Miss Dior Chérie Christian Dior Eau de Parfum

Miss Dior Chérie Christian Dior Eau de Parfum

The iconic Miss Dioir Chérie perfume

He first came back with Miss Dior Chérie composed by Christine Nagel then in the guise of Miss Dior reinterpreted closer to the original by François Demachy. Anyway, Miss Dior Chérie knew how to address young women for whom Miss Dior of 1947 was not very accessible …

The perfumers Christine Nagel, François Demachy and Miss Dior Chérie

Child of Miss Dior composed by under the aegis of Christian Dior and Paul Vacher in 1947, Miss Dior Chérie dared to shake up the “perfume of love” to offer it in 2005 to a generation of young women of the new millennium, far from the ladies of 1947.

Christine Nagel was therefore the very first perfumer to have touched the myth of Miss Dior by offering it a much more modern and more fruity composition with Miss Dior Chérie. To create this perfume much more modern but yet much wiser than Dior Addict, the perfumer says that she was inspired by the young women of her time: “To make this perfume I immediately thought of these young girls who go to the evening dressed in Dior from head to toe. I also imagined them carrying a huge bundle of pink popcorn in their hands, chatting to each other while shopping. »Christine Nagel on Miss Dior Chérie.

However, despite this daring mix of very modern gourmet notes and very Dior floral notes, Miss Dior Chérie created a surprise but also mixed success. It is for this reason that François Demachy wanted to rework the composition of Christine Nagel in 2012 while renaming it and naming it Miss Dior in order to bring it ostensibly closer to its precious elder from 1947, henceforth named Miss Dior Original. .

Between Miss Dior Chérie and Miss Dior, chypre-fruity impulses are essential

The very first Miss Dior Chérie signed by Christine Nagel in 2005 was therefore particularly intended for an audience of young women who love delicacies and flowery romanticism. Thus its top notes are fresh of mandarin while its heart is the bed of pretty accords of jasmine and roses framed by strawberries and notes of caramelized popcorn. Finally, the patchouli and the musk of the depths remain as in the original fragrance from 1947.

Deemed too far removed from the roots of the Dior house and those of Miss Dior, Miss Dior Chérie was again worked by François Demachy to bring it closer to the original juice, which is more racy but also fresher. Thus Miss Dior ex Chérie are added notes of bergamot and lemon in its top notes but also other precious flowers in its heart such as neroli flowers or even gardenia. Finally, François Demachy accentuates the strong character of this Miss Dior ex Chérie by overdosing the labdanum which beautifully accentuates its chypre effect.

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