Lancôme Black Magic Eau de Toilette

Lancôme Black Magic Eau de Toilette

Black Magic, a bewitching essence

Barely a month later, he launched 5 fragrances with very evocative names “Conquest, kypre, Tender nights, Bocages and Tropics”. He also presents his brand new brand at the Universal Exhibition in Brussels. The history of the perfume “Magie Noire” originates in the 1950s, when the fragrance was simply called “Magie”. Then in 1978, the brand decided to bring the perfume up to date by renaming it “Black Magic”.

Magie Noire, a name evocative of esotericism

The 1970s marked a turning point for the world of perfumery. The essences are richer and more heady. Lancôme then decides to adapt and revisit its “Magic” perfume by giving it a darker side. This name evocative of esotericism puts two essences in total opposition. The white and wise magic synonymous with purity contrasts with a more dark and mysterious magic. “Black Magic” is the most bewitching love potion imaginable. Women abandon themselves to it without being able to oppose it like a devastating passion, and men cannot resist it. With “Black Magic”, all the senses are bewitched in less time than it takes to be aware of it. Be careful, distrust!

Multifaceted Black Magic

It is a trio of perfumers who are at the origin of “Magie Noire”, namely Jean-Charles Niel, Gérard Goupy and Yves Tanguy . Both green and oriental, “Black Magic” is defined as the most oriental of Orientals. “Black Magic” begins with the freshness of bergamot. This is then joined by the blackcurrant bud and the galbanum which offers an important aspect of greenery. The heart is very elegant and feminine thanks to the presence of jasmine, Bulgarian rose, narcissus and ylang-ylang. The background could not be more sensual. First of all, the castoreum delivers an animal sensuality, what is more, it is associated with amber and sandalwood. When it was released, the bottle was signed Pierre Dinand and formed a still crumpled with waves, swept away by flames. This bottle was replaced in 2011 by a more massive and more geometric bottle, clean and devoid of any eccentricity. The latter was designed in 1960 by Georges Delhomme, artistic director of the brand.

Released in the 1950s, “Magie” gave way to “Magie Noire” in 1978. More bewitching, more mysterious than its predecessor, “Magie Noire” is an oriental essence with astonishing multifacets. A legendary Lancôme perfume, “Black Magic” has become a staple in perfumery.

Each Lancôme Magic has been able to respond to the desires of the women of its time. Magie, born in 1950, was a beautiful flowery aldehyde which was a big hit with women. Magie Noire, her “child” prodigy born in 1978, will reveal the flowery facets of his elder brother to offer them in a wind of wild opulence that responds to the oriental and exotic desires of liberated women of the 1970s.

Black Magic or the Orient dreamed of the 1970s by Lancôme

The Lancôme house has always understood women to offer them exactly the cosmetics and perfumes they dreamed of. It is as a forerunner of perfumes with demonic names, that the now famous perfume house will offer its magic potion Black Magic in 1978. By dwelling on the very concept of Black Magic, we can observe that this pretty heady perfume will be one of the first to play his “mystery” card to bewitch the ladies. Then came great fragrances with equally evocative and tempting names such as Poison by Dior or Opium by Yves Saint-Laurent.

In fact, at the outset, in 1977, the first essay in the composition of Magie Noire was called Campaign Magic. It was renamed and reworked to no longer correspond to an ecological aura but rather magical, much more in tune with the times. In 1978 Campaign Magic therefore gave way to Dark Magic.

Thus Magie Noire was composed to be a true filter of love, evoking to women in love with patchouli and distant lands a mysterious and bewitching aura. These are three renowned perfumers who composed this potion: Jean-Charles Niel, Gérard Goupy and Yves Tanguy. Three creators who have composed with each of their specialties a most original multi-faceted perfume.

“The most oriental of all Orientals, the most bewitching of all potions, Black Magic, it is all the mystery and the charm of the Orient in a bottle, ready to bewitch and bewitch the senses. Lancôme for Black Magic.

Opulences, flowers and wild scents for a totally irresistible Black Magic

Despite its reformulation in the 2000s, the intense and disturbing composition of Magie Noire continues to prolong its magical effect through the decades. Difficult to classify, but nevertheless very recognizable, Magie Noire is distinguished by its intense oriental and floral impulses as well as, in its original version, by its overdosed animal raw materials.

Dark Magic opens first with top notes of bergamot and blackcurrant which offers a lively and fruity start to a heart that will prove to be feminine. Indeed jasmines, daffodils, roses and Bulgarian roses will be more delicate than ever, as with the vast majority of Lancôme perfumes elsewhere. Finally sandalwood and amber will marry an overpowering castoreum and an intense animal note to better transcend the depths of this irresistible Black Magic.

“Women abandon themselves to it as to the most disturbing of passions and men cannot resist its fascinating power. Lancôme for Black Magic.

Woody Floral

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