Montana Skin Perfume Eau de Toilette

Montana Skin Perfume Eau de Toilette

Parfum de Peau: Claude Montana’s greatest success in perfumery

Who does not know this elixir of glamor, this powerful cocktail of leather flowers and amber? More than a powerful perfume, Parfum de Peau is the fragrant hymn of the “liberated” women of the 1980s.

The essence of the woman of the 80s: Parfum de Peau de Montana

Certain scented works mark their time while remaining timeless: this is precisely the case with Parfum de Peau by the great couturier Claude Montana. We cannot talk about the heady perfumes of the 80s without mentioning Parfum de Peau, the one that marked the decade both with an assertive trail and a bottle designed as a haute couture creation.

For Claude Montana’s Parfum de Peau , no detail has been overlooked: the fragrance is precisely designed to be an olfactory counterpart calibrated to an exact measure of the fashion created by Claude Montana. “This perfume is the transposition of my fashion in the most timeless form possible. I put my materials and my colors there. »Claude Montana for Parfum de Peau.

In addition, the ultra-sophisticated design of the bottle and the aesthetics of the advertisements are absolutely unstoppable assets for the success of Parfum de Peau. Indeed the communication around the perfume wants to be totally in the 80’s air. The first campaign for Parfum de peau, for example, highlights the top model Chrystèle Saint-Louis Augustin in a black and white photo where the heavily made-up face takes center stage. The second campaign is totally based on chic aesthetics by putting a naked body wrapped around the perfume, aptly named, Parfum de Peau.

Parfum de Peau: an overpowering chypre-floral that has become cult

The Parfum de Peau bottle was imagined by Claude Montana and designed by the famous master of bottles Serge Mansau to represent a woman’s body in motion. So the glass is turned in delicious spirals to create a woman in a bottle, the perfume would almost turn into a work of art.

Jean Guichard’s wild and almost animal creation opens with very fresh notes which in no way hint at the bestial force of its wake.

The blackcurrant bud brings the sweetness of its fruit while mingling with green facets of marigold and ginger. Then pepper and cardamom spice up these top notes to prepare us for a powerful heart. The rose and the narcissus offer their floral wonders and let themselves be carried away in spicy carnations and some shadowy notes of mysterious tuberose. In depth, the animalities come out of their hiding place to offer the woman of Parfum de Peau all its character under notes of castoreum and musk launched on a sensual and addictive background of patchouli and amber.

“Created to be a fragrance that becomes one with the skin, this cult fragrance is a must-have classic in perfumery. A name, a scent, Parfum de Peau evokes such good memories … ”Montana for Parfum de Peau.

The 80s were auspicious for the haute couture house Montana, which offered the conquering and liberated ladies of this decade clothes with inimitable style and wide build. To represent this opulence, both grandiose and very feminine, Claude Montana will choose to offer a powerful chypre called Parfum de Peau. Long called “Montana”, Parfum de Peau composed by the talented Jean Guichard will be very symbolic of the Montana style as that of an entire era …

Montana skin perfume or the sensual elixir of Jean Guichard for the assertive woman of the 80s

So many renowned perfumers and stylists have wondered how to create a cult perfume, a scent so daring, without being scary, that it would become a classic. This is particularly what Claude Montana sought to do by asking Jean Guichard, already author of the cult Anaïs Anaïs, to compose a fragrance that would represent the values ​​of the house Montana while being a perfume at the forefront of the trend. .

“A beautiful perfume must provoke an emotion while reflecting an era. »Jean Guichard, perfumer and creator of Parfum de Peau de Montana, Anaïs Anaïs or even Loulou de Cacharel.

So the two men will create Parfum de Peau and offer it as a gift to the “working girl” from the years 86. Because Parfum de Peau symbolizes, as Jean Guichard wanted it, all the opulence of the fashion of those years when the epaulettes, the gilding and the fluorescent tops wanted to be as visible as possible, these clothes that Claude Montana successfully proposed with each new collection. This is one of the reasons why this Skin Perfume, so carnal, so sensual and bewitching, so present, will long be nicknamed “& nbsp; The Montana perfume & nbsp;” without knowing his true identity…

«& nbsp; An emblematic note, created by Jean Guichard and reformulated by Edouard Fléchier, for its opulent wake and chypre style in vogue in the 80s when women wanted to assert itself on all fronts. ” Claude Montana about Parfum de Peau.

Wild, floral and punchy Parfum de Peau de Montana a cult fragrance

Pour Parfum de Peau Jean Guichard will not seek to be discreet or light on the contrary, all the effects of this magnificent fragrance will be calculated to be intense, deep, exaggerated so as not to go unnoticed!

Thus Parfum de Peau opens with an icy wind of fresh notes of pepper , marigold and ginger to blend better into a blackcurrant delicacy. Cardamom warms these coldnesses with its spicy power to take us to the intensely floral heart of roses, narcissus and passionate tuberose. The carnation will once again play with its spicy hooks to remind us of the dynamism of this fragrance. Finally, the wild and animal castoreum will marry notes of patchouli, musk and amber to intensify the highly sensual depth of this intensely addictive Skin Perfume.

“& nbsp; This perfume, c ‘ is the transposition of my fashion in the most timeless form possible. I put my materials and my colors there. ” Claude Montana about Parfum de Peau.


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