My Way Armani Eau de Parfum

My Way Armani Eau de Parfum

My Way: Giorgio Armani’s new feminine fragrance

Marking a real turning point in the history of the brand, it opens a new and olfactory chapter, while acquiring a surprising bottle. Better yet: it also defends eco-responsible values ​​and is part of an ecological approach in favor of the most deprived populations and in order to protect the environment. My Way by Giorgio Armani is a fragrance that encourages every woman to broaden her horizons and live new experiences.

My Way by Giorgio Armani, a fragrance designed for women of the world

My Way by Giorgio Armani comes in a unique bottle, designed to stand the test of time. For the very first time, Giorgio Armani is relying on a refillable container that is more respectful of the planet. Thus, My Way aims to be completely neutral in terms of carbon production. For this, it favors natural ingredients from responsible sources. It is also designed with the purest respect for disadvantaged and economically vulnerable populations. Thus, with him, the universe of beauty wants to be more respectful. My Way preserves biodiversity. Moreover, this commitment fits perfectly with the message it delivers. The woman who wears this perfume has a benevolent gaze on the planet. She seems to feed on her encounters and her lived experiences to forge a unique personality. To design this fragrance, Giorgio Armani’s perfumers did not hesitate to travel the entire planet. On screen, My Way by Giorgio Armani is embodied by Puerto Rican actress Adria Arjona, who presents this fragrance to us as “a contemporary floral fragrance, aimed at the new generation, symbol of a new femininity: free to ‘wit, elegant and in search of oneself ‘.

My Way by Giorgio Armani, a floral and refreshing fragrance presented in a luxurious bottle

My Way by Giorgio Armani was developed by perfumers Carlos Benaïm and Bruno Jovanovic. Here, they have chosen to offer us a refreshing, fruity and juicy scent, leaving behind a woody but very refined trail. It all starts with an alliance of bergamot from Calabria and orange blossom from Egypt. The heart of My Way by Giorgio Armani, on the other hand, contains tuberose from India and sambac jasmine. The base notes of this composition are more woody and full-bodied. Virginia cedar becomes sweeter on contact with Madagascar Bourbon vanilla. The whole is still illuminated with white musk.
On the bottle side, My Way by Giorgio Armani comes in a cylindrical glass container. Completely transparent, its bottle lets us glimpse a very feminine rosé juice. The whole is overlooked by a polished stone that almost looks like a huge sapphire. Still surrounded by a few golden details, My Way navigates between femininity, luxury and purity. My Way by Giorgio Armani comes in a 50 ml spray bottle associated with refills to fill it to infinity.

Famous throughout the world for its creations often inspired by the Mediterranean and Italy, the Giorgio Armani brand has decided to write a new page in its history in 2020. Now, the brand seems more than ever to turn to the world. For this, she presents us her new essence called My Way, symbol of a free woman, nourishing her encounters and her lived experiences. His motto: “I am what I live”, that is to say “I am what I live”. So how does this materialize on the purely odorous level? Here are the elements that make up his recipe …

The fresh and floral scent of My Way by Giorgio Armani

My Way by Giorgio Armani is a very refreshing fragrance, developed by perfumers Carlos Benaïm and Bruno Jovanovic. Together, they imagined a fresh, fruity and juicy fragrance, gradually transforming into a more floral scent, leaving behind a woody but refined trail. It all starts with a zesty alliance of Calabrian bergamot and Egyptian orange blossom. More than ever, the time has come for Mediterranean sunshine. Then, romanticism gradually takes its place and a real dash of femininity emerges in a duo of tuberose from India associated with jasmine. Two different varieties of jasmine are incorporated here in this recipe. This mixture brings to My Way an additional relief and generosity. For a more delicious and suave finish, its base consists of Bourbon vanilla, of superior quality, from Madagascar. Finally, the Virginia cedar from the United States gives structure to the whole, while preserving its purity thanks to a contribution of white musk.

The responsible ingredients of Giorgio Armani

Si this perfume is talked about a lot, it is also because it is part of an eco-responsible project. Thus, it is presented in a unique bottle, which can be recharged and recycled. In addition, its ingredients are selected for their respect for the environment and disadvantaged populations. Thus, My Way by Giorgio Armani favors raw materials of natural origin, coming from responsible sources and guaranteeing respect for underprivileged and economically vulnerable populations. My Way by Giorgio Armani is a project that was carried out in collaboration with local NGOs, based on fair trade principles. In addition, the vanilla from Madagascar used in My Way comes from local production, both qualitative and perfectly controlled. Likewise, this fragrance is formulated from alcohol of plant origin, obtained from French beets grown in agricultural conditions that respect the environment. All these elements make My Way a fragrance with a neutral carbon footprint. Thus, the Italian brand seems to be fully aware of what nature brings us. Because she draws the best of her scents from it, she tries to preserve it as long as possible, by selecting greener ingredients for this.


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