Ptisenbon Tartine & Chocolate Eau de Toilette

Ptisenbon Tartine & Chocolate Eau de Toilette

The perfume for children from Tartine et Chocolat

Tartine et Chocolat, a very neat brand for the little ones

Tartine et Chocolat is a brand in which the imagination occupies a primordial place. This is coupled with a sense of refinement as well as an immense quality of the materials chosen. This French brand is anchored in a resolutely “Frenchy” and Parisian style. It is like a fairy tale that continues to spread across the whole world to sublimate the universe of children and that of their parents. This takes us to a nursery filled with soft toys, softness and tenderness. Ptisenbon is thus a perfume conceived like a fairy tale calling to dream. Tartine et Chocolat has thus become over time the most popular children’s brand by stars around the world. It owes its fame to its authenticity and exceptional know-how. Furthermore, each of its products is endowed with a very strong emotional power capable of touching both children and their parents. Among the most famous articles of Tartine et Chocolat is Ptisenbon. This scent is chic and timeless. It blends perfectly with the house’s ready-to-wear lines and has thus been passed down from generation to generation since its release in 1987.

The airy and delicate fragrance of Ptisenbon

Ptisenbon has a discreet smell that is wonderfully suited to the world of childhood, accompanying the little ones from the first months of their life until their first years. After all, what could be more striking than his first perfume! What’s more, studies have found babies to be particularly sensitive to odors. Thus, Ptisenbon opens with a fresh flavor with green and natural accents. Then, its flavor evolves into a floral and delicate heart composed of honeysuckle, lily of the valley and jasmine. Ptisenbon then undoubtedly plays on transparency. Finally, the whole gradually becomes smoother thanks to the presence of white amber in its wake. The set is contained in a simple bottle and completely covered with a white lacquer. This is a symbol of purity and is then simply embellished with a baby blue label that looks like it was inspired by a nursery. What’s more, this color very clearly evokes the iconic brand Garda striped fabric. This has become the signature of the Tartine et Chocolat house and its sky blue color lends itself perfectly to the image of tenderness conveyed by this essence.

“Ptisenbon” was born in 1987 and symbolizes the whole universe of babies and children, who finally have their perfume! “Ptisenbon” is delicate and soft like a mother’s caress. “Ptisenbon” is an eau de toilette for children and it offers the maximum of tenderness. Alcohol-free for babies, the “Ptisenbon” range is slightly alcoholic for those over 3 years old. Discreet and airy, the “Ptisenbon” eau de toilette can thus accompany children from 0 to 6 years old.

Ptisenbon, the children’s perfume market

Nowadays, perfume is ageless and fashion houses have almost all of their perfumes for children. While the market for children’s perfumes currently weighs 11 million euros, this has not always been the case. In 1970, Dior was the first to launch into this niche with “Baby Dior”. Nevertheless, “Baby Dior” will never experience the expected success and will fall into disuse … 16 years later, it is Annick Goutal who tries a new approach with “L’Eau de Bonpoint”. The success was then mixed and it was not until 1987 that the Tartine et Chocolat brand presented “Ptisenbon” to us. Produced by Givenchy, “Ptisenbon” is the benchmark for children’s perfumes.

The floral and airy scent of Ptisenbon de Tartine et Chocolat

Delicate and pure, “Ptisenbon” s opens with the freshness of lemon and bergamot. An ancient citrus fruit, bergamot is now mainly cultivated in Italy in the province of Reggio Di Calabria. Bergamot has the spherical shape of orange and the color of lemon. Bergamot cannot be eaten, it is used for its olfactory properties. Back in the days when perfumes consisted of only natural ingredients, bergamot served as a fixer. In perfumery, the essence of bergamot is obtained by cold expression of the peel of the fruit. It gives off fresh, floral, lavender and orange tones. Then, the heart of “Ptisenbon” takes on floral and sweet touches thanks to the presence of honeysuckle, lily of the valley and jasmine. Emblem par excellence of May 1st, lily of the valley fascinates with its small white bells. Also called “Lily of the Valley”, lily of the valley finds its origins in Japan. Lily of the valley multiplies thanks to its rhizomes called “claws”. In mythology, it is said that the God Apolon would have created the lily of the valley in order to offer his 9 barefoot nymphs, a soft and fragrant carpet on which they could walk … It was King Charles IX who offered a sprig of lily of the valley May 1st to his subjects by wishing them happiness, thus installing the tradition that we know today. In perfumery, lily of the valley gives off tones that are both sweet and musky. Then, the base of “Ptisenbon” is delicately sensual since it combines white musks with cedar wood. White and blue in color, the bottle offers an ultimate touch of delicacy.


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