Manifesto L'Eclat Yves Saint Laurent Eau de Toilette

Manifesto L’Eclat Yves Saint Laurent Eau de Toilette

Manifesto l’Eclat, an invitation from Yves Saint Laurent to excess

Yves Saint Laurent’s style is inspired by the nascent androgynous look, as well as the ongoing liberation of manners. Provocative, agitator, Yves Saint Laurent shocked public opinion on several occasions, notably with “Collection 40” or with the “Rive Gauche” perfumes, then “Opium”. Glamorous or provocative, YSL’s fragrances are all imbued with freedom. In 2014, the brand unveiled “Manifesto l’Éclat”, a variation of the famous “Manifesto” , released 2 years earlier .

Manifesto L’Éclat, the third scented part of Manifesto

In 2012, the YSL house unveiled “Manifesto”, a fragrance presented as one of the most daring and seductive of our time. More than any perfume of the brand, “Manifesto” embodies the free and independent woman… Demeusure, passion and mystery perfectly represented “Manifesto”. Building on this success, the brand unveiled “Manifesto, l’Elixir” in 2013, and presented “Manifesto, l’Eclat” in 2014. The latter offers a new dimension to the Manifesto collection. The third opus of the collection is the reflection of a sparkling, spontaneous and daring femininity. “Manifesto, l’Éclat” is the olfactory embodiment of the YSL woman, it is a luminous, fresh and radiant juice, ideal for beautiful summer evenings.

The daring scent notes of Manifesto l’Éclat

It is to a duo of very talented perfumers that the composition of “Manifesto, l’Éclat” is due, namely Anne Flipo and Loc Dong. “Manifesto, l’Éclat” opens with a mixture of green notes, associated with that of tea, as well as the luminosity offered by neroli, a magnificent white flower. The femininity of “Manifesto l’Éclat” becomes evident in the heart, since it is composed of freesia and jasmine, orange blossom, but above all magnificent red roses. Finally, the base is sensual and enveloping thanks to the presence of vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood and cashmeran. Finally, the nectar of “Manifesto l’Éclat” coils up in a bottle worthy of a talisman. Like a prism, it reflects the light using a very particular set of reflections. The bottle nevertheless takes up the main codes of its predecessors. Its silhouette is surrounded by a transparent jewel. The whole looks like an ultra modern piece of jewelry, topped with a finely chiseled and very luxurious golden cabochon.

Third part of the “Manifesto” collection, YSL unveils “Manifesto l’Éclat”. If it still represents elegance and feminine beauty, “Manifesto l’Éclat” is meant to be more dazzling, more uncontrollable. Its masterful composition gives the “Manifesto l’Éclat” woman an inordinate daring.

Manifesto L’Eclat, a concentrate of clarity

Yves Saint-Laurent’s sudden desire for freshness

When the Manifesto fragrance was introduced in 2012, it was touted as a manifesto of femininity. He then embodied the image of a passionate woman and was manifested by a deep intensity. Indeed, Manifesto is an essence of contrasts and daring, combining seduction, freedom, independence and authenticity. His unique style and his passionate temperament made him one of the great successes of the Yves Saint-Laurent house. As such, it was reinterpreted in the following years. In 2013, Yves Saint-Laurent decided to create Manifesto L’Elixir, an even more mysterious and deep juice than its predecessor. Then, in 2014, he decided to change tack altogether. This is how Manifesto L’Eclat emerged. This offers a new dimension to this scented collection. Manifesto L’Eclat is a bright, fresh and sparkling juice. It is a new hymn to the daring femininity of Yves Saint-Laurent, undoubtedly more suited to the summer season and thought of as a radiant and jovial woman.

The energizing scent of Manifesto L’Eclat

As you don’t change a winning team, Yves Saint-Laurent once again called on the talented perfumers Anne Flipo and Loc Dong to develop its perfume. Manifesto L’Eclat emphasizes a fresh and vegetal femininity. Its scent opens with an accord of green tea and bergamot. The dynamism of these ingredients is further emphasized by a contribution of neroli and blackcurrant buds. Then, her elegant femininity resurfaces thanks to the richness of jasmine and the romanticism of freesia. However, it is rather the red rose that appears to be the star of this composition. It is still sunny with the radiance of the orange blossom. Everything is based on a smoother base containing vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood and cashmere. Manifesto L’Eclat then coils into a talisman-like bottle. This one has a shape similar to that of its predecessors. Its silhouette is surrounded by a transparent jewel. The set is similar to a piece of jewelry and is still surmounted by a finely chiseled and very luxurious golden cabochon.

L’Eau de Toilette Manifesto l’Eclat d’Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent presents the third fragrance from the Manifesto line which includes the original Manifesto Eau de Parfum and Manifesto L’Elixir Eau de Parfum in 2013.

This new interpretation comes in the form of Manifesto L’Eclat Eau de Toilette representing a new dimension with its sparkling, luminous and fresh character. Perfumers Anne Flipo and Loc Dong have given the composition a new aura, green and fresh that emphasizes the supposed strength, sense of style and femininity of those who wear it.

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The composition opens with an accord of green tea and bergamot, neroli and blackcurrant buds. Translucent jasmine and freesia petals are joined by red roses and orange blossom in the heart, all set at the base of vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood and cashmere.

Manifesto l’Eclat, the manifesto of femininity by Yves Saint Laurent.

The creators of the brand new Manifesto L’Eclat perfume have opted for a more classic look, bold and glamorous bottle. An elegant and graceful bottle for those who say yes to style, to beauty, to mystery, to Yves Saint Laurent, to vertigo, to excess, to passion.

Le Parfum Manifesto l ‘Eclat d’Yves Saint Laurent is like a Prism capturing the light, in a play of lines and reflections.

The & nbsp; Manifesto L’Eclat bottle captures the absolute energy of the woman of whom it is the talisman. The bottle has the silhouette encircled by a transparent jewel, associated at Yves Saint Laurent with absolute seduction and the spell of passion. Under a hood chiseled like a piece of jewelry, the curves of a feminine silhouette are revealed, in a promise of elevation. To be oneself, unique, multiple.

Couture as an invitation to all excess “GOLD because it is the purity and the flow of the source that molds the body to the point of make only one line “Yves Saint Laurent.

Manifesto Perfume – Bottle: A strong aesthetic bias. The audacity of a sparkling hood, chiseled like a piece of jewelry. The excess of a mysterious amethyst in his heart. The desire for curves for a feminine silhouette.

Manifesto Perfume – Case: An amethyst color, emblematic of the brand that brings tension and energy. The audacity of the amethyst color, symbol of mystery and ambivalence. The excess of the YSL gold logo, which asserts itself as a declaration of femininity. The desire for a sensual touch, like an evocation of the couture universe. A fuschia line that creates the unexpected.

Jessica Chastain, muse of the new Parfum d’Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto L’Eclat .

Yves Saint Laurent makes again appeal to the American actress Jessica Chastain nominated many times at the Oscars, to be the face of her third perfume. She will be the face of L’Eau de Toilette Manifesto L’Eclat in spring 2014. The advertisement featuring actress Jessica Chastain highlights the artistic side and the designer’s tastes in fashion and art. These are the photographers Mert Alas & amp; Marcus Piggott who took the photograph highlighting the actress’s smoky and provocative gaze. Dressed on one side in jewelry and black fabrics, she reveals her naked chest on the other. Mert Alas & amp; Marcus Piggott plays on & nbsp; the artistic aspect of the designer Yves Saint Laurent, who wishes to show the radiance of a woman’s beauty.

Jessica Chastain is wearing a dress by Hedi Slimane that seems ready to slip on the ground. Sheer complexion and Venetian blond hair, Jessica Chastain, nominated for the 2012 Oscars and revelation of the Golden Palm at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, in “The Tree of & nbsp; Life” by Terrence Malick. She is one of the most promising young American actresses of her generation, she embodies the Manifesto perfume collection with Brio, everything is there: Audacity, Seduction, Emotion.

Women’s Perfume

Olfactory Family: Floral

Top Notes: Bergamot , Green Tea, Neroli, Blackcurrant.

Heart Notes: Jasmine, Freesia, Orange Blossom

Base Notes: < strong> Cashmeran, Vanilla, Tonka bean.

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