Le Male On Board Eau de Toilette Jean-Paul Gaultier

Le Male On Board Eau de Toilette Jean-Paul Gaultier

The Male On Board, a new Eau de Toilette appears at Jean-Paul Gaultier

However, if there were to be only one perfume to sum up the whole of his work, it would undoubtedly be the Male . Cult essence of the 90s, this remains the undisputed bestseller of the brand. Once again, in 2021, Le Mâle by Jean-Paul Gaultier offers a new reinterpretation. He gives birth to Le Mâle On Board!

The Male On Board, heading for the new sailor of Jean-Paul Gaultier!

Like all the perfumes of the Jean-Paul Gaultier saga , Le Mâle On Board clearly focuses on the world of the sailor. It must be said that the striped sweater is illustrated as the centerpiece of the dressmaker’s dressing room. The sailor therefore imposed himself on him as obvious. Symbol of masculinity, it inspires women around the world to fantasize, and it is precisely all this seduction that we find in the perfume Le Mâle On Board. Jean-Paul Gaultier’s sailor sets sail and takes us with him to the ocean. This limited edition is designed as a sailor as sensual as he is bewitching. Rich in energy, whoever wears this perfume releases in its wake an indomitable ardor, a young spirit and a fiery temperament!

The woody and aromatic breath of the Male On Board

More concretely , on the scent side, this is first of all characterized by a very refreshing breath. In its top notes, Le Mâle On Board focuses on the zesty bitterness of bergamot. Then, his heart turns more towards florality. To not lose any of his pep’s, Jean-Paul Gauthier relies on geranium, renowned for its elegant and peppery tones. Little by little, everything softens and envelops itself in tonka bean. Its woody and aromatic trail capsizes the senses. He captures the attention and wants to be as virile as sensual.

The return of the famous bust of Jean-Paul Gaultier

Obviously, the belonging of the Le Mâle On Board perfume to the large Jean-Paul Gaultier family is obvious from the sight of its bottle. Indeed, like its predecessors, this one comes in a glass case in the shape of a male bust. With an athletic silhouette, it is also covered with a striped sweater. Indeed, matte white stripes emerge on its azure blue walls. Everything is contained in Jean-Paul Gaultier’s iconic tin can. In a retro and vintage spirit, it is this time decorated with a pin-up from the 50s. The name of the perfume Le Mâle On Board by Jean-Paul Gaultier, meanwhile, appears in a window. Prepare for the collision! & nbsp;


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