus Intense embodies, there is none the less a man who wants to create dreams, and if possible to women worthy of an Intense Olympéa … The year 2017 will therefore begin with the perfumed song of the super hero of Paco Rabanne: Invictus Intense!

At the start of 2017 , an epic and world-famous duo seems to be making a big comeback in perfumery: Invictus Intense and Olympéa Intense are back with a breath of even more heightened power than before. All in duality, it is also this play of contrasts that we find in the composition of this new male version. Invictus Intense is presented as a woody and amber fragrance in which opposites attract as if to better reveal themselves. Focus on the composition of this new, resolutely masculine fragrance.

The powerful duality of Invictus Intense

Invictus Intense has this time chosen to reveal itself through woody and amber tones. However, although this accord is quite classic in men’s perfumery, it is particularly powerful here. But then, what means did the famous Paco Rabanne use to reveal to us at this point all the strength of the new hero Invictus Intense? In reality, this one chose to accentuate the contrast of its first olfactory component as if to better reveal to us the major ingredients of this perfume. What’s more, it’s added some unexpected and absolutely intoxicating flavors. Invictus Intense therefore begins with a spicy and radiant blend. The Mediterranean sweetness of orange blossom clashes here with a darker side emanating from black pepper. Then, as if to celebrate the victory of this hero of modern times, Paco Rabanne added laurels to his composition. At this moment, a whiskey cream accord reinforces the sensuality of the whole while adding a touch of intoxication. The whole then evolves towards a particularly woody trail. Invictus Intense offers us a unique and powerful combination of ambergris and salted black amber for an energizing and insanely masculine look.

Paco Rabanne has chosen to write his recipe like a story

In reality, the recipe for Invictus Intense goes far beyond the simple assembly of ingredients. In addition, it can be read like a real story evolving over the hours. Orange blossom reveals a radiant and resplendent Invictus Intense, as if placed under the spotlight. In addition, the choice to use laurels is particularly symbolic. In addition, this plant has been used since ancient Greece to reward heroes and athletes. The cream of whiskey, meanwhile, comes next, as Invictus Intense decides to celebrate its victory and immerse itself in a flood of drunkenness. From then on, it is adored, appearing in the eyes of the world as being a kind of absolute perfection, a real fantasy for women and a goal to be achieved for men. The message is strong and the breath is powerful. Invictus Intense is a compendium of strength, virility, power and assertiveness.


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