Mr. Burberry Element Burberry Eau de Toilette

Mr. Burberry Element Burberry Eau de Toilette

Mr Buberry Element: the niche fragrance for men from Burberry

Each of his creations comes from the United Kingdom. However, it is precisely in the image of a gentleman that the very first Mr Burberry was designed in 2016. This time, in 2020, this juice is reinvented and becomes Mr Burberry Element. So what about her new scent?

Welcome to the story of Mr. Burberry!

To better understand the universe of Mr Burberry Element, let’s start by taking a quick step back to the year 2016, date of creation of Mr Burberry. By developing this fragrance, Burberry wanted to symbolize the quintessence of British classicism, allied to a renewed modernity. This virile and seductive juice drew its inspiration from two elements: the iconic Burberry trench coat and the effervescence of London. Since the English capital is a metropolis rich in contrasts and paradox, Mr Burberry was imagined as a complex, contemporary and very lively perfume. In its first version, it was a woody and aromatic juice, designed by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. Then, in 2017, it became an Eau de Parfum, symbolizing all the mysteries of a more nocturnal London. In 2018, a new chapter in its history was written again, with Mr Burberry Indigo, a fresher and more casual essence. Mr Burberry Element is therefore the fourth version of this already cult juice.

Mr Burberry Element, a contrasting and natural essence in a bluish bottle

Mr Burberry Element comes in the same bottle as its predecessors. It is a thick cube of glass, the imposing weight of which emphasizes the refinement. Unlike the first Mr Burberry, slightly tinted in gray, Mr Burberry Element has a seductive bluish gradient, darker at the base and lighter at the top. For a little and you almost think it is an exotic lagoon! At its top, a cylindrical and opaque cap sits proudly, like a tall hat worn by a gentleman. Finally, a little nod to the history of Burberry: a gabardine knot sublimates its collar, referring to the fabric invented by Thomas Burberry a century ago.
All we have to do then is discover the scent of Mr Burberry Element. Here, the brand wanted to draw inspiration from all the complexity and diversity of British nature. The result is a very contrasting scent. Mr Burberry Element gives off a woody and mineral scent of oakmoss. In this sense, it is a very racy and refined fragrance. However, ambergris comes to warm it up with its animal and carnal flavor. Bitter almond, for its part, makes our mouth water and seduces us with its gluttony. Finally, the juniper berry refreshes this essence.


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